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10 Best Snug Fit Condoms For 2020 & Extensive Buyer's Guide

Let's face it:

You are reading these lines probably because your penis is too small and you can't find a condom that properly fits you. Maybe they are too baggy, slip all the time, or just don't feel "right" when you use them. Still, having a smaller sized penis doesn't mean you can't practise safe sex! Or maybe you are looking for something "tighter", hoping to enjoy intercourse more? Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place! Down below you will find some of the most popular snug fit brands, a link to buy them online for the cheapest price and my personal opinion:

greater starter condom kit for guys with  a small or short penis 1# Snug Fit Small Assorted Sampler Pack
My first recommendation is to try this very affordable snug fit sample package offer by amazon. It comes with 3 different brands (and a total of 12 pieces). All 3 brands (Iron Grip, Atlas and Lifestyles) are known for being Snug Fit and provide a very secure and tight fit. The iron grip is the smallest of the 3, followed by the atlas and then lifestyles.

Many guys claim to have finally found the perfect fit for their little guy thanks to this offer. The price is also very good and very hard to beat considering the amount of pieces you get.

Click here for more information or to purchase

the 3sum lifestyle is one of the tightest snug fit condoms you can get
2# LifeStyles 3Sum
My next recommendation is The 3Sum by Lifestyles, which is probably the most popular snug fit brand in the market . Measuring 7.87″ (199.9 mm) x 1.8″ (47.73 mm), it's one of the most snugger-fit condom you can get. Interestingly, the package nowhere mentions the words "snug fit". Extra bonus: this condoms features ribs and studs which create a more stimulating experience for your partner.  

Again most reviews are highly positive, making it one of the most popular tight options for your little guy.

avanti bare latex are the shortest condoms made by a reputable company
3# DUREX Avanti BARE Latex Condoms
This is the thinnest condom manufactured by Durex. Make sure not to confuse it with Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex when buying.

Slightly larger in girth but shorter when compared to 3Sum, at 6.62″ (193.54 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm). Again, most reviews are very positive. To my knowledge, this is the shortest condom you can get!

4# Kimono Microthin Ultra
One of the thinnest and shortest condoms available in the market today. What makes the Kimonos so special is the special, water-based lubricant they use called Aqua Lube. This lube is pH balanced, long lasting and provides a silky and sensual feeling both for you and your partner.

The dimensions of this brand are 7.5″ (190 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm).

Click here to view prices and availability

5# Okamoto Beyond Seven
The Okamoto is a great small condom imported from Japan. Unlike most brands, this one doesn't use latex but a material called Sheerlon which is very strong and durable - but thinner than latex - providing greater comfort and feel during sex without sacrificing durability!

Definitely, this brand is worth a try whether you have a small penis or not.. Personally I have tried it and I loved it and I consider it to be the best snug fit condom you can get, if reduced sensation during sex is an issue for you. It feels almost like going raw, and this comes from a guy who really hates wearing a condom! I think it's the thinnest brand too, or at least it feels like it is.

6# GLYDE Slimfit Premium Small Size
I have not personally the Glyde Snug Fit condoms, but all the reviews and testimonials out there are positive so I think they are definitely worth a try. According to the manufacturer, the GLYDE SLIMFIT is the smallest FDA approved condom, certified ethical and vegan by the Vegan Society and free of animal testing and animal by-products. Interestingly, these small condoms also come in extra small packages:)

fc2, the most popular female condom
7# FC2 (or any other female condom) - The micropenis solution
Unfortunately, the brands above will fit guys with a small, but still within the normal range penis. Something like 4 inches or more. Now, if you have a micropenis (a really small penis, 3.5 inches or less) they will probably not fit you, especially if your width size is small as well.

I think the use of a female condom is the only viable option for a truly thin or micro-sized guy who wants to play it safe. Regrettably, the industry doesn't offer something for guys who are 4 inches or shorter or are just too thin even for snug condoms...  I believe that the FC2 is the most popular option but there are certainly others to look out for. Click here for more info and prices

 The Fuji snug fit condom is perfect for guys with a small penis circumference8# Fuji Latex Just Fit Slim Tight 
This is a brand I encountered only very recently. I haven't tried the Fuji had but I plan to in the near future. I love the design of the package, all reviews are highly positive and the product is reasonably priced.

