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What Matters: A Chapter from the book "Match, Cinder & Spark: Nymphomania and the Single Girl"

Book Cover: Nymphomania and the Single Girl
The story down below is a chapter from the book Nymphomania and the Single Girl that the author send me for publication. 

The book is all about the story of Lola Down, "your average nymphomaniac next door. This roman-a-clef tells the story of how she and the author, H.H., survive the trials and tribulations of life with her libido."

I really enjoyed his writing and I think it's a nice read. I don't know if the story is real or fictional and frankly..I don't care :)

Grab a coffee or whatever and enjoy! Oh yes, somewhere in the middle you can read about one of the several encounters Lola had with a micropenis..

Lo’s high school and college days were punctuated by abnormally pronounced penises. The man (or should I say boy?) to whom Lo lost her virginity was endowed like a porn star. I know this because Lo has a certain fetish about quantifying the members of her lovers. She literally likes to see how they “measure up.” Josh, for that was this beau’s name, came in at a full 10” in length and the diameter of a half dollar when at max capacity.

But, in addition to this, as she has repeatedly told me, he had a penis ring pierced through the tip of his shaft. For little Lo, losing her virginity (both vaginal and anal) as she did in her early teen years, this girth and tickling accessory were a powerful combination of pleasure and pain. Lo has complained to me of the discomfort the tip of that erect cock created deep within her petite pussy. She has told me that it often felt as if his pierced poker was penetrating into her stomach and that she nearly passed out from the pressure. Nonetheless, to this day when she and I are going at it most ferociously and I am as rock solid as humanly possible for me, she often screams out, “I can feel it in my stomach! I can feel it in my stomach!” and it is as if this unique sensation is a long lost welcomed friend to her.

In college, after this teen romance had run its course, Lo, like Shakespeare’s Miranda, exclaimed, “Oh, what a brave new world – with such men in it!” at the prospects that this new horizon had to offer her. She lost no time in pursuing these prospects. The first of her many conquests was Teddy, an African-American basketball player who presented a very sleek and sculpted physique at orientation when, on one of the hot days in August, he took off his shirt to play volleyball. His muscles tensed and relaxed with the rippled quivering of a panther or mountain lion. He had a broad smile of perfectly white teeth and a twinkle in his always cheerful eyes.

After classes began, Lo made quick work of luring Teddy to her lair with her own tempting smile, lush lips, and scant summer skirts and tank tops. Within days Lo was invited to Teddy’s dorm room that he shared with a fellow teammate from the basketball team. Very quickly Lo and Teddy were on the bed heatedly engaged in open mouth kisses. His hand found its way to her awaiting breast, pressed her nipple between his index finger and thumb, and gave it a little twist to show her a hint of his sadism. Her body instantly responded with delight. He then removed her tank top and brought his sparkling white teeth to her breasts and licked, sucked, kissed, and gave playful little bites to her nipples.

They stood at attention just as his cock stood and she could feel the energy building right through his shorts. Soon he had pulled up her skirt and maneuvered his large, well-manicured fingers to her panties. He rubbed her clit over her white lace thong and then, when she had soaked her undergarment through and through, he removed it and got on his knees to put his large soft tongue to her pussy and lick it clean. She welcomed this with every bit of her being and her entire body shuttered with a jolt of stimulating sensation originating at that one tiny cluster of nerves.

After bringing her to a climax, she returned the favor by getting on her knees and pulling his bulging shorts down around his ankles, revealing a ginormous bulge in his boxers. She pulled these down too and, without warning, out sprang the largest cock she had ever seen – in real life or on video! The huge monster of a black snake popped out and hit her in the face for, underestimating the length of the thing by a couple of inches, she got too close for it to fully extend itself. She thought she had seen close to the extremity that human genitalia could achieve in the male of the species with her first boyfriend; for though she had not had sex with anyone else, she had explored and discovered a lot of other members in her day. But this was beyond her wildest imaginings – and she had some very wild imaginings.

This was, (and we know this as a scientific fact, for as I said, Lo took stock of this sort of thing with the investigative curiosity of a scientist) no less than a full 13” cock – shaft to tip. Its girth was at least a silver dollar in diameter, and, with Teddy’s well groomed pubic region, it reminded her of Snuffaluffagus’ trunk, minus the hair. That was, at least, the first image that leapt to mind. Perhaps, she thought later, it would have been better to compare it to the large black penis of a dark, powerful, thoroughbred.

