How to Enlarge Your Penis: Methods That Work

In this part of the site I would like to discuss a topic that I think interests many of you... Penis enlargement! As of 2017, there are A LOT OF methods that can supposedly enlarge your penis. But do they really work? In this article I tried to include all the methods I have heard of over the years and categorized them into three groups :
  • Methods that do work: These methods have been clinically tried and have plenty of science to back them up. They are your best bet if you want to increase your penile length and/or girth. Two examples include surgery and penis traction
  • Methods that might work: These methods have plenty of anecdotal evidence (e.g. personal testimonies) but they have not been clinically tried. Penile pumps are such an example. You will find plenty of before and after photos on the Internet but there hasn't been any clinical study showing their effectiveness under lab-controlled conditions, so we can't be 100% sure (at least from a scientific standpoint) if they actually. My personal opinion is that they probably work and are definitely worth a try if you have hit a plateau after using a method that is proven to work.
  • Methods that definitely don't work: This category includes products that are just scammy. The only "proof" they have are photo-shopped before and after photos. Examples include penis enlargement pills, patches, herbs, magic spells and other mumbo jumbo crap. Want more examples? Just check your email spam folder for more in your email for more :) 
Now let's learn a bit more about these methods...

Methods that work

As I mentioned before, these methods have been clinically tried and tested. This means that actual doctors tested these methods on real patients, analyzed their results and then published their findings in top peer-reviewed medical journals like the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Publishing is very important because other scientists and everyday people can scrutinize the research for any flaws or mistakes. As of today, only 3 penis enlargement options fit this category:
  1. Penis traction devices (also known as penis extenders)
  2. Surgery (also known as penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty)
  3. Various hormonal treatments (like testosterone and hCG therapy)

1) Penis Extenders
There are multiple clinical trials showing that the extended use of a penis traction device can help you get a bigger penis. I suggest you to read the studies linked down below that prove the effectiveness of using a penis extender for penis enlargement. They will help you understand how extenders work and what results to expect:

Advantages of using a penis extender
Using a penis extender to enhance the size of your manhood comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are two:
  • Small investment: Compared to surgery (which costs on average 5.000 to 10.000 $) the price of a good penis extender is about 150 $
  • Safe: Nowdays, penis enlargement surgery is quite safe. Still there is a small chance something will go wrong. On the other hand, using a penis extender is 100 % safe, as long as the instructions are followed properly properly and you don't overdo it!

Disadvantages of using a penis extender
As for disadvantages, there is only one I can think of. And that is..results take time! Don't expect to gain an inch after one month of use! Most studies and anecdotal evidence (including my own experience) suggest that a realistic goal is 1 maybeeeee 2 inches after 6 months of use. If you are one of those guys that get a 1-year gym membership only to quit a week later than PLEASE don't buy a penis extender. It's not for you. This method requires time, dedication and perseverance. If you want fast & immediate results penis surgery is what you should go for.

Note: Please be aware that if you have a true micropenis (less than 3.0 inches erect), using a penis extender will be of no good. This because your penis will be to small to fit the extender. Your best best bet is surgery or hormonal therapy.

2) Phalloplasty
Phalloplasty (or penis enlargement/enhancement surgery) is another clinically proven method you can try to enlarge your penis. I have discussed this option quite a lot and down below I will be linking to some of my posts. But first let me say a few words about this penis enlargement option

Today, phalloplasty is a simple, low risk and effective surgery that can yield immediate results. Without being overly complex, we can say that there are 3 different techniques used today:
  • The ‘Standard’ surgical penis lengthening procedure: This is the most common technique used by plastic surgeons. Interestingly, it doesn’t add any ‘real’ length but instead releases a part of your penis that is "hidden" by your pubic fat.  This technique usually results in a "visual" penile length increase of 1-2 cm. 
  • Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery: This technique is usually performed simultaneously with the standard lengthening procedure. It involves the injection of fat (taken by the patient) or other materials around the penile shaft and results in a a 20 to 40 % increase in girth. Unfortunately the results are not permanent as the fat is re-absorbed after 1-2 years. As a result, future follow up surgeries are required to maintain the results.
  • Total phalloplasty: This is essentially a total deconstruction and reconstruction of the male penis. This technique is very similar to the one used to create a new penis in female-to-male transgenders. This surgery is very invasive and reserved only for men with a really small penis, even by micropenis standards. The penis is de-attached, a new shaft is created using skin pads (from the patient) and artificial materials and the original penis is reattached to the artificially created shaft. Really complex stuff! This is why this surgery needs a huge surgical team and takes a minimum of 5-8 hours. The cost is quite prohibiting, around 100.000 $! Only a handful of surgeons in the world can do this surgery.

