Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Steve shares his micropenis story (DailyMail)

Steve has suffered from major
depression due to his condition
Steve Brookes*, a 42-year-old professional composer born with a micropenis, recently talked to the DailyMail about his rare condition and the problems it has caused to his life. Allegedly, his parents were too ashamed to discuss the condition and he was also bullied and ridiculed at school.

"I felt I just had to discuss it with someone so when I was eight I told my best friend at school. Within half an hour the whole school knew, it was awful. I became the school joke and made an outcast.", said Steve.

In total, Steve had 15 operations in an attempt to enlarge his manhood and allow him to urinate standing up. The first one was when he was just 11 months old. At 17, he refused to submit to further operations. Today, he has a functional penis, which however is too small to use a condom.

His attempts at sexual contact drew derision and contempt. He got married to the first girl he slept with at 21, but that ended badly when his wife started an affair and said that she would never consider having children with him.

His story has a happy ending though. At the age of 27  he got married again. His wife is a music teacher-turned-psychotherapist and they now have a daughter aged 14 and a son, 12.

"Outwardly my life is in good order. I have a beautiful wife, a lovely family and I love my work, but I have had intensive therapy to treat major depression. I only found out what my condition was called well into adulthood. This condition has less to do with being able to pee standing up, and more to do with the psychological issues around silence and secrecy. It is really tragic that so many boys are made to feel ashamed in this way.", said Steve.

*Name is not real for obvious reasons.


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