According to the description and online reviews, this brand is perfect for guys who have a circumference of less than 4.4 inches. Specifically, it has a width of 47 mm, way less than the standard 52-53mm that you usually find with a regular condom.

Click here for best price and more information

9# My Size Condoms My Size 47Mm Condoms
Now this is a brand I have never tried or even heard of. It was a reader of the site that actually informed me about the existence of the My.size brand. They like to tout themselves as "German Engineering at its best".

It seems all internet reviews are good or excellent and they are relatively cheap so you may as well give them a try. Again, I want to emphasize I have no prior experience with this particular brand.

Click here to buy and learn more about them

10# Little Willy Condoms
Ok, I just had to include this one for the laughs. It's more of a joke gift/novelty condom that comes in 'extra small' size!

Obviously, not suitable for use as a contraceptive device or for STD protection. According to the product description, they are 2 cm in diameter. No info is available  about length!

Click here for more info on this item

BUYER'S GUIDE (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here's a quick buyer's guide (in the form of a faq) that I will solve any problem or question you might have.

I am overwhelmed, please suggest me one!
Ok, ok I will spoon-feed you! I suggest you to get the sample package (first in the list) and the okamoto beyond seven (number 5# in the list). If you do so, you will have spend approximately 10 $ and you will have 4 different snugfit condoms to try. My personal favorite is the Okamoto, so if you are on a really tight budget just buy this one. As I mentioned before, it's made from a different type of latex that makes a huge difference during intercourse. I have personally tried it and it feels as close to raw sex as it can get!

If you just want the tightest fit, I think Iron Grip is what you are looking for. But beware, they are really, really tight! Caution, if you have a normal sized penis with an average diameter (like me) they will be very difficult to unroll! Personally, I kept losing my erection because i) it took me a lot of time to unroll and I would lose my erection, ii) even when I managed to put them and still had a full hard-on I would still lose erection because they felt so damn tight!

Why aren't some of these brands labelled as "small" or "snug-fit"?
My suspect is the only reason certain small condoms are not labeled as being “small" is because of how most men would react to them. Understandably, some men  don't want others to think they have a smaller than average penis!

Some quick tips before choosing a brand....
Here are some quick highlights you may want to keep in mind when choosing a condom brand:
  • When checking for dimensions, always go for girth over length. Remember, the average penis size is somewhere around 6 inches  whereas the shortest available condom (Durex avanti latex) is 6.62″.  I believe this is because due to FDA regulations regarding the size of condom testing equipment.
  • Don't look only for Snug-fit labelled condoms! Some brands (like LifeStyles 3Sum) make no mention in the label about being snug fit, but still are smaller or the same size as other snug fit brands
  •  Apart from size, the material used is also very important. Some guys (or their partner) are allergic to latex which is the most commonly used material. If you are one of them, look out for other options like polyurethane, polyisoprene or Sheerlon. Always make sure to check the label before making your final purchase! 
  • Be on the lookout for alternative codes, like "modest", "close-fit", "slim fit", "tapered" and "ultra fit"
  • Comfort comes first! If you find a brand that makes a perfect fit, but just doesn't feel right then look for something else! Don't hesitate to experiment with smaller or bigger brands! This is why my first recommendation is a sample package! 

How To Take Condom Measurements?
When choosing the right condom size, you might come across a lot of different numbers, including length, thickness, circumference and width. The width is the most critical aspect to consider as it determines how well it will fit on your penis. Regrettably, most guys don't know about width, have no idea what it is or confuse it with other things like the diameter. Hopefully, the quick guide below will clear any misconceptions you might have!

