Thursday, February 5, 2015

Man Mortrages His House to Enlarge His Micropenis!

!!!!Important Update 9/11/2016!!!! I interviewed the guy!

As you have probably noticed by now, I like to post anything that is related to the micropenis condition. And this of course includes interesting news stories.

Today's one is about a guy from Australia who mortgaged his house in an effort to surgically enlarge his micro penis. Allegedly, he spent about $45,000 for his first surgery and plans to spend another $68,000 for further penis enlargement surgeries!

The man's name has not been disclosed, so let's call him John. In 2012, John spent $45,000 on a surgery for increasing the length and girth of his small penis. John couldn't afford it, so he drew the money on his mortgage on the back of a profitable construction contract he finished.

Unfortunately, the gains were very small, not exactly what John needed! John said he failed to see significant improvement because a ligament regrafted itself onto a dermal fat graft and he added that he has yet to have post-surgery intercourse.

"My penis is basically infant sized. Pre-surgery, I was two to three centimetres flaccid and I'm now four centimetres. My erection is probably around seven centimetres." he told Ninemsn.

Unhappy with what he got, John plans to have a second surgery worth $18,000 and possibly a third, even more serious and complicated, with an estimated cost of about $50,000.

If he goes through with both of them, John will have spent more than $100,000 on trying to enlarge his penis.

Life With A Micropenis
Despite being relatively handsome, healthy and fit, John says his micropenis has had a devastating impact on his life, affecting his sex relationships, confidence, friendships, interaction with others and even led to him being bullied at school. Depression and low self-esteem are his second nature. If you have a look over the stories section of the site you can see that all these are quite common among men with a micro.

John said his sex life is not something to brag about, having had intercourse only twice in his life. He added that he us unable to have relationships with women because of an inability to speak to them.

John lost lost virginity at 24 years old with a girlfriend of three months.
"It has prevented me from doing or experiencing a lot of things." he said.
Because of his inability to start or keep relationships, it was another six years before John had sex again.

Living and working in a male-dominated town and job have also compounded his efforts to initiate relationships with the other gender. Yet John admits he has always put himself in an environment where he has small chances of meeting a girl.

His micropenis even resulted in his decision not to play group sports such as football out of fear of being seen naked and ridiculed in the change rooms.

"Going in for a shower in groups of men doesn't happen." he said

He also said that he would trade his brainpower for a few extra inches without second thoughts.

"I'd happily be less intelligent, lose a few IQ points and have a bigger penis. I am now diagnosed bipolar and have pretty bad bouts of depression. My sex drive has diminished due to the anti-depressants." he said

John's Surgery
John first surgery was both for lengthening and thickening. However, he found the results to be painful and disappointing.

"My penis is basically infant sized. Pre-surgery, I was 2-3cm flaccid and I'm now 4cm. My erection is probably around 7cm." he said.

He is now considering visiting a specialist in the US for another surgery, but his current surgeon says it is very difficult to further enlarge his penis.


  1. Hello, I am Mike in the article- thanks for picking up the story... In fact it has been picked up by M tv and Perez Hilton which is quiet surprising!!

    Please post if you want to get in touch with me!! Love the website... Very informative and non judgemental.

    Mike (not my real name!)

  2. Hi Mike. Nice to hear from you (if it's really you)... Would you like to post an update? You can also find my email in the about section of the site


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