Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interview with Micropenis Owner KG

This is an interview I recently had with KG, a reader of the site and owner of a border-line micropenis.

I was surprised to learn that despite his small penis, he has had sex with about 20 women, a number that would surely make many normal-sized men jealous! He also has a wife and two children.

Hey KG. What is your size when erect and when did you first notice you were smaller than other people?
-If I am standing up normally, measuring along the top side, body to tip I am 3.5 inches long and I am 4.5 inches around when I am soft it is not possible to measure as it almost moves inside me. In high school I was the smallest in the locker room both my penis and balls were considerably smaller then everyone else.

kg's very small flaccid penis
KG's Flaccid Penis
How old are you? Are you married?
Im 59, I have fathered 2 children with my wife.

Is any of them a boy? Does he have a normally sized penis?
Yes and yes he actually has a very large penis....saw him playing with himself in the tub when he was about 13 and I would estimate him to be about 7 inches and quite thick.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
-Women are usually very nice but I have asked them and told them it was ok and to be honest and I have been the smallest they have ever had....I have been with about 20 women and also several men.

What was your most embarassing moment?
-Finding out that I had been having sex with my wife for 4 years and she was technically still a virgin, she has a longer then usual vagina and tampons had stretched her hymen so it was deeper then I could go.

-I was also asked if I had been castrated once.

-A little boy came into the shower room at a pool with his Dad and said "Hey Dad how come that man has such a small penis".

kg's erect micropenis in a condom
KG's erect penis

About his marriage
When we first met she was a total virgin. I had fucked her 4 times and she went to her Dr. to go on the pill.  Her Dr. (a female) said she was so impressed that she was going on the pill before sex.  My wife informed her she had already and 4 times yet it seemed she has a longer then normal vagina and after using tampons the hymen had been stretched.

She was still a virgin....they had a discussion and she was asked if I had a short penis but she really didn't know.....anyway she told me and I pushed in as far as I could and she told me that worked but it was only about a year ago after over 30 years of marriage that it was not me that took her virginity!!

I listened in on a phone conversation she had with her sister and it seems one night after we had been married 4 years, she was out with a bunch of girls and got drunk and ended up with some guy who had been hitting on her and he fucked her.....he took her virginity and she said it was the most intense fuck she had ever had.....

She knows now and has for many years that I have a small cock.....we have been skinny dipping with other couples and I am tiny compared to them.....others are bigger soft then I am hard.  Years ago I got her a dildo and when I use that on her she goes wild and I asked her if it felt that much different.....her reply "oh god yes".  We have an honest relationship and she told me I eat her incredibly well but when we fuck she feels like she is "being poked".

this is another shot of kg small penis when flaccid

Have you told anyone close to you (friend or family) about your micropenis?
-A few have seen it and I do get a lot of looks in public change rooms, swimming pools etc.

Have you ever had a doctor's opinion about your size?
I have talked to my Dr. and it seems I was a late developer, I didn't get pubic hair until almost 15 and was the smallest in the school locker room often teased by others.  My testicles are very small yet every thing works normally and even my Dr. told me I was very small.  Had I gone on some testosterone hormones in puberty it may have helped but it is too late now.

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety?
- I cannot pee standing up, it doesn't come out far enough
- I am now quite comfortable with my size and am no longer embarrassed in public change rooms even though I do get looks.  I have been asked a few times if I had been castrated but now I just chuckle.

Do you have any advice or tips to share?
-This is what I have, live with it and enjoy it

kg's erect micropenis from another angle

If you want to see more photos of KG's penis please visit the small penis gallery part of the site

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. I hope you are aware how lucky you are having such an understanding wife. I can relate to most of what you say. I have been married 2 times and smallsize was in play in both divorces. 1 wife left me and took up with a string of black men I raised our 2 children. #2 was never satisfied and made my life a living torment. I think you are an attractive man and I admire your attidue. I have "turned gay" and have found no limit of willing partners.


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