Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Russian Surgeons Enlarge Penis from 2 to 7 Inches !

Thanks to a team of surgeons, led by Professor Mikhail Sokolshchik, a Russian man that used to have a micropenis now has a chance to live a normal life.

The 28 year old patient whose full name remains unknown (only his first name, Sergei, was disclosed) had a very severe case of micropenis. Prior to the operation he was unable to have any kind of intercourse at all due to his exceptionally short penis.

In order to enlarge his penis, Sergei underwent a very complicated surgery that lasted more than 11 hours. The operation was carried out in Moscow and was an advanced and modified version of phalloplasty, similar to the one performed for female to male transgenders.

The surgeons first removed the penis tip and stitched it to Sergei's left forearm in order to keep the penis's cells and tissues alive during the long-lasting procedure. Then they took skin grafts from the right forearm, separated them into two flaps and rolled them around a silicone tube to fashion a new penis shaft.

The tip was then detached from the forearm and was combined with the newly formed shaft to create a new, larger penis. Next, the surgeons attached the penis back to Sergei's groin area. Finally, they removed skin grafts from his thighs and covered the right forearm skin-donor area for aesthetic reasons.

Obviously, the operation was way more complicated then it sounds, as the surgeons had to attach and detach hundreds of small and tiny capillaries and nerve-endings, so that the new penis would retain its sensory capacity!

The final result was simply astonishing, as the man's penis grew from a less than 2 inches long to a proud 7 inch long penis!

Back then (the operation was carried out in 2005), the procedure was considered by the medical community a major breakthrough as it was the first time a penis was detached and reattached. Until that day, surgeons simply inserted the grafts directly into the shaft with less then optimal results from a lengthening perspective.

Two months after the operation, Sokolshchik reported that Sergei was doing fine and was very excited with the results. He also said that the patient will never have a real erection and instead his penis is stuck on a permanent state of "semi-arousal"

Dr. Sokolshchik hopes that the operation will allow Sergei to have a real relationship, in which intercourse is a part of it.

Some Notes
- Sergei only paid a small portion (about 1500 $) of the operation's total costs . The rest was covered by the clinic itself for marketing and promotional purposes, in hopes it will attract more men wishing to enlarge their penis.
- Dr. Mikhail Sokolshchik is a renowned specialist in both microsurgery and phalloplasty. He has carried out hundreds of phalloplasty operations on patients, like female to male transsexuals, micropenis sufferers and people that had their penis deformed and/or detached after an accident.

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- Source: Telegraph.co.uk 10/04/2005

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