Monday, March 23, 2015

Pesticides Increase Likelihood for Micropenis and Other Congenital Diseases

pesticide misuse may cause micropenisA 2012 study, published at the International journal of Andrology, reveals that pesticide misuse highly increases the risk of males to be born with the micropenis condition and/or other genital malformation(s).

Let's see the study in more details:

Purpose of the study
Most pesticides contain certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals which -prior to the study- were thought to increase the likelihood of genital disorders. The study's main aim was to assess whether this theory was true or not.

The study was carried out in Northeastern Brazil, an area were residents make widespread use of pesticides.

The study lasted for 2 years and in this period a total of 2710 male newborns were examined in the regional hospitals of Campina Grande. The babies were examined for genital malformations (like micropenis, hypospadias and cryptorchidism).

Friday, March 20, 2015

Interview with Neil

This is a quick interview I had with Neil, a reader of the site.

Hey Neil. Tell us a few things about yourself first! 
Hi I am 53 yrs old and single I like both men and women I guess I have been put off of women because of my micro penis

How big is your penis? 
My penis when flaccid is non existant and about 3 cm when hard

When did you first notice that you were smaller than average?
I guess I first realised at school in the showers when mine wasn't really there I hated it tried to get out of showering

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Penis and Everyone Else's: Small Penis Documentary #2

A few days ago I posted a documentary named "My Penis and I" which essentially is the journey of one man, Lawrence Barraclough, to overcome his micropenis insecurities. Two years later Lawrence came with a sequel named "My Penis and Everyone Else's".

Now that Lawrence has made peace with how he views his small penis he sets out to find what other people think of penises and possibly change how people think about them. Like in the previous documentary he meets and talks with all kinds of people including one that is about to get penis enlargement surgery despite having a 7 inches erect penis.

The documentary tries to challenge society’s stereotypes of masculinity as well as getting to the heart of why men are so obsessed with their genitals. Emotional, revelatory, and intensely engaging, the film takes on one of society’s last taboos and culminates in one of the most daring exhibitions ever seen in the UK, as Lawrence puts together the world’s largest collection of penis portraiture ever seen!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

UCL Surgeons Successfully Treat 9 Men with Micropenis

UCL surgeons use phalloplasty to treat micropenis in 9 men

In 2004, a team of plastic surgeons from the University College of London (UCL) released a case study of 9 men with micropenis. The study describes how the doctors successfully used a refined phalloplasty method to achieve significant penis enlargement in all individuals.

As aforementioned, the surgeons operated on a total of 9 men. The youngest individual was 19, whereas the oldest one was 43 years old. All men came from a varied medical background, including:
  • Two with androgen-related issues
  • Three hermaphrodite cases
  • One presented with a severe testosterone deficiency, resulting from chemotherapy
During each operation, the surgeons removed flaps of skin from one of the forearms and shaped them into a penis measuring 4-5 inches long (approximately 10-12.5 cm). To retain erogenous sensation, the surgeons attached the original penis tip on top the newly created ones. The surgeons also placed an artificial urethra. Finally an inflatable penile prosthesis was inserted into each penis, allowing the patients to achieve an erection whenever they wanted.

Russian Surgeons Enlarge Penis from 2 to 7 Inches !

Thanks to a team of surgeons, led by Professor Mikhail Sokolshchik, a Russian man that used to have a micropenis now has a chance to live a more normal life.

The 28 year old patient whose full name remains unknown (only his first name, Sergei was disclosed) had a very severe case of micropenis and prior to the operation he was unable to have any kind of intercourse at all.

In order to enlarge his penis, Sergei underwent a very complicated surgery that lasted more than 11 hours. The operation was carried out in Moscow and was an advanced and modified version of phalloplasty.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Doctors Announce First Successful Penis Transplant: Hope for Guys with a Micropenis?

Doctors at South Africa perform the world's first succesful penis transplantation
The surgical team behind the world's first
successful penis transplantation
A few days ago, a surgical team from South African announced that it has achieved the world's first successful penile transplant operation. The nine-hour long surgery occurred on December 11, 2014. by a team of doctors from the Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and others from the Tygerberg Hospital. 

The 21 year old recipient lost his penis in a botched circumcision.

Reportedly, the young man, whose identity was not disclosed "for ethical reasons," has made a full recovery, a result which was not expected to occur until about December 2016. The recovery includes the restoration of all the patient's urinary and reproductive functions.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Penis and I: A Small Penis Documentary

Just finished watching an interesting documentary called "My Penis and I". Made by Lawrence Barraclough in 2005 for the BBC, the film is all about his small dick and how it has affected his life.

