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The Definition of Micropenis Varies and Depends on Ethnicity

Micropenis definition varies and depends on ethnicity, age and other factors
In the what is a micropenis condition article, I briefly explain that there is no standard size for micropenis, mentioning that the definition depends on numerous factors like the patient's age and ethnicity. The latter may sound a bit racist, but it's actually true and based on real scientific data.

In this post I have selected to present you the results from two different studies, to back up these claims.

In the first study, named "Should the definition of micropenis vary according to ethnicity?", the authors measured the stretched penile length of 105 full term newborn male infants:
  • 40 babies belonged to the Caucasian race
  • 40 babies of Chinese origin
  • 25 babies East-Indian origin

The researchers concluded that both the average penile length and diameter are slightly but significantly smaller in newborns boys of Chinese origin compared to newborn boys of Caucasian and East-Indian origin. For this reason, they suggest that the border-line penile length that should be used for the definition of micropenis must be:
  • 2.6 cm for Caucasian newborns
  • 2.5 cm for newborns of East- Indian origin 
  • 2.3 cm for newborns from China 

This study was published at the "Hormone research" Journal and was conducted by Cheng PK and Chanoine JP. You can read the abstract by clicking here.

In the second study, named"Penile length of newborns in Singapore.", the researchers examined 228 male newborns of up to three days of age. The researchers again found that race had a significant impact on stretched penile length. Specifically, it was found that :
  • For Asian babies the average stretched penile length is 3.6 cm
  • For Chinese babies the average stretched penile length is 3.5 cm
  • For Malay babies the average stretched penile length is 3.6 cm 
  • For Indian babies the average stretched penile length is 3.8 cm

The study concluded that:
"Asian babies thus have similar norms to Caucasian babies. An Asian newborn whose penis measures less than 2.6 cm has micropenis and may need prompt investigation for underlying endocrine disorders."

The study was conducted by Ting TH & Wu LL and was published at the "Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism". You can access it here

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