Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mystery Exhibitionist talks about his small penis

A few days ago, a visitor of the site, called "Mystery Exhibitionist" , sent me an email.

Mystery Exhibitionist has a small penis but not a micropenis (he is 4 inches long). Still, he is probably in the same boat with every micropenis guy as he is not that much bigger.

From what he wrote, having a small penis didn't stop him from finding a wife and fathering 4 children.

Here is his email and photos, posted as he requested:

Mystery Exhibitionist: Hi, I saw your site after I looked around for information on small penises  and came across your micropenis site and Facebook page. It is very informative and changed my  mind about my penis.

I never considered mine as a micropenis, but now I believe it is.  I am an exhibitionist and not a flasher but post pictures of my tiny penis. I do get enjoyment   showing it and I think it is not your average small penis. It is well proportioned and many have said   it looks like a young boys or a baby's one. I have been advised to also seek advice from a doctor as  I maybe undeveloped.

Not much can be done about this but was told my Testosterone levels maybe low and have been all my life. The indications are also the lack of hair on my body as well as   having a feminine look when younger. I do have small breasts as well combined with a condition of   the chest called Pectus carinatum (Pidgin Chest). I look forward in letting you know the outcome.

The picture attached is mine and I give you right to use them as you feel but I still have rights   over them. I have also looked to see if I can be part of a survey or study to help others. My penis  measures 2.5 inch flaccid and 4 inch when erect. The foreskin also covers the head and glands flaccid or erect.

It will hurt when I pull the skin back for cleaning.   I don’t know the circumference. I am uncircumcised as you see and really pull the foreskin back as I said. Erect you have to pull it back and when having sex it can stay covered. When it is pulled back it has a big head…pardon the bun.

small flaccid penis

The scrotum is small and always like you see them. When hot they drop a little but not much. I do find it better to keep it shaved and have done this from the age of 15 teen as it gets lost….Lol. I  am more than happy with it and love it being this small. My wife of many never said anything and even after I asked her she rarely said anything.

mystery exhibitionist small penis

I have found on the internet that many like the look and some are amazed I fathered children. Positions were a challenge and Doggie was definitely the best way to have intercourse. If I can say, anal was perfect…. If I can be of assistance please email me via the site admin or leave a message as I have had an incredible time with what maybe a micro penis.

Extra Images from Mystery Exhibitionist 

If you have a micropenis (or just a small one) and want to share your story like Mystery Exhibionist did, send me an email at micropeniss @ (double ss !). For more info, check the micropenis member corner.


  1. Thank you for posting my pictures to help others... Still not certain if it is a Micro Penis or Undeveloped. would love to hear from others...Mystery_exhibitionist

  2. Update: I now enjoy a bit of soft crossdressing & feel even more feminine. Yes it is me in this article that i allowed to be posted. I am now of the opinion that my penis is Undeveloped... I can’t say it is a micro penis...

  3. It Is Really Good For Males With Micropenis TO Be Out There And Positive!


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