During the 1-hour film, Lawrence starts a journey to discover why he is so insecure with his 3 inch penis and talks to all shorts of people in an effort to overcome his problem. He talks with his parents, his girlfriend, a group of female club-goers, a penis enlargement surgeon and two pornstars.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is the average human penis size?

diagram showing what is the average adult penis size
Almost every guy has wondered at least once in his lifetime what the average human penis size is. And of course, where his penis stands (whether erect or flaccid) compared to the rest of the world.

If we were to take male pornstars as our sample than we would get an average erect size of at least 7 or even 8 inches.. Like other things in life, penis length and girth has become obscured by pornography and media in general.

However, if we want to get an answer that is closer to reality than all we have to do is take a look over the published medical literature. There are many scientific papers which have tried to give an answer to the "how big is the average penis" question.

Interestingly, most of these studies address two topics. The first one is as expected human penis size. The second is the fact that most men have an anxiety about the importance of penis size, whether they are big enough to satisfy women etc.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Effects of a Penis Extender (Golden Erect) in Increasing Penile Length

journal of sexual medicine (logo)In today's post we will see another clinical study proving that the use of a penis extender device over the course of some months can help you achieve significant penile length gains.

The name of the corresponding paper is "Effect of Penile-Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis" and you can scroll down for full citations. The study appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

As the authors explain, purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of using a penile-extender device for increasing penile length and circumference.

The study was carried out on 23 males which complained of having a "short penis". The authors measured their penile length and girth, in flaccid and stretched forms. Then they instructed the patients to use a penis extender called "Golden Erect®".

Penis Traction Study

This is SizeGenetics, one of the most popular penis extenders
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Penis traction devices have been used for decades in hopes of achieving a bigger penis. However, until recently there was no proof other than anecdotal evidence that they actually work.

In 2006, a clinical study on such devices proved that they can actually enlarge a man's penis.

Below you can read a quick summary of this pilot study that proves the efficacy of these devices. This study didn't use a penis extender that is commercially available but instead a generic, custom made just for the study.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jerry shares his micropenis story

Well I'll be completely honest with everyone I am 36 yrs old male and Ivery been dealing with having such a small penis and very thin penis. I have to say I have been laughed at by women and humiliated. been called so many names like baby dick, shrimp dick, thumb tac penis... the let's goes on.. it does suck having a puny penis.. what do you think people? Does size really matter?

I have always noticed my penis being pretty small as I grew up and figured it will grow as I get older into a man. But I was wrong because it's gotten smaller and super thin. I been humiliated before by different women and I been used to it for a long time.. I've gotten used to it that I actually like how lil and thin it's gotten. It's a fetish of mines now and I get into it. I would love to be naked in front of different women and be humiliated by them. I actually use my two fingers to jack off because I don't no girth at all and no length what's so ever.. it's my baby penis that's attached to grown man.. lol but I LOVE MY PUNY PENIS... I WANT WOMEN TO HUMILIATE MY BABY PENIS.. hope you can help... here's some great pics of my puny lil thing...I LOVE MY PUNY PENIS WOMEN


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is Penis Size Important? Find out What Women Really Think!

Today we live in a society that everything seems to be about size. Almost each and every one of us desires a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger salary heck..even a bigger... Big Mac! We want everything to be bigger despite our actual needs. And of course having a bigger penis is no exception.

Just ask yourself. If there was a magic pill that would instantly make your penis 9 inches long with no side effects...would you take it? Almost every guy I have asked this question has come back with a profoundly strong yes.t I am sure this applies to you as well..

And this is why your spam folder is full of ads selling magic pills or other dubious products that promise a "3 inches longer cock in just 1 month". And the amount of spam is just overwhelming. This of course means only one thing. There are men that actually buy all this crap.

With the aforementioned in mind, it is easy to say that penis size is important, at least for men. There is plenty of medical data to support this claim. For example, a survey by Psychology Today [1] found that about 71% of men “overemphasize the importance of penis size and shape”.

But what about women? Is an average penis (5-6 inches) enough to satisfy them? Will a woman say your 5 inch long cock is fine only to laugh moments later with her friends? Maybe it's all about the motion of the ocean? Does penis size really matter to women or is it an obsession of the male mind?