Advantages of penis enlargement surgery
Well, the main  advantage of penis enhancement surgery is that results are immediate. Unlike penis extenders that take months to yield noticeable length gains, surgery will give you a longer and girthier penis from day 1.

Disadvantages of penis enlargement surgery
Some disadvantages you may want to consider before having a penis enhancement surgery are the following:
  • Limited results: Don't expect to gain more than 1-2 cm in length! If you want more, you need to use a penis extender. This is why often surgeons recommend their patients to use an extender after surgery.
  • Results are not always permanent: Sometimes the ligament reattaches itself (a few months or years later after penis lengthening surgery) and as a result the patient's penis returns back to the normal. As for penile girth enhancement surgery, the results are almost never permanent. The fat used to increase girth gradually gets absorbed and new fat injections are needed after 1-2 years.
  • Cost: Cost of penis enlargement surgery is prohibiting for many patients. For the standard surgery, costs begins from 5.000 to 10.000$ and get even heftier if you opt for the "extras", like girth enhancement.
  • Rehab: Like with all surgeries, there is some rehab involved after surgery. Most patients are asked to abstain from sex and masturbation for approximately 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Risks & Dangers: Penis enlargement surgery has gone a long way in the past two decades and is a relatively safe procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon. Still, there is a small chance of something going wrong.  Your doctor should discuss with you all the risks involved before surgery. Please stay away from inexperienced surgeons or surgeons who make extraordinarily claims.

Note: If you have a micropenis and are considering a total phalloplasty the articles below may interest you:

3) Hormonal Therapy
Hormonal therapy for penis enlargement is the last method that actually has clinical data to back up its effectiveness. Most data comes from studies on infants and young boys with micropenis. Usually the treatment involves the use of testosterone or HCG hormone (or a combination of both) and the results are very good, the majority of patients usually end up with a normal-sized penis when they reach adulthood. Click here, here and here to learn more about hormonal therapy and its results in infants and prepubescent boys.

Unfortunately, research in adults with a small penis is still in its infancy. There is only one but very promising paper showing that HCG treatment can induce significant penile gains. In this particular study, the stretched mean penile length increased from 5.41±1.43 cm to 7.45±1.70 cm after 24 weeks. This study was carried on men who also suffered from Idiopathic Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism so results may vary on healthy individuals. Hopefully, more research will be carried out in the future. Who knows, maybe one day a quick injection with the right hormonal mix will be enough to enlarge a mans penis permanently. 

Advantages of hormonal therapy for penis enlargement
  • Plenty of research with very good results in infants and prepubescent boys
  • Some promising results in adults
  • Relatively safe with little to non side effects when patients are carefully selected
  • Low cost

Disadvantages of hormonal therapy for penis enlargement
  • Still not a clinically approved option for adult patients. You will probably need to know "a guy" to get this kind of treatment or enroll in a clinical trial.

Testosterone is an effective penis enlargement option in young patients
Testosterone is a tried and proved method for penis enlargement
in prepubescent boys with a small penis

Methods that might work!

Now I would like to discuss a few methods that might work. I say "might" because although there are no actual published clinical data to back them up, there are plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting they do work.

The two options that belong in the "might work" category include:
  • Penis exercises
  • Penis pumps

I first want to say that I don't have any personal experience with these two methods. However, there is plenty of reading material out there if you are willing to do some digging. A great place to start is Thundersplace. It is a totally free discussion board with hundreds of personal stories, diaries, routines and before and after photos! There you will find plenty stories of many guys claiming to have enlarged their penis using exercises, pumps, extenders or a combination of these. As I said, the site is totally free and most users don't have any financial reasons to make false claims so I believe that most penis enlargement stories there are true, especially the ones featuring before and after photos!

