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Do you have a micro or small penis story to share? Or maybe you are just curious how is life with a micropenis? Then you came to the right place!

This section of the site is dedicated to any guy out there who has a micropenis and has a story to share... If you have a micro and want to share your story, pictures, or whatever, just send me an email at micropeniss@gmail.com (with a double "s"). Although this part of the site is mainly for stories and interviews from guys with a mikropenis I would love to hear thoughts from other people as well. Maybe you are a normal-sized guy who still has issues with his penis. Maybe you are a woman who wants to give advice to men with a micro or women who are in a relationship with such a man. Maybe you have a really weird fetish (like small penis humiliation) that involves micropenises or whatever and you would like to talk about it. Or maybe you have a very interesting story that involves someone elses micropenis! Whatever the case is, I would be happy to hear your story and publish it

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  1. Would love to do an Interview and share (Mystery_exhibitionist)

  2. I was born with micro penis and almost no testicles but have manged to live with it my 2nd wife is not a size queen and never puts me down.

  3. I knew I was always small but it wasn't until I entered high school and began showering with others that I realized how small. I was "pee wee" in the locker room and there was not one kid that was even close to as small as me, by the end of Grade 8 I still had no pubic hair while everyone else did. Grade 9 was the worst as there was not one kid who soft was not bigger then my erection. By the end of Grade 9 (14 years old) I still had no pubic hair, it was not until the next year that I showed some. Standing normally I measure 3.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches around fully erect and my balls are very small.

  4. I have an tiny dick. He's just barely over 2 inches: erect and between half a inch to 1 inch: flaccid! I have one testicle (right) lost my left ball, when I was younger, due to an infection! I'm 51 years old, still a virgin! The only other man/person, to see me naked, was my dad! My dad, never judge me. He show me his manhood, when we went swimming at the lake. He had a large penis. I show him mine and would very understanding. He died a couple years ago. Basically no other person has seen me naked or seen my tiny cock! Thought about posted a pic on several tiny dick sites, but I'm scared! It's would be nice too see my manhood on these sites! When I was in grade/high school... I always dressed first, never shower, unless I was alone. Call me weird, but that was my life in school. On that I'm an older man, l would love to lose my virginity... thought about going to a bar or getting an prostitute! Having only one testicle and a tiny weiner, hasn't changed my life, I'm just aware of my surrounding!

  5. I’ve always been the friend who ‘defended’ size-challenged men. While my friends would frown, grown, moan and scoff at the man with ‘itty-bitty-weenie’, I never did. I’d quote medical facts. The size of the vagina and its ability to ‘mold’ to the man, its depth and nerve endings. I was often told ‘just wait’…blah, blah, blah.

    I didn’t have a reference; I was married 20 yrs and only had 2 sexual partners to date. Sex during my marriage was labor-some, at best, he and I weren’t compatible. I often drempt of the day I’d meet ‘him’, the one who’d show me what I’d been missing.

    Our meeting by chance did not lesson the intensity of our chemistry, connection. I loved his smell, and his kiss…wow! He was 6’ 2”, about 240lbs and beautiful. He had a gentleness, sweetness, a complete understanding that was inexplicable. I knew I’d have this man, I knew ‘it’ would be good, I couldn’t wait until we were an ‘us’.

    I slept in the guestroom the first time I spent the night. He didn’t push, yet made it known he wanted me, desired me. His figure outlined in the night light appeared in the cracked door of my room. I reached for him, I could smell him. His touch was deliberate, soft, gentle, sweet yet firm. His kiss was passionate and reassuring. I motioned for him to lay on top, I wanted to feel him, know his passion, anticipate his ‘man’. I encouraged, he discouraged. A whispered tung-of-war ensued; he relented. As his full body soothed my ache, I searched for his man. It was then I felt his testies. Confused, yet I refrained.

    Emotional and physical petting continued. I asked him to remove his undies, he reluctantly obliged. It was then I saw the smallest penis I’d ever seen. Fearful of hurting him, I didn’t speak. I touched it, kissed it and attempted to suck it. I silently wondered if it could please me while feeling uncharacteristically disgusted. While a man lay in front of me, the penis of a child is before me. He quickly lost his hard while I orally pleasured him. I laid by his side, hoping he’d explain, praying I wouldn’t be forced to ask; he didn’t say a word, nor did I.

    Sadly, I do not know if I will be able to continue with this man, for I know his size will not pleasure me, yet his person soothes me. I find myself in anger where joy once lived. While I cannot imagine the pain of his departure, nor am I able to accept the short of his stay.

    Ive researched sexuality with a man with a micropenis. Any advice will be appreciated.

    We have yet to ‘discuss’ him. How do I bring it up?

    He is a Black man in his early 50’s and I am in my mid 40’s. I was married 20 yrs…been divorced 5years. He was married 8 years, been divorced 15 years.

  6. I would love to do an interview! I'm a chubby homosexual with a small penis. My email is jacobbickler@gmail.com


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