Friday, February 20, 2015

Woman Kills Son Because He Had a Micropenis

DailyMail reported on 28 February 2013 that a 38 year old Indonesian woman killed her son because he was born with a micropenis! 

According to the police, she was worried that his very small penis would seriously affect his future life. So she killed him!

The woman believed that his small penis would destroy his future life as an adult and thus she decided to end his life by drowning him in the bath. She then put clothes on the boy's dead boy and laid it on the bed!

According to police officials, the woman claimed that her son was born with a very small penis, that got even smaller after circumcision.

Spokesman Rikwanto, explained how the woman believed her son would have a 'bleak future' due to his very small penis. Reportedly, the woman was fully conscious of her actions and handed herself in after the crime.

'After that, she went to a nearby police office to report her crime.' said Rikwanto.

Nevertheless, they had her undergo psychological tests to assess her mental state. The incidence occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia.

My thoughts
Well, first I have to say that after reading this story I felt quite lucky that I don't have a crazy mother and thus I am still alive!

This story went quite viral back then, and in many forums and sites I read comments from people saying that the woman should be first tortured and then executed! My opinion is that the woman has obviously some serious mental issues and should be put under proper psychiatric care. It's my belief that no logic person - whatever the reason - would kill a newborn child! What do you think her punishment should be ?

Unfortunately I couldn't find an update on this story so the fate of the woman remains unknown. If someone knows something please leave a comment !

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  1. wasn't a newborn, he was 9 years old, and he didn't went through puberty yet.
    So even if she was sure of her choice/ decision she should have waited at least he was 16, and even after that there is so many penis enhancement applications,like
    surgery, medicines and mechanical equipments.


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