Saturday, September 10, 2016

Interview with Chris from Netherlands

A few days ago I had an interesting talk with Chris, a 42 year old guy from Netherlands. Chris doesn't have a true micropenis, but he is relatively small, with a 10.5 cm (4 inches) penis when erect. He is between 0 and 4 cm (~0 - 1,6 inch) when flaccid. This is his story:

How old are you and what is your erect size?
I am 42 yrs old. My erect size is 10,5 cm which is about 4,13 inch.

When did you first notice you were smaller than other boys?
I found out in 3th class of elementary School while I was about 9 yrs old, during swimming lessons in school. In the dressing room the boys compared sizes.

What was puberty like?
Nothing special. I was just the same. Giggling some more. I was sexually immature. Not interested in other boys or girls for relationship.

When did your penis stop growing?
In puberty

When you were a teenager or an adolescent, did you avoid girls, or intimate situations, because you were worried about your penis?
I have never avoided girls. I can remember that I showed my penis to a girl at age of 13. I remember that I retracted my foreskin and asked her if she had seen a glans before.

What was your first sexual experience like?
At the age of about 12 I masturbated together with a good friend. He learned that I could do more with my penis than pee. We masturbated each other also. At the age of 14 it stopped, because we moved to another house.

Chris measuring his erect penis

When did you last have sex?
Last week, with my wife. She was in the mood because we were enjoying our vacations.

Do you masturbate and is it your primary form of sexual activity?
Masturbating is my primary form of sexual activity. My wife does not want to have sex to often. About 1 of 2 times per year is enough for her because she has several forms of personality disorder. It has not to do with my micropenis. She accepts the fact that it is small but never complained or spoke about it. I do masturbate almost every day, so say 6 or 7 times a week

Chris measures erect girth

Do you warn women first, or do you do a "reveal"?
I have had two sexual relations and I have never warned before - I keep it as a special surprise :)

Do you feel more comfortable showing your penis to other men?
This is no problem for me. I am seeking for possibilities to show it even more :)

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety?

What’s it like when you visit the doctor? Are checkups uncomfortable?
No is not unfomfortable. I have seen a doctor who needed to the examine my penis because of Phymosis a few years back. The doctor was not saying anything about it, he was a professional, and the doctor sees more odd sizes I think. The doctor in the hospital however told me that I have a small penis and told me that if it in future ever should be a problem to me that I am welcome back.

How many relationships have you had?

Are you married or in a relationship now? Any children?
Yes, I am married for six yrs and we have 1 daughter.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
It never affected the relationships to me.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?
In public saunas my penis completely disappears. Last time I visited a sauna and after the sauna we were outside with a few people to cool down. I say them look and seek where my penis is. No-one asked or told anything however.

Do you think your micropenis has affected other aspects of your life? 
No - not at the moment.

Have you ever consulted a doctor about any penis enlargement options like phalloplasty? 
No I haven't

Have you told anyone close to you like about your penis?

Any tips to share with other small-endowed guys?
No tips - just be who you want to be. Hopefuly for other boys it is not a big deal having a small penis.

Contact InfoHere is chris' email, if you for whatever reason want to contact him!

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