Friday, March 20, 2015

Interview with Neil

This is a quick interview I had with Neil, a reader of the site.

Hey Neil. Tell us a few things about yourself first! 
Hi I am 53 yrs old and single I like both men and women I guess I have been put off of women because of my micro penis

How big is your penis? 
My penis when flaccid is non existant and about 3 cm when hard

When did you first notice that you were smaller than average?
I guess I first realised at school in the showers when mine wasn't really there I hated it tried to get out of showering

How having a micropenis has impacted your life and your relationships with women ? Did you avoid intimate situations with girls cause you were worried about your penis? 
Yes I love chatting to girls and being with them but when it comes to sex I freeze. That they will laugh at me

neil's erect micropenis, about 3 cm long
Neil's erect micropenis

What was your first sexual experience like? 
The first time I tried having sex I couldn't get it in it was too small she sat on top of me and it was a bit better but almost impossible

How many sexual partners have you had? 
Two my whole life, both were disasters

Can you have penetrative sex?
No not really

What was your most embarrassing experience? 
The first time with a woman her seeing it and the shock on her face

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety? 
Yes I always pee in the toilet can't pee standing up have to pull my trousers down to get to my penis as its so small

neil's micro penis, flaccid, virtually non-existant
Neil's penis, flaccid
More small penis pictures here

Does anyone close to you (e.g. family or friends) know about your micropenis? 
No never told anyone, too embarrassed...

What’s your relationship like, with you penis? 
Sometimes I look at it and wish It was 6 inches long but then other times I look and think we'll this is me

Any advice for other guys with a micropenis? 
You are what you are make the most of what you have

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  1. It would look bigger without the hair out it would look like a baby

  2. I can relate to how you feel as my penis is also a micro. It looks like yours flaccid, the length ranges from a half inch to barely one inch. I was made fun of in the community shower at school. Now that i am in my sixties, my micro seems even smaller. The pubic hair covers my penile head, and i have no shaft to speak of. A few years ago i was in the shower at a community pool and a kid said to his friend " that man has no dick between his legs". A Doctor during a physical even once laughed when he saw my penis and claimed it was the smallest penis he has ever seen. I guess we just have to be strong and accept are little tiny weenies.


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