When she saw it, she was immediately aroused, in awe, and fearing for her safety. She wished to take the thing in her mouth, but she cowered at the prospect. Though with Josh she had practice aplenty at fellatio – learning how to open up the back of her throat and avoid the gag instinct in order to take the entire shaft of that 10” cock right down to the balls – this presented a challenge of titanic proportions. To her credit, she met the challenge as best she could; taking as much of the head of the cock in her widely open jaws as possible, but she found that the best she could do was fit only the head in her mouth, and at that, it was just. She had to find other means of giving pleasure and to do that she licked up and down the length of the thing and then used her hands on it (it required two hands, for her small grip could not close around the entire circumference), rubbing it back and forth as her mouth worked on the tip.

Apparently used to this obstacle, Teddy made no objections, and in very short order Lo’s impromptu hand-and-mouth job did the trick. He exploded in a large, hot mess all over Lo’s face and mouth and tongue – such a discharge, the volume of which she had never experienced before.

This affair (for it wasn’t exactly a romance since Teddy had a whole host of women waiting to relieve his pent-up testosterone levels) continued for some months. There was a catch though. Teddy did not believe in using condoms (he had had many frustrating experiences trying to get them on) and Lo did not believe in unprotected sex (at the time – especially given Teddy’s promiscuity). And so Lo never allowed Teddy to penetrate her pussy or ass, no matter how he begged for it. To this day, this is Lo’s one biggest regret in life. Never before and never since had she found a comparable cock on which to try out her organ’s capacity for consumption.

Many a morning found Lo in Teddy’s dorm, the roommate asleep across the narrow aisle, on her knees, taking his cock as far as she could in her mouth, stroking him to ejaculation. Many a night was she there bending over, teasing her ass with her finger, listening to him plead to enter; or lying on her back, spreading her legs, fingering her voracious pussy as he slapped it with the heft of his rod; or allowing him to eat her out from behind and then place the tip of his cock on her ass or on her pussy and feeling him shove just a little as he desperately tried to enter her, but she’d pull away just far enough. He would do that and frantically stroke his cock looking at her inviting pussy, bringing himself to shower his semen all over her back.

This went on for a semester, until Lo met Gerald. Gerald, though not on a sports team, was an avid bodybuilder. He worked out in the school gym every day, drank his protein shakes, and admired his biceps and abs in the mirror incessantly. Frustrated with the stalemate between her and Teddy, Lo’s attention soon was diverted to the finely sculpted arms, shoulders, and torso of Gerald. Without much effort, Lo managed to catch his eye. It seems that every large, strong, powerful man is eager to find a tender flower to pounce upon, and for Gerald, Lo presented just the look of delicacy and softness that he wanted. Soon they were up late at night chatting together on the internet. He, across town (since he didn’t live on campus) and she in her dorm room.

The chats started innocently enough: “Hey, what u up to?” but Lo quickly directed them to topics of sex: “My roommate is such a sex maniac. Do u know what she did last night? She. . .” And then Lo would put in a line such as, “But I really shouldn’t judge cause I haven’t had it in such a long time. I am so horny right now, there’s no telling what I’d do if a man walked through my door.” Gerald would then ask leading questions like, “What would you do?” Lo would go into detail and add, “OMG, I am getting myself so wet. I can’t keep my hands away from my pussy.” This would inevitably lead Gerald to tell her what he would do to her and how and ask her what she would like and tell her what she should do.

At some point Lo admitted that she likes “giant cocks” and really likes to be “spread” and have “my tonsils tickled by the tip of a cock. Oh, that is, if I had tonsils! LOL.” After a couple of nights of this banter, Gerald finally got the nerve up to tell Lo, “I can’t take it anymore, I’m coming over.” Lo was so thrilled (for she couldn’t understand why he didn’t rush right over the first time, or the second, or the third, and instead just chatted on the other end until, after she had cum numerous times, he finally brought himself to climax) and she immediately ripped off her pajamas and, when the knock at the door sounded, she answered in nothing but her high heels.

In came Gerald and Lo immediately got on her knees and put her mouth over his cock before he even could take his pants off. To her surprise, she didn’t feel him rock hard. She maneuvered him to the bed, sat him down, and rubbed his crotch, thinking this must get him off. But no. She could bear it no longer. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down. She then slowly used her teeth to pull down his underwear. To her amazement, just as Teddy had far exceeded anything she’d ever seen in a man’s genital largesse, Gerald far exceeded anything she’d ever seen in a man’s penile paucity.

She had never seen anything so small except, perhaps, on pre-pubescent boys. It was barely an inch in length and that was fully extended! She almost let out a gasp and/or a laugh, but her pussy had so prepared for this moment that she dared not ruin her only chance at penetration (however slight) now that she had it at hand. She used her index finger and thumb to hold the little specimen and she put her mouth right over it, covering the whole thing the way one might pop a one of those ring candies in one’s mouth. She sucked it and slurped at it, realizing with ever greater disappointment how much she really enjoys the struggle to fit a good sized cock down her throat.

