Monday, September 14, 2015

Anonymous guy shares his micropenis story

Hi...First of all sorry for my bad english, I would try my best to deliver my story in a best possible way. You can just call me Anonymous Person I am a 22 year old male.

Wow...okay...well honestly I don't know from where should I start my story I have read many stories on your site thats why I want to share my life experiences with micro penis.. all started when I first realized at the age of 12 that penis in not growing anymore..At that time I didn't paid much attention because i thought It would really grow up when I'll reach 18..

But one day what happened that one of my class fellows(I was in 6th or 7th grade at the time) found out that my penis is really small(oh w8 I didn't mention my penis size...its 3.5 inch in length and 3 inch in girth when fully erect). He and my other so called Friends start making fun of my penis...I would never forget those 6 years of my life (from 6th to 12th grade) I got totally destroyed by those bullies...They tortured me(not physically) but verbally...My self confidence got shattered which I never recovered back....I became socially alone,Traumatized,Paranoid...fall from being a brilliant to a very dull student...I never got courage and confidence to discuss about my Problems with my Parents...till 12th grade I thought I was the only one with this defect.

I still remember how many times I thought about suicide in my school times but somehow I was never able to do that...

So......Time Passed...I finished my 12th Grade with poor result.

After that I thought my Life would get better but When I got in university for my graduation I realized there are many things in me that got destroyed over time...

I Realized that I cannot memorize things fast so I have to learn almost all day to memorize things other could do in an hour or so...

I know so far my story is a little abrupt..believe me m trying my best to find word to describe my feelings and how hurt I am..

In college I started searching about the condition I am having and thn I tried almost every possible solutions...I tried all types of oil available in market but nothing happened ...Then I found out about this site where I got info about how to increase your penis size using stretching devices...I used a penile stretcher for one year nothing happened at all......Now at this stage of my life I am trying to accept my micropenis with all the pain and shear unacceptance in my the age of 22 I am still virgin and I know most probably I would stay like this forever...I know people would say be confident about yourself believe me advising someone is very easy only the people with micropenis can understand my pain...

Today If I analyze my Personality I am a Socially Alone person...I cannot face people outside...I cannot make Friends because my experience about friendship is horrible...I never share my secret of being a micropenis guy with anyone because people laugh and make fun of me....In my Professional life I can not deliver presentations...I cannot face my teachers...I am always in constant fear that what would happen if someone find out about my micropenis...

I just hope my life would get better somehow..........

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  1. I feel your pain im almost 17 found out that I have a problem call micropenis when I was 16 my penis didn't grow from age 6-7 Im a little bit guilty beacause when I was age 9-10 I was in the shower my mom walk in saw my penis was panic and said oh my god why your penis so small I need to take you to a doctor she said and im stupid 10 years old boy was Embarrassed that my mom panic and want to take me to a doctor beacause my penis very small im said to my mother you crazy its not a problem it will grow im will not go with you to a doctor beacause you panic that you saw my penis so small im so angry with my self that I refused to listen to my mother to go to doctor when I was little child with a chance to take hormones when my mother noitce it when I was 10 and panic and see that my penis very small and want to take me to doctor to check it I will never forgive my self anyway stay strong and let hope that someone in the world trying to help to adults with micropenis and someone will find a simple or not simple solution to adults with micropenis sorry for my bad English im not English speaker may god will give you and me and another micropenis guys a happy life and a solution will come to micropenis very soon

  2. Totally hear your pain man …… i'm 43 and still a virgin and feel everything you say. unless u have a micro-penis you will never know what it feels like for us to know we are looked at, ridiculed and deemed sexless and unworthy … even by ourselves. email me :

  3. Totally true!
    Many years of torment. High school was horrible.
    63 yrs old and divorced. I like men now I guess I have been put off of women because of my micro penis. Don't know how to meet new people so will probably spend the rest of my life alone.


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