Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Other micropenis stuff

In this part of the site you will find a list of posts that are directly or in-directly connected to the micropenis condition. This includes info on measuring your penis properly, tips for concerned parents, interesting new stories and even a small penis condition. Just check the description next to every link and see if there is anything of interest to you.

Articles on the micropenis condition

Do I have a micropenis?: This is essentially a "How to measure your penis properly" guide. Find out how big you are and how you compare to the rest of the male population!

For concerned parents - Evaluating micropenis: This article is for all worried parents out there. Includes a short guide on how to evaluate your son's penis size, a table showing the average penis size for each age included and other tips on what to do if you think that your son has a small penis.

Micropenis FAQ This is a FAQ I have compile with some of the most frequent questions that readers of the site have send me in my email inbox.

The difference between a micropenis and a microphallus:  This post explains the difference between having a micro-penis and a micro-phallus.

Small Penis or Just Obese?: Some people claim that the majority obese men have a small penis..Is that true or just an optical illusion? And if yes, why?

In the News

Author Denies He Is a Flasher Because His Penis Is Too Small to Show in Public: Ex-lecturer and author Hinton Sheryn claims he has a small penis to avoid prosecution!

Donald Trump Has A Micropenis In This Artist's Impression: Artist shares her latest masterpiece online, a naked portrait of Donald Trump.

Woman kills her son because he had a micropenis: This is a very sad, sad story. A woman with mental problems decides to kill her son because he had a micropenis!

Woman divorces her husband because he had a micropenis: A woman divorces her husband after learning he had a micro penis.

Man with micropenis discovers he is a woman: A really weird news story. A 66 year old man with who thought he had a micropenis discovers he is actually a woman after visiting his doctor for a swollen abdomen.

Doctors Announce First Successful Penis Transplantation: A team of surgeons in South Africa announce that it has performed the first successful penis transplantation in a 21 year old man. The man had lost his penis after a botch circumcision.

Intersex Person Recognised as Gender Neutral: French court sets a European precedent by granting a 64-year-old person with a "micro-penis and a rudimentary vagina" the right to write 'gender neutral" on official forms.

Micropenis Videos

Micropenis Contest
: A video from the proclaimed "1st Annual Small Penis Contest".

Guy with micropenis gets tased: A weird, sad and in a sick-way kind of fun video. A naked guy with what seems to be a micropenis gets tased and beaten by the police, after refusing to wear his clothes.

Micropenis & Penoscrotal Hypospadias: Video of a male infant with micro-penis and hypospadias

Micropenis Support Group (Funny Video): Just a funny video by funny or die

My Penis and I:
Small cock owner Lawrence Barraclough sets out on a journey to learn how he can overcome his small penis insecurities.

My Penis and Everyone Else's: The sequel to "My Penis and I". Again a great documentary by Lawrence Barraclough.

Did Napoleon have a small penis? British documentary explores the popular myth about Napoleon and his alleged small penis.

Other Stuff

Small Penis Comics: Just some funny comics by Explosm.net :)

Donald Trump Has A Micropenis In This Artist's Impression: Artist Illma Gore draws the naked body of Donald Trump

Phalloplasty FAQ: Frequenty asked questions that men have about phalloplasty performed for penis enhancement purposes.

Best Male Chastity Cages: Chastity is relative common kink among men with a micropenis or men with small penis syndrome. In this article we explore some of the most popular chastity devices.

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