Monday, February 2, 2015

My Sizegenetics Review & My Results

In this post I want to share with you guys my ongoing personal experience with the SizeGenetics penis extender. The first time I wrote this post I had gained 1.1 inches, after using SizeGenetics for about 8 months. Now, it has been almost a year since I have been using the device and if you scroll down you will see my updates, highlighted in different colors.

Before I talk to you about my actual experience, let me first tell you some basic things about penis extenders and penis enlargement in general, so that you get a good idea of what you will be dealing with if you decide to get one. Please don't skip the introductory part. Otherwise you may end up spending bucks for no reason.

this is my sizegenetics device
Sizegenetics device and the leather case that comes with it

Why use a penis extender?
As I mention in the penis enlargement section, there are only two scientifically backed methods to enlarge your penis. One is phalloplasty (surgery) and the other is using a penis extender. Contrary to what many say, phalloplasty is a great option for penis enlargement. It delivers fast results, it's relatively safe and many guys are happy with what they get. On the downside, it is expensive for some (ranging from 5.000 ti 10.000$) and's surgery. If you are thinking of having a phalloplasty please don't google "phalloplasty surgery images". I am sure you will have a change of heart right away!

Another con is that for many men, the results wear off after just 2-3 years, and obviously you need a second surgery to regain them. This is because during phalloplasty, the surgeon inserts fat pads into the penis to make it appear thicker. Over time the fat is reabsorbed and the effect is diminished.

Leaving surgery aside, the only other option that really works is using a penis extender. There are multiple clinical studies (like this one) showing that the continuous use of a penis stretcher can help you gain an inch or two after 6 months of use. 

Please note that using a penis stretcher is not a one-night magic thing. It requires extensive use but
you will eventually get good results. For me, it was almost an inch after 4 months of use and I will probably gain more as I continue to use SizeGenetics. Some people gain less others more in the same time period. So, I would say a penis extender is for anyone who wishes to get a bigger penis, but:
  • Wants a 100 % safe option
  • Can't afford/is afraid of surgery
  • Is willing to stick to the routines and spend some time to make it work

Don't buy Sizegenetics if..
Please don't buy sizegenetics (or any other penis stretcher that is) if your penis is less than 3.0 inches when erect (~7 cm). Although I am not 100 % sure, from personal experience I think that your penis won't be long enough to fit inside the device and as a result you will have simply spent money for something you can't use. If your penis is that small please call the customer support at the telephone that appears on top of the official site. They may be able to get for you a specially designed unit or something.

The reasons Why I only Recommend SizeGenetis
There are many extenders out there for you to choose from. However, I feel confident to only recommend because it is the one I have tried and well.. it worked for me. Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that any other extender will do just fine, as long as you can wear it comfortably for 6-8 straight with 2-3 intervals in between.

Other than my personal experience, sizegenetics has some other cool features that I think are very important and need to be mentioned. For me, the most important reasons that initially convinced me to choose it are the following:
  • Endorsed by real doctors (see photo below)
  • Numerous testimonials with before and after photos 
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee 
  • Full Money Refund if you leave a testimonial (time-limited promo)
  • 58-way Comfort System
  • 24/7 phone Support

Now let me address the above in more detail

Doctor Endorsement And Testimonials
These two are the main reasons I decided to choose Sizegenetics over the competition. As you can see by clicking here and scrolling down, there are many doctors that actually suggest this product or use it on their patients.

Another unique thing, is that sizegenetics is the only device of its kind to feautre before and after photos of people who have used the device. You can click here if you want to see them. Obviously it's NSFW!!!!

6 Month Money-Back Guarantee and a Chance to Get a Free Device
Wondering why so many men agreed to send photos of their penis to sizegenetics? Well, it's simple. You can get a full refund if you do so! Furthermore, sizegenetics offers a 6-month money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your results. So as you can see there is very little investment-risk involved. If you are ok with pics of your penis appearing online then you can get it for free!

58 Way Comfort System
By now you are probably exploring the sizegenetics site while reading my article as well. You probably have noticed that the site emphasizes their 58 way comfort system. If you are like me, you are probably thinking that this is some marketing mumbo jumbo.. Well, after I got my device I totally changed my mind. 

As I explain later in the article, you have to wear the device for a few hours every day. The 58-way-system is made up of five interchangeable gripping materials that can be combined in a total of 58 different variations. The ability to mix and match different materials in different combinations allows you to find a comfortable fit regardless of whether you’re circumcised, large or small etc

Some of the different combinations you can use using the 58 way comfort system

24/7/365 Support
Sizegenetics offers great support to customers. You can contact them any time you want, via mail or telephone. There is even a forum for members. The support is always available and will help you solve any questions you may have, like how to use the device, how often etc. Personally, I never needed them, as the included DVD answered all my questions. Still, it's good to know you can get support any time you want.

