Phalloplasty for the treatment of micropenis

Phalloplasty is a surgical technique that has many applications, including penis enlargement. There are many micropenis cases that have been successfully treated with this kind of operation. Here are two indicative examples:

Please be aware that there is no standard phalloplasty method, as there are many different approaches and variations to the technique. Here are some notable examples:
  • Division of the suspensory ligament which allows the corpora cavernosa to be partly separated from the pubis, thus increasing the apparent flaccid length of the penis. A common complication with this approach is that the erect penis tends to point downwards.
  • The ‘Perovic procedure’ that involves penile disassembly, with dissection of the glans penis off the corpora cavernosa in continuity with the dorsal neurovascular bundle and urethra. A piece of costal cartilage is then sutured onto the distal corpora before the glans is replaced over the cartilage. This operation increases both the erect and flaccid penis length (2-3 cm reported for erect size). However, it is a very extensive operation with a high risk of permanent glans numbness due to neural damage.
  • The penis glans can be enlarged with the injection of hyaluronic acid gel and the placement of fasciocutaneous flaps.
  • Dermal fat grafts which are typically taken from the patient's buttocks or groin area and transplanted under the penile skin. These grafts are obtained with the help of an incision in the donor area.
  • Direct fat injections into the penis have shown some promising results, with increases in circumference of 1.5–4 cm reported. The method involves the use of bilateral longitudinal saphenous vein grafts which are then inlaid into the tunica albuginea along the penis

These are just a few of the available phalloplasty methods and a surgeon may actually combine two or more of them during a phalloplasty in order to enlarge a micropenis. It should be noted that the phalloplasty operation has greatly evolved during the past years.

Still, the risk factors are quite high. According to The Second International Consultation on Sexual Dysfunctionsmost men will not wish to proceed to surgery when properly informed of the likely outcome and risks of complications."

Some of the reported risks/complications of phalloplasty when performed for augmentation purposes are the following:
  • Erectile Dysfunction (rare)
  • Not as strong erections as before (again rare, but more common than erectile dysfunction)
  • Loss or changes in the perception of the sense during sex (relatively common). Some men  report that they enjoy sex less, other more and some men report it takes them more or less time to climax.
  • Typically patients have to abstain from sex and masturbation for at least one month after the operation
  • Some or even excessive swelling after the operation, which goes away after a couple of months (occurs in all patients)
  • Scars on the donor and receiving sites (occuring in all phalloplasties involving fat and skin grafts). However, new techniques result in barely visible scarring
  • There are some scarce reports in which certain complications resulted in an even smaller penis or even partial or total penis removal! (EXTREMELY RARE)
If you are a micropenis sufferer and decide to take the surgical approach, I highly recommend you the following:
  • Find an experienced doctor that has performed previous such surgeries, especially on people with a micropenis.
  • Make sure to ask him anything that might concern you. It is of grave importance to know exactly what you are getting into!

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  1. as a 16 years old almost 17 micropenis suffer I hope when I grow this surgery will be common and effective and help me and a lot of micropenis suffers this kind of operation can change my life and other guys like me with this condition


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