Monday, September 5, 2016

Interview with Nicolas from France

I recently had a very interesting and in-depth chit-chat with Nicolas, whose micropenis is less than an inch at rest and about 2.5 inches when erect. Despite his shortcomings he has had a pretty intense sex life, at least partner-wise! Enjoy:

How old are you and what is your erect size?
I'm 49 y/o. My erect length is 6,5 cm (2,5 inches) and my erect girth is 7-8 cm (3 inches).

When did you first notice you were smaller than other boys?
I was 12 y/o. when I saw my 9 y/o. brother naked for the first time. His penis was more developed than mine, I mean longer but also thicker. Before, I wasn't completely aware of being that small.

What was puberty like?
It started when I was 9/10 y/o. and ended at 15/16 v/o. it began with the appearance of a moustache fuzz and the moulting of my voice, followed by the rapid development of my pubic, arms and legs hair. My hairless classmates called me "the bear". My body grown a lot and became muscular. From the side of my genitals, my testicles have become pretty large in only few years, while my penis later but suddenly lengthened when I was 14/15 y / o., but remaining very short at rest, with a modest increase of my diameter during this period. I have a bad memory of my puberty, apart from the discovery of masturbation at 9 y/o. that I still remain addict to so far.

When did your penis stop growing?
At the age of 16/17 y/o.

When you were a teenager or an adolescent, did you avoid girls, or intimate situations, because you were worried about your penis?
Yes, absolutely. I even asked for and obtained a sports exemption for High School to avoid potentially embarrassing situations in locker rooms. As for the girls, I was so shy that they were not interested at all in me. That’s why I remained a virgin for long.

What was your first sexual experience like?
If I put aside some mutual hand job sessions with my young bro, my first sexual experience took place when I was 31 y/o., during a trip to Morocco. It was an amazing and wonderful experience with a local and young guide who made me realized that I was a gay bottom.

When did you last have sex?
Oups! About one year ago.

Do you masturbate and is it your primary form of sexual activity?
I’m addicted to masturbation since I’ve discovered it when I was a pre-teen. I masturbate at least twice a day.

Do you warn women first, or do you do a "reveal"?
I’ve had very few sexual relationships with women, but whether with women or men, I never notified in advance about my anatomical peculiarity. Anyway, even though I warned, the “thing” is so unusually small that it would not prevent the surprise. I let my partners discover my anatomy.

Do you feel more comfortable showing your penis to other men?
If you mean be more inclined to show my penis to a man than a woman, no. Anyway, until my deflowering, the only people who saw me naked were my parents, my brother and some doctors and nurses. By cons, since few years, I am more easily “exhibitionist”, as I discovered that despite mockeries, sometimes, showing off my micropenis helped me to better live with.

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety?
Yes, it is a great source of anxiety for me, especially when there are only urinals. Indeed, most of the time, my flaccid penis completely disappears inside my pubic pad, even more under stress. It looks like a sort of "slot" over my scrotum, formed by the skin folds of my foreskin, which doesn’t bother me since a long time. It's very difficult for me to urinate standing up, because I have to pull my buried cock to pop it out sufficiently, while directing the stream, and it can be acrobatic and sometimes anything but discreet.

What’s it like when you visit the doctor? Are checkups uncomfortable?
Frankly, in France, except during school and university life, doctors never make people undress completely. Fortunately, otherwise it would also be a source of anxiety for me. But having had several surgeries under general anaesthesia during my life, I know that my small penis did not go unnoticed either in hospitals.

How many relationships have you had?
Let say 100, more or less, I never calculated. This number includes one night stands.

Are you married or in a relationship now? Any children?
No, I’m single, without children.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
It's hard to answer that question, but I think it has had a major impact on me and my life, not just regarding sexuality. I have long been very introverted, shy, a-social, sometimes depressed, with a very poor body image, with an important inferiority complex vis-à-vis other men and with some shame and fear towards women.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?
OMG! There have been so many in my life! But, for example, the latest dates back to yesterday, just when I had to go to the urinals of a McDonalds restaurant, because all the cabins were occupied, being next to a teenager who seemed laughing by seeing me pulling on my little acorn, who he had rather the opposite problem from what I saw!

Do you think your micropenis has affected other aspects of your life?
In addition to psychological, sexual and relational aspects I have already evoked, I think, unlike most of other micropenis men who discuss their experiences in dedicated forums, even on this site, mine also negatively impacted my professional life, with material consequences, while I consider having more a “borderline” micropenis than a “severe” one in terms of erection or stretched penile length SPL (in France, the average erect length is 13.5 cm, and the micropenis threshold of 2,5 SD below is about 7 cm for most of specialists). The fact is that we all are almost always in the flaccid state, and that my flaccid size is 4,5 to 5 Standard Deviations below the French average (9 cm)!

Have you ever consulted a doctor about any penis enlargement options like phalloplasty? 
No, never. I was 7 y/o. when I’ve first been labelled as mild micropenis on the basis of a SPL assessment by the family paediatrician, the only time my penis has been “medically” measured, which has resulted in no specialist consultation nor treatment at this time. After puberty, the only possibility is the phalloplasty surgery, but I know that its results are modest and today, with time, I ended up to better accept the small size of my penis.

Have you told anyone close to you like about your penis?
Only my best friend, a 50 y/o. woman who is able to globally understand and support me. It was a long time ago, when she hoped to have sexual relationships with me. This summer, as we were on vacation to a beach resort, she insisted so much to see my cock, that I have agreed to show her. She expected to see a small penis, but she told me she did not imagine it could be as small. But she found it "very cute".

Any tips to share with other small-endowed guys?
For those like me who have no shaft and a retracted acorn when soft, practising jelqing exercises on a regularly basis can really increase, if not the length, at least the elasticity of the penis, which facilitates the standing up peeing. I use to do tract on my penis with a weight of 1 kg 1 hour a day, but it is better to start with 500g or even 250g, because at the beginning, the link that is tighten at the glans crown may cause pain.

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