Sex reassignment for treating children with micropenis

In the past, especially during the period from the 1960s to the late 1970s, many doctors recommended the parents of boys with a micropenis, to have them sexually reassigned, or simply have a sex change!

This was even more likely if the boy had a micropenis that was extremely undeveloped and/or if there was evidence that testosterone treatment would yield poor results. The approach of handling the condition by the means of sex change was based on the following assumptions:
  • Gender identity and sex differences are solely a matter of how the child is raised (social learning) instead of biology
  • A male with a penis too small to have sexual intercourse would never find a satisfactory social and sexual place in society
  • A functionally acceptable vagina could be constructed surgically

By the mid 1990s, sex reassignment for the treatment of micropenis was slowly being abandoned.

This is due to the fact that the three aforementioned premises had all been challenged. For instance, many patients that were treated with sex change surgery as children reported great dissatisfaction with the adult outcome.

Today the operation is carried out only on very rare occasions, and only for the treatment of very severe cases of microphallus.

Johns Hopkins Hospital is the most popular center for taking this approach in the past. At least twelve such reassignments from 1960 to 1980 were performed in the hospital, all overseen by Dr. John Money.

Later in 2001, the same center released this micropenis case study, which found that boys that weren't sexually reassigned were happier in their adult life compared to the boys that had their sex reassigned .

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  1. I was born with micro penis and very small testicles along time ago sure glad they did not make me female even tho have had my problems with everthing.


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