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Is Penis Size Important? Find out What Women Really Think!

Today we live in a society that everything seems to be about size. Almost each and every one of us desires a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger salary heck..even a bigger... Big Mac! We want everything to be bigger despite our actual needs. And of course having a bigger penis is no exception.

Just ask yourself. If there was a magic pill that would instantly make your penis 9 inches long with no side effects...would you take it? Almost every guy I have asked this question has come back with a profoundly strong yes.t I am sure this applies to you as well..

And this is why your spam folder is full of ads selling magic pills or other dubious products that promise a "3 inches longer cock in just 1 month". And the amount of spam is just overwhelming. This of course means only one thing. There are men that actually buy all this crap.

With the aforementioned in mind, it is easy to say that penis size is important, at least for men. There is plenty of medical data to support this claim. For example, a survey by Psychology Today [1] found that about 71% of men “overemphasize the importance of penis size and shape”.

But what about women? Is an average penis (5-6 inches) enough to satisfy them? Will a woman say your 5 inch long cock is fine only to laugh moments later with her friends? Maybe it's all about the motion of the ocean? Does penis size really matter to women or is it an obsession of the male mind?

women laughing about a guys small penis

Unfortunately, I am a man and thus can't give an answer to these questions based on personal experience and preference..

However, I can still have an opinion. An opinion based on what I have discussed with some very close female friends and also based on medical studies that have investigated these questions. In this article I will share with you what I really think and I will try not to sugar coat my opinion with bullshitty stuff like "the motion of the ocean". Please leave a comment with your opinion, whether you are a man or a woman! I would really like to hear it!

To answer the "penis size importance" question, let’s first see what science has to say. As of 2015, there are three published studies [to my knowledge] on penis size and how women perceive it.

Study No. 1
The first study was conducted by the University of Texas–Pan American and was published in BMC Women's Health. In this study, two popular campus athletes (both male) asked 50 undergraduate women the following question:

"In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?" 

45 of the women answered that they preferred girth to length. The rest (5) said they prefer length to width. So this study hints that size does play a role in sexual satisfaction, at least in regards to girth.

After all, all women made a choice. If size wasn't important at all they could simple say that they couldn't tell a difference. And if such an option wasn't given they would answer in random, giving a fifty-fifty result. At least this is how I perceive the findings. The authors seem to have a similar opinion:

"Penis width needs to be given more consideration, and taken into account when one discusses penis size. Also, it may be that Masters and Johnson [1,2,3] were wrong about penis size having little or no physiological effect on women's sexual satisfaction.” concluded the researchers in their paper." extract from the study.

We still have a very vague idea about the importance, so let’s move on to our second study.

Is penis size really important?

Study No. 2
The second study we are about to see was conducted at the Groningen University Hospital. The authors asked 375 sexually active women (all of whom had recently given birth) how important they consider penis size to be, especially in terms of sexual satisfaction.

The authors reported the following:
  • 20% of the women said penile length is important
  • 1% very important
  • 55% unimportant
  • 22% totally unimportant
Now we are getting closer to a real answer. As we can see, 20 % of women said size is important while 1% said it is extremely important. For the latter category, it probably means that an average penis is a deal-breaker, regardless if the guy is beautiful, rich, smart, funny and perfect in all other aspects etc. And there is a 55 % that said size is unimportant!

Here's what the authors wrote:

 "Although clearly in the minority, a nevertheless considerable percentage of the women respondents attached substantial importance to the size of the male sexual organ".

Overall, this study strongly suggests that most women (77%) would probably be just fine with an average sized guy that they really like.

Now let's move to our third study

Study No.3
This study was conducted by researchers at the Australian National University, led by Dr Brian Mautz and Professor Michael Jennions. According to the authors, penis size is indeed an important factor for male attractiveness. Let me repeat this again. Attractiveness not satisfaction!

As you can see on the video down below, the authors reported that penis size is -in regards to attractiveness- as important as other aspects of the male anatomy, like weight, height, body shape (e.g. shoulder to hip ratio) etc.

The authors also reported another very interesting finding:

"Larger penises were much more attractive on taller men than shorter men. To put it bluntly, if you are short and pear-shaped, a large penis is not going to increase your attractiveness." said Dr Mautz.

By the way, I think this study has some major flaws

The main one is that the participants didn't meet or compare actual men. They just viewed photos of them. And I think that for women, the whole package is much more important, even for just having sex, let alone relationships.

What I mean is that most straight men [this is a personal opinion] would have no problem to have sex with a beautiful but really dumb woman. On the other hand, I think that very few women would have sex with a Brad Pitt-look-alike and even well endowed guy if he had the brains of Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber".

Recap and My Opinion on the Importance of Penis Size
So from the 3 studies we saw, it is clear that penis size carries some importance. But how much does it really matter? From what I understand, as much as other aspects, like height. Most women prefer tall guys I think. But for the majority of them, an average height is not a deal breaker. But there is probably a small minority of women for whom height is extremely important and would never had sex or a relationship with a short or average guy.

Penis size I guess is the same. Most women will be just fine with your average penis. But for a small minority, a long fat dick is a must. Just accept the fact that it is impossible to get accepted by such queen sizes. And if you can't accept it, then be prepared to sacrifice money and time as penis enlargement can't be achieved with a cheap magic pill.

How about guys with a very small or even a micro penis? Let's answer this using the height example again. For most women and men, height by itself is not a deal breaker. As long as it is somewhere close to the average. But let's be 100 % honest. It's one thing to date a short person and another to date a dwarf sized person. This doesn't mean there is no hope. It just means that things are going to be more difficult and you will have to try harder. And expect many women to laugh behind your back.

Still, if you head over the interview section of the site, you will see that many men with a micropenis have managed to get a stable relationship, marry and have children of their own despite all the other hardships and shortcomings they had.

The world is a huge place, full of different men and women with different preferences. Some like it big. Others average and some small. Some are homosexuals, some are bis, some have weird fetishes and some don't like sex at all.

Yes it sounds cliché but it’s true, there is always someone for you. Or better, many for you! And now with all the dating applications and sites, finding someone has become more easy than ever!

Some other quick thoughts
- According to wikipedia, humans have the largest penises compared to other primates, both in absolute terms and relative to the rest of the body. For example, male gorillas, despite their heavy frame, have on average a 1.5 inch erect penis! This suggest women selected for larger penises, again and again some thousands years ago and may continue to do so today.
- There are several scientific studies on the average erect length of the adult penis. Generally, any erect penis ranging from 12 to 15 cm is considered to be normal. Check the how to measure you penis guide if you are unsure about your size!
- If you still think you are not good enough you may want to try these small penis sex positions or something like a penis sleeve or a similar sex toy that can temporarily make your penis bigger.

Sometimes size is really important !!!


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