Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jesse's Micropenis Story

Here's a quick interview I had with Jesse, after he asked me to upload some of his photos. 

Hey Jesse! How old are you and how big is your micropenis?
Well I'm 21 and 2 1/2 inchs erect.

When did you first notice you had a small penis?
I noticed I was much smaller when I was very young while hanging out with other friends

How many relationships have you had in total? Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?
I have only had four sexual relationships, three of them didn't last any longer than 3 months and I have never been told anything about my size but only had sex with those three woman less than 5 times a piece. Shortly after though they always left me so it has affected my relationships.

Not to many embarrassing moments and I'd say it use to affect my self esteem as of now I'm with my very loving wife who happens to love micro penises. We have no children as of yet.

measured erect micropenis - 2.5 inches
Jesse's erect micropenis

Could you describe your sexual relationships with your wife? Does she enjoy intercourse or you please her via other ways?
She in enjoys having sex me a lot although there is many positions and other things we will never be able to try due to my size but we pleases each other in many other ways as well we have a fair amount of sex toys we use on each other and also are incredibly open minded in the bedroom so it's never to dull for us

Have you ever consulted a doctor about your micropenis?
Never talked to any doctors about it and I have never told any friends.

Any tips to share with other micro-guys?
For tips to others just stay strong and there are woman who actually prefer micro penises

If you got a question about Jesse please leave a comment! Or you can contact him directly, just click here!

And here is the rest of the photos he sent me:

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