My Experience and My Gains with SizeGenetics
I started using the device about 4 months ago, early in October 2014. I started slow, wearing the device for 3 hours, 5 days a week. Gradually (after a month) I increased my time to 5 hours a day. Typically, I will wear it at home either for 5 consecutive hours, with a small 10-minute break in between. You can wear it outside but I avoid wearing in my work or when I am going out. However, I do wear it for simple tasks like when I am taking my dog out or for groceries.

Weekends are break time, so no sizegenetics during them :)

Since October, I have gained about 0,8 inches, going from 5 inches to a modest 5.8 inches in about 4 months. I know it doesn't sounds amazing, but for me it is

April  18, 2015 Update
It's been almost an extra 4 months (and 8 in total) since I wrote this review. Unfortunately my gains have slowed down, despite using the maximum tension (2,800 grams). I guess I have to follow the recommendations and increase stretching time from 5 to 8 hours per day. I will do this and update you guys on my gains in the next 4-6 weeks. My gains during this period were about 0.3 inches, so now my cock is 6.1 inches give or take, from an original 5.0 inches. Overall, now 8 months later I can say I am very excited. Still my goal is 6.5 inches and if I reach it I will be more than simply happy. Wish me luck!

July 25, 2015 Update 
This update is not a good one :( Due to a new job and summer vacations I didn't use the extender as much as I wanted. I actually skipped many sessions. On average, I'd say I used the extender for something like 10 hours per week. Not surprisingly, I didn't see any gains however, my previous gains seem to be stable and I am still at 6.1 inches. Hopefully, after August I will be back in my regular routines and start seeing new gains again.

October 19, 2015 Update
I was quite agressive during August and September and I gained another 0.2 inches during these two months. I am at 6.3 inches atm and almost reached my goal of 6.5. I am thinking of getting a pump to add some girth too. I will let you know more about it in my next update 1-2 months later.

Do you plan to continue using it?
Heck yeah!!! I really want to hit 6.5 inches, if I do I will be super happy. I will update this post every three months to keep you updated on my progress.

Which Package Should You Choose?
Sizegenetics comes in many packages. The Basic (budget option) which only includes the stretcher, the comfort package which includes the stretcher with the 58-system and some nice extras (like spare sparts) and the "Ultimate System" package which includes a lot of a extra things. I suggest you to get the comfort package because the 58-way system is a must and it will help you find a comfortable fit, regardless of the anatomy of your penis. And to be honest, I think that the extras that come with the ultimate system (shown in image below) are not that useful:

Ultimate Package Extras

This is pretty much my review of sizegenetics as a customer. If you want to learn more about it or decided to buy it please click here to visit the official website.

Is SizeGenetics A Scam Or Is It Legit?
By now you might still wonder if this whole penis enlargement thing using sizegenetics (or any other penis extender) is a scam. Well, whatever I say will probably sound biased so it's better if you answer this question yourself. Before doing, so I suggest you to read these two studies I have posted about in the past:

Both these studies highlight how the use of a penis extender can indeed lead to permanent penile gains. I also suggest you to visit the how to enlarge your penis section of the site where I explore all the viable and non-viable penis enlargements options available today.


Questions Submitted By Readers

1) Is there any other place other than the official website where I can buy the device? I don't have a credit card/paypal/whatever or don't want to order it online..

The company behind sizegenetics has a strict policy against resellers and only sells the device through the official website. As a result you can't buy it from physical shops, stores, Amazon whatever. Sometimes a device will pop up in Ebay but there is a good chance it will be a cheap imitation. And if not..well someone else put his penis inside it.. If you are ok with that go for it!

2) How Does It Work?

All penis extenders are based on the same principle, traction. What they essentially do is apply a gentle force that extends and outstretches the penis from the body. This is done with the help of a ring on the base of your penis and another ring or other strap-thing (depending on what feels better for you) right before the head.  While you wear the extender, this continuous force pulls away your head and ensures that your penis does not revert back to the flaccid length.

From what I understand, while you were the device there is some very small damage in your tissues. When you take the device out, this damage is repaired and your body tries to overcompensate by making your penis slightly bigger. This increase is of course microscopic and this is why you will see noticeable results after a few months. It's the same principle with body building. You need months before you see any remarkable results. The same applies to penis extenders. Most users gain an inch after 4-6 months.

This page makes a better job in explaining the exact science behind penis extenders so you might want to check it out.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you got any questions not covered by my review!

3) Are gains permanent?

This is not a simple to answer question. First, how do we define "permanent"? A couple of weeks, months or maybe years? Or like forever? To be honest, I think the results are not permanent like forever. But I have gone a few weeks where I skipped most of my sessions without losing any gains.

