Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Did Napoleon have a small penis?

We all have heard the myth about Napoléon Bonaparte and his extremely small penis. Now,  a British show comes to confirm it: the preserved penis of Napoleon, located in New Jersey and held by the son of a famous collector is indeed very small, just 3.8 cm long.

Napoleon is famous for his successes in the field of battle. However, the British show "Dead Famous DNA"  by the British Channel 4. reveals that his penis size was quite dissapointing.  According to the show, his penis was only 3.8 cm long.

The revelation was made to the public by Evan Lattimer, who inherited it by his father, a renowned urologist and collector. His father bought the preserved penis in 1977, at an auction in Paris for $ 3,000. The artifact is known among Lattimers as "Napoleon’s Item".

But how is Napoleon's penis still in circulation? It seems, that his doctor, Francesco Autommarchi, cut it off during his autopsy in front of 17 witnesses, before it was then acquired by priest Abbé Anges Paul Vignali who gave the leader his last rites.

"I’ve seen a lot of penises, from a chihuahua to a sperm whale. This is so withered. The last place I would have expected to find it is in New Jersey. It’s strange how the withered penis has ventured further around the world than Napoleon ever did" said Mark Evans, Presenter of the show.

"Dad believed that urology should be proper and decent and not a joke. It’s very small, but it’s famous for being small. It’s perfect structurally, the university have done X-rays and examinations and it’s obviously what it is." said Lattimer.

Enjoy the full episode:

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