So, now let me share a few words about these two methods:

1) Penis exercises
As the name suggests, penis exercises are exactly that.. exercises! They require no equipment and no money, just your two hands and commitment. What kind of exercises you might ask? Well, there are so many I could write a thesis on them. But the basic 4 exercises that most people use for penis enlargement are:
  1. Kegels
  2. Stretches
  3. Dry jelqing
  4. Wet jelqing

Like with the gym, you have to follow a work-out program to achieve results. If you have commitment issues don't even try! Most people "exercise" 3 to 5 times per week, and each work-out takes approximately 40-60 minutes. Like with penis extenders, results are slow and gradual, don't expect 2 inches in a month or something! A realistic goal is to gain an inch in length after 6 months, although some reportedly gain more or less.

Simple graph showing how to perform jelqing, a basic penis enlargement exercise
Simple graph showing one of the many jelqing techniques

Penis exercises Advantages
  • Free! No equipment required. All you need is your two hands
  • They can increase both your girth and length 
  • Relatively safe, although you do need to take days off between your workout so that the tissues heal properly. If you overdo it you might cause permanent damage to your little guy

Penis exercises Disadvantages
  • No clinical proof to back them up, just anecdotal stories
  • You will need to spend at least 40-60 minutes per workout, and possibly more as you get more experienced. This can be an issue if you have commitment issues, if you are too busy or if you don't live alone. If that's the case then you may want to try a penis extender. You just wear it and the exercise is passive. You can watch television, work on your computer or whatever. And it's also more district it as you can wear it under  loose clothes.

Again, I want to say that I am not really an expert on penis exercises although I have tried some a couple of times. Please do some googling or just visit thundersplace if you want to learn more about them, how they work etc.

2) Penis Pumps
Penis pumps are becoming more and more popular in the penis enlargement scene and I notice that more and more people incorporate them in their routines. Sadly I have ZERO experience with them and haven't done much research. I really don'y know much about them, routines, or whatever. I don't want to misguide you so I will avoid talking about them for the time being. Just do some googling or visit a forum like Thundersplace for more information :)

Photo showing a basic, water based penis enlargement pump
A water based penis pump

Methods That Definitely Don't Work

Finally I want to talk about some methods that definitely don't work. These are just scams that aim to empty your wallet. These methods will definitely NOT make your penis bigger. They have no clinical proof or anecdotal evidence of any kind to back them up. The only proof they have is blatantly photoshopped before and after photos.

These scams are usually pretty obvious to spot and most people would never fall for them. Still, there are some desperate or gullible people that might give them a try. And I understand that some of the guys reading these lines will still try 'em out just for the heck of it.

Penis enlargement pills are probably the best known scam. No, they don't work, simple as that. If somebody invented such a pill don't you think a big pharma company would buy (or steal if you are into conspiracies) his recipe and make billions of dollars? To be fair though, some penis enlargement pills are safe for use. Some of them even use natural ingredients that are proven to have some sexual-related benefits, like increased libido, increased testosterone, improved erection quality etc. But for now, no pill will make your penis bigger. My opinion is to avoid buying any kind of these pills. Most of them are made by questionable companies in China and you can't really know what you will be getting into your system..

Some other scammy penis enlargement products you might encounter include herbs, creams, potions, magic spells, Again, my opinion is to stay away. You have been warned. :)

Penis enlargement pills, they just don't work!
Penis enlargement pills are a scam. Stay away!

Some Closing Thoughts

Still baffled with all the penis enlargement options mentioned in this article? Ok, let's make a quick recap. If you want guaranteed results you have two medically proven options to choose from:
  • Penis extenders: Expect to gain one maybe two inches after 6-9 of months of consistent use
  • Surgery: A great & relatively safe option if you can afford it, expect to gain immediately about 0.5 to 1 inch in length. You can also increase your girth with fat transplants. Unfortunately fat-transplants only last for 1-2 years as the fat gets absorbed by the body
Alternatively, you can try using a penis pump or penis enlargement exercises, There's no harm, although there is a lack of clinical data on how effective these two methods are.

Stay away from anything that sounds to good to be true like penis enlargement pills, creams, herbs, magic spells and similar sounding scams! 

Got a question or a personal penis enlargerment story to share? That's why the comments down below are for :)


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