Soon thereafter she had Gerald put on his condom and though it fit like a raincoat five sizes too large, she sat on the drooping rubber and tried to get herself off. This did not work and no matter how she tried, neither of them was feeling it. It made it all the worse that Gerald’s endowment was so disproportional to the rest of his oversized muscular frame. When she looked at his arms and chest, the intensity of her desire increased only to be disappointed and frustrated at the reality beneath the waist.

She cursed him under her breath when, either out of embarrassment or sheer lack of experience, he didn’t even attempt to bring her to orgasm by means of his fingers or mouth. Dissatisfied, she resorted to lying on the bed and fingering herself till she came without even as much as acknowledging Gerald’s presence. Emasculating as this was for him, he collected his clothes from the floor, dressed, and left without even a goodbye to Lo, who continued to fondle herself as he departed.

Needless to say, Gerald did not last long. Skipping over a few more interludes, Lo then paired up with a fella named Conner. This strapping young gent was a good foot and a half taller than Lo, had broad shoulders, and a massive pound of meat between his legs. He was no Teddy, but his numbers put him in a close second place: 10.5” length, slightly larger than a half-dollar in girth.

No piercings, but plenty of pleasure. Lo stuck with this Conner for a good couple of years, trying out as many permutations of penile penetration and positions as she could think up. Again, there was some stretching and soreness involved with the punishing pounding her inner organs took from this protruding piece of manhood, but she took it all with style and grace and gratitude for such gifts as the male genitalia can offer. I shall elide the details of this – for many of them shall have occasion to be mentioned later – but suffice it to say my little Lo became accustomed to members of this magnitude.

When Lo forsook her last beau and took up with me, I must imagine that there was some sense of disappointment (though she never said so) in the fact that I was just one of the pack – my stats coming in at a very average 7” even. Nothing to be embarrassed about, but not the “hung like a racehorse” I was led to believe about myself by prior lovers. Clearly, those previous women were either too polite to say otherwise or simply lacked the depth of experience Lo had. In either case, Lo was unabashed about taking my measurements with the detached curiosity of a garment-district tailor, and telling me, matter-of-factly, how I stood in comparison. I half expected her to take out a spiral notebook with graph paper inside and to enter my name and vital statistics into it along with all the other facts and figures she had amassed over the years.

Suffice it to say that I’ve felt somewhat self-conscious about this in my experience with Lo. Not that I feel like I am any less a man because of it, but I do want Lo to have all the pleasure her uniquely built body is capable of receiving. This then explains the purchase of my various adult paraphernalia for Lo to use. I had had much success using Present #5 before or during or after (sometimes during all three courses) the use of my own God-given tool. But for her new apartment, as I mentioned, I bought Present #6 – the even larger dildo replica of a porn star’s shaft and balls with attached suction cup on the bottom. This, finally, was Lo’s chance to see how she would be able to handle Teddy, for (as she said) it very closely resembled Teddy’s proportions.

Glad of that, one night when I had gotten Lo sufficiently aroused by licking, kissing, and fondling her pussy, ass, and the proverbial “taint” connecting the two, I took her new toy and placed it in front of me such that the suction cup of the bottom was attached to my lower abdomen, just above my hard cock. I then approached her from behind and gently slid the enormous phallus into her pussy. It was a wonderful feeling for her and for me.

 Finally I got to use my body the way I would had it been my own phallus inside of her, but I also got to fill her to capacity with the use of the prosthetic device. After continuing like that for some time, I then flipped her over and, abandoning the artificial enhancement, I went at her with my own love pole and, as I was inside her, she asked me, “Do I feel like I’ve been spread? Do I feel stretched? Do I feel like I’ve been a total slut, sleeping with someone else before you, and he filled me so much with his enormous cock that I’m just slack and dripping for you?” “Yes,” was all I could reply. “Well, then, punish me with your cock,” she demanded.

I gave her my best, but after I was done (and she had cum about three or four times), she got up from the bed and, leaving me spent and sweating on the bed, she took her new toy and went into the shower for a good half hour. At the end of it I heard her scream like she had never screamed before. When she came out, she collapsed on the bed. “Was it good?” I asked. “So good,” she said slowly. “I almost passed out.” “I wasn’t enough for you?” I asked meekly. “Oh, you were enough. I just wanted more than enough,” she replied as she slid the giant cock under her pillow for later in the night if need be.

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