Monday, September 2, 2019

Site is live again!

Hey fellas! Long time, no see :)

As some of you may noticed (and asked again again by email!) the site hasn't been updated since sometime in 2017! Many changes happened in my life in the past two years that kept me quite busy, in a good kinda way. This, and to be honest I just got lazy but now I am back, hopefully for good! I have lots of free time and energy so I think it will be a long time until I get such a big break again!

I have spent the past few days proof-reading and editing all the old articles, fixing typos and grammar errors. Just a couple more left to do. I have also added a couple new photos I received on my email and I added some new posts in the to-do list for the coming days. I have also made some other changes, like enabling htpps on the website for extra security on your side when visiting the website.

See you around!

~ Jack

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  1. Cool! Being a grown man with a really small penis can be an isolating issue. Glad to chat with others in the same boat!


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