How To Measure Condom Width (And Circumference)?
To measure width accurately, lay the condom flat on a ruler and measure it from side to side. The width of the condom is equal to half of the circumference. This is because the width is measured with the condom unrolled and lying flat. Here's a picture showing the proper method for width:

pic shows the proper way to measure condom width

How to Measure Condom Length?
To measure length, just roll out the condom from base to tip and place it on a ruler as shown in the pic below:

pic shows the proper method to measure condom length

Regardless of the measurements, I recommend you to try out a few brands and sizes to test the waters out before settling with the one that feels better for your and your partner. This is because some manufacturers don’t display the exact width & length measurements and also because the material used also plays a role in how you fit inside. Like clothes, you can't really know until you try it on. Remember, each penis is different. Ideally, you want your condom to fit like a glove. It must be tight enough to prevent slippage, but sufficiently comfortable to make intercourse pleasurable!

Who are these condoms for? 
The brands above are recommended to guys who either have a small penis or those who want a really tight and natural feeling during sex. They can generally fit penises ranging from 4 to 4.6 inches in circumference and have a maximum length of 7.0 to 7.8 inches, depending on the brand. If you are bigger than that, then they will probably not fit you.

Please note that the smaller snug-fit condoms on the market aren't actually shorter, but tighter! Most of them have a length somewhere from 7 to 7.8 inches. The key difference lies in girth,with most of them having a flat width of less than two inches. This means that even if you have a short penis, you still might not fit in if your girth is above average. If you are unsure about your size, I suggest you to visit my guide that explains how to measure your penis length and girth properly.

Condom Size Chart
Below I have included a size chart with some of the snug-fit brands featured on this post. Hopefully, it will help you decide which brand(s) to try. The chart is broken down by first introducing the name of the condom, a brief description about it and finally the width and length size of that condom:

Chart showing the size of some popular snug fit condoms

Where to buy snug fit condoms?
You probably don't want other people to think that you have a small penis, so buying small condoms online is probably the best thing to do if you want to protect your privacy. As you can see, my links point to amazon. Usually the prices there are the cheapest or amongst the cheapest. Some other great & cheap places include Ebay, Adam and Eve and other online vendors. With a bit of googling I am sure you will find many other. In case you wonder, yes I make a very small commision (about 6 %) if you buy a brand using my links. This comes with no extra cost to you and it helps support the site. To give you an idea, if you buy the sampler pack (#1 in the list), the commission I get is approximately 0.30 $.

Now, if you prefer to visit a physical store I can't help you much. I once saw Lifestyles at Walmart but other than that I don't have any personal experience. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can leave a comment.

Are these condoms available in USA, India, or. whatever country you are from? 
Sometimes people ask me if the condoms featured here are available for purschase in their country. I know for a fact that all brands listed above are available in the U.S. or at least they had been at some point.

As you might have noticed, I have included links from Amazon which often ships (for a small fee)  to other countries too. Now, if a particular brand is unavailable in your country and you really want to give it a try, or perhaps looking for a cheaper shop to buy, I suggest you to look in other places like ebay, alliexpress or just use google and search for "condom brand + area". I am sure you will come up with something!

As a final note, I will leave below an interesting related scientific study. This study reveals that the market needs more small condoms!

Scientific Study Confirms: Small Penises Need Love Too According To Medical Research!

micropenis condom (not real)
A 2009 survey on over 1,200 men concludes that the majority of the male population in India has a penis that is just too short for the standard sized International condoms, prompting calls to produce smaller condoms.

The study, carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research, has led to a call for smaller-sized condoms to be made more widely available in India. Over 1,200 volunteers had their penises measured down to the last millimetre, both in length and girth of the country.  The researchers made sure the sample was representative of India as a whole in terms of class, religion and other factors.

The conclusion was that about 60% of Indian males have a penis that is between three to five centimetres (1-2 in.) shorter than the international standards used by condom manufacturers.

The issue is very serious since about one in every five times a condom that is used in India either falls off or tears, an extremely high failure rate. Not to mention that the country already has one the highest HIV infection percentage worldwide.

This research highlights a problem many men with a small or micro-sized penis have. And that is that - at to least to my knowledge - there are no commercially available condoms for men who are smaller than 4 inches!

Yes, small penises need love too!


Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other condom suggestions for guys with a small or thin penis or if you know of a shop that offers them for a better price. I would be happy to include any suggestions, personal experiences, reviews or whatever!

(This buyer's guide was last updated on 01/13/2020)


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  5. For the people commenting how they can't use later I suggest them to try the Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex version. It's the same size but made from a different material.


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