Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jerry shares his micropenis story

Well I'll be completely honest with everyone I am 36 yrs old male and Ivery been dealing with having such a small penis and very thin penis. I have to say I have been laughed at by women and humiliated. been called so many names like baby dick, shrimp dick, thumb tac penis... the let's goes on.. it does suck having a puny penis.. what do you think people? Does size really matter?

I have always noticed my penis being pretty small as I grew up and figured it will grow as I get older into a man. But I was wrong because it's gotten smaller and super thin. I been humiliated before by different women and I been used to it for a long time.. I've gotten used to it that I actually like how lil and thin it's gotten. It's a fetish of mines now and I get into it. I would love to be naked in front of different women and be humiliated by them. I actually use my two fingers to jack off because I don't no girth at all and no length what's so ever.. it's my baby penis that's attached to grown man.. lol but I LOVE MY PUNY PENIS... I WANT WOMEN TO HUMILIATE MY BABY PENIS.. hope you can help... here's some great pics of my puny lil thing...I LOVE MY PUNY PENIS WOMEN


Jerry's micropenis

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