From my personal research, I think that you can safely go 1-2 months without using the extender and retaining your gains. If you have been doing penis enlargement for a long time (1 year+), some say even more. Generally, once you reach your goal it is advised to use the extender once or twice a week for "maintance" purposes.

diagram showing you the gains you can expect from the use of sizegenetics
Average reported gains by people using sizegenetics routinely

4) Can I wear it while asleep?

Theoretically yes, and some people actually do that. I tried, but I couldn't for two reasons. First, I like to take my dick out of the extender every two hours for a few minutes to flap it around and bring fresh blood. It just feels better this way. Second, I always found falling asleep a difficult thing. Even when I am really tired, I won't sleep before 2 A.M. And having my penis in an extender makes it even harder. But every person is different, you won't know until you try :)

5) Can I get good results if I buy the cheapest (basic) package?

The basic model has pretty much the same potential for results as the ultimate and the comfort package. The main difference is that you get way fewer extension bars (just two) and you will also miss the 58 way comfort system, as you just get the basic strap thingie. What this means is that there is a great chance you won't be able to fit your penis properly into the extender. A "bad" fit may range from just a less comfortable fit to an inability to wear the device for more than a few minutes due to discomfort or even your dick being too small or too big to fit inside!

Whatever the case, this will hinder your results as you need to wear the device for multiple hours, numerous times a week. Ultimately, you will either quit or buy more straps and extension bars. Just get the comfort package if you don't really care or need the extras offered by the ultimate package.

6) I am 7.3 inches long and aim for the magic 8 in. number. Am I too big for size genetics? (question was sent to my email)

Sizegenetics is a one size fits all extender and everybody except guys with a micropenis won't have a problem fitting into the device. However, you need to go for the comfort or ultimate package because you will need to use the additional enlogation bars that come with it to fit your penis. "Unfortunately", you are too big for the the basic package.

photo showing the box and leather case that come with sizegenetics
SG box and leather case
7) Do you have to wear SizeGenetics for a long time?

The short answer is yes you do. The instructions on the manual say you should wear SizeGenetics about 6-8 hours every day, but when I wear it I keep it for an average of 5 hours per day. You can break this time and wear it two hours in the morning, three hours in the noon etc.

You should wear the device for 4 to 6 months for optimum penis length gains. You can wear the device either in one go or in intervals. The device is really comfy and you can wear it while watching television, your sleep or doing simple tasks like going for groceries etc. Some people even wear it at their job or when going out..I would never imagine myself going for a drink with a penis extender on my dick but I guess it's possible

8) What kind of results should I expect?

Every guy is different and the results also depend on whether or not you do the included free exercises. I gained 1.1 inches after 8 months of use, others have gained more, others less! As I explain on my review I plan to continue using the device. I will keep you updated with my further gains

9) Does SizeGenetics increase penile girth ?

No, SizeGenetics by itself doesn't increase girth, only length. However, you can combine it with the free exercises (the PenisHealth routines included in the second and third package)  to increase the girth of your penis.

10) Are the Results Permanent?

Yes and no. Once you get to the size you want you still have to use the device 1-2 times per week to maintain your results.

11) Does the device hurt or itch?

When worn properly, the device is very comfortable and won't hurt. I have no problem wearing the device up to 6 hours straight which is the maximum I have tried

12) My question is not here !

For further questions either contact me directly at [double "s"] or leave a comment here.


  1. Hi... do you know if there are any stores selling sizegenetics? I have no credit card or paypal cause I am 17 years old..

  2. Hello! Unfortunately you can't, I have updated the page with extra info about your question. And I think it's better if you wait until you are an adult before using it although to be honest your penis has probably fully grown so I guess there isn't any harm... Maybe get a debit card?

  3. How it works? I dont understand :(

  4. the quick answer is traction! I updated the post with more info, scroll down second question my friend

  5. Are gains from the stretching permanent?

  6. that's a very good question james. I will cover it the questions part of the review :)

  7. Hello, can I wear sizegenetics while sleeping for 6 or more hours? That would be awesome! Thanks!

  8. It depends on the person. Personally I can't.

  9. Tjena. I would like to give this a try, but i am on a tight budget. Can I get good results if I buy the cheap basic package?

  10. Tjena to you too Bjorn :) Yeah, I googled that :P Please see the updated faq (no.5) for your question

  11. Hi, I bought a SizeGentics off ebay. How will I know if it is a cheaper imitation and just to let you all know that it fit a 2 inches penis. Yes, the minimum size to fit is 2 inches.

  12. I haven't been able to read about "how" the device is worn. Does it protrude straight out from your pelvis? Is it to be worn effectively perpendicular to the body or parallel (tightly against) the body? Do you have any links or pictures of the device being worn?

  13. Would this enlarger make my penis thricker


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