Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SouthPark Parody: Trey Parker Has a Micropenis

The video you are about to see is named "Trey Gets Stoned" and is a parody of southpark made by "Currently Disconnected" productions over Youtube.

It tells the story of Trey Parker co-creator of southpark who supposedly has a micro penis.  Like many men with the condition, Parker is shy with women, afraid to move to the next stage once he gets intimate and is ridiculed by his friends. The parody essentially highlights how a man's life can be devastated by a micropenis, even if he is highly successful on all other aspects of life.

And here's a video with the "micropenis song"

Trey Parker's small penis as featured in the Trey Gets Stone Parody
Trey Parker's small penis as shown in "Trey Get Stoned"

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