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How to Measure Your Penis Length & Girth Properly

I was having a look at my web-stats the other day and noticed that many people discover the site using search queries like "Do I have a small penis ?" or "Do I have a micropenis". Well... There is only one way to know! And this is by measuring your penis! This may sound like an easy task, however, most men fail to do it properly! The guide below will help you determine properly both the length and girth of your little friend and also provides some statistics if you want to see how it compares with the average penis size.
Let's cut to the chase:

How to measure penile length
The first thing you should have in mind is that all measurements must be taken while standing.

Now, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:
  1. Begin by getting yourself a strong erection. Use porn, imagination, or whatever works best for you.
  2. Hold your penis parallel to the floor. 
  3. Take a ruler and press it gently against your abdomen as shown in the picture below. Press relatively hard, as some of the fat "hides" a part of your penis. This is especially true for larger people. 
  4. Record this measurement down on the paper

Here's a sketch I quickly made (please don't be a hard judge!!!) in case you don't get it:

Photo showing the proper way to measure your penis length
How to Measure Your Penile Length
(Make sure to press hard against the fat pad)

The size of the erection isn't always the same and depends on some factors, including:
  • Time of day
  • Room temperature
  • How aroused you are

For this reason, you should ideally measure yourself 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening) for three consecutive days. Then sum all the numbers up and divide them by nine, which in turn will give you, your average penile length.

Tip: Pressing hard into the pubic fat is justified by the fact that some men have more fat and pubic hair then other. Furthermore, during intercourse the "hidden" part of the penis can also go in depending on position and how deep you thrust. An easy way to make your penis appear larger is to simply lose weight or have liposuction in that area! Shaving also helps, especially if you have a really large bush!

Analyzing your length findings
By now, you probably wonder whether you have a small penis or not and where you stand compared to the rest of the male population. Please note there is not a definite answer to this, as we must first take certain factors under consideration.

For example, age is an important factor since teenagers have a smaller - on average - penis than adults. As covered in the "what is a micropenis" article, another factor is ethnicity, as black people tend to have a slightly larger penis than Caucasians do, while Caucasians have a larger penis compared to people of Asian origin. Additionally, different studies report different results in regards to average penile length.

Generally speaking, if you are an adult:
  • You probably have a micropenis if your penis is less than 9 cm (~3.5 inches) long
  • You have a small penis, but within the normal range, if you are anywhere between 9 to 12 cm (3.5 to 4.7 inches)
  • Any penis between 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.2 inches) is considered to be a normally sized penis
  • Consider yourself to be lucky if your penis is 16-20 cm (6.2 to 7.8 inches). You are above average!
  • Even bigger ? Congratulations, you meet all the qualifications to become a successful male pornstar !

Alternative Option - Use the BPFL method 
The method I have described in this article is the "The Bone-Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) Measurement" method. As implied by its' name, your penis has to be fully-erect and in a maximum erection state to perform it.

Another very popular (and very similar) method is The Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length (BPFL) Measurement. The second method is generally easier when (for whatever reason) you can't get a full, hard on erection. Here are the steps you have to follow for BPFL measurements:
  • Grab the glans of your penis gently
  • Pull it as far outward as you can. Don't overdo it or you might hurt yourself!
  • Place the ruler left or right at the base of your penis and press the edge against the pubic bone
When performed correctly, both methods will give almost identical results. 

How to measure your penile girth
As promised, I will also cover the proper way to take girth measurements. For girth, things are a bit more complicated.

Like before, you will need to be standing and to have a strong erection. Then take a measuring tape and gently wrap it around the thickest part of your shaft,as shown in the sketch (mine again!) below. Don't forget to write down your measurement on a piece of paper.

photo shows the proper method to measure penis girth
How to Measure Your Penile Girth

Like before, if you want reliable results, you must again take at least three measurements (morning, noon, evening) for three consecutive days and average your findings. If you don't know how, just sum'em up and divide by 9.

Analyzing your girth results
Currently, there is only one reliable clinical study (I think) on penile girth, putting it somewhere between 12 to 13 cm. If you know of any other reliable studies please let me know in the comments

Choosing a condom based on your size
When it comes to choosing the perfect condom for your little fella, size (and especially girth) can make all the difference between constant slippage and a tight but comfortable feel. So many men complain all the time of condoms feeling too shaggy or too loose, however this is often a matter of not wearing condoms of the proper size. You may want to have a look over this list of condoms for small penises, if you have regular slippage issues with your condoms.

My penis is small, I want a bigger one !
You are not alone. Most guys wish they had a bigger penis! Today, there a few methods available -like surgery and penis traction- that can help you get a bigger penis. Please visit the penis enlargement section of the site where I explore them in more detail! Unfortunately, all methods take time and sometimes money to work. I think it's worth considering to buy a cock sleeve (costs less than 10 $) if you want instant and cheap "results".You may also want to have a look at another article of mine, does penis size really matter? Chances are that your partner is totally happy with your size!

Sketch Copyrights
- Feel free to use my sketches as long as you link back to this page!!!

NSWF Images
And here are a few nswf images of men measuring their penises for guys who hate reading instructions and manuals, Don't scroll any further if you are not in a safe space :)

a guy taking penile length measurement - around 15 cm long

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you got any questions about the methods described in this article!


  1. My penis is 3cm erect and non exsist when flaccid according to what I have read it's about the size of a new born baby

  2. My penis soft (flaccid) is 7,5 cm and erect 13,5 cm. Is normal? I'm 50 years old and I'm complexed.

  3. my penis is just under 6" length which is normal sized in legnth but i only have around 3" girth. what is the normal girth size in inches.

  4. You are correct about the effect of temperature on size. When cold my penis retracts and it is difficult to get any measurement. My testicles are always tight, but cold they are so tight and pulled up that I get freaked out thinking they are going into my abdomen and never come back down.
    I don't think I will ever really be comfortable with that.

  5. I've just turned 15 and my penis is around 10-11 cm when erect, 6cm when flaccid. Is this normal?

  6. My sons14yrs and hes overweight i asked doctor is it micro he said its the big body size and the pubic fat if he bocomes skinny he will change is it true

  7. Why the actual fuck are you asking about your sons penis? And for everyone else, if you think your dick is small... It's fucking small.. If you have anything under 6 inches, it doesn't feel good to any women. Tight or loose. Plan on using a strap-on. Good luck

  8. I am 14 and my penis is 5.5cm when not erect and 9cm when erect
    Is this normal can someone pls help

  9. I am 17 and my penis is about 3 cm when not erected. Is it a matter to worry about?

    1. Dude I'm 17 and same I'm 5'6 though

  10. What about mine? 11 cm when erected?

  11. hello i have a big problem with my penis my penis size is 13cm and width is to short in a few month i get married plz help me that my penis become 20 cm

  12. i m very muscule men ,and i m nudist wen swim my penis soft is 1 cm 2 cm max and erect 11 cm 12 cm max.

  13. is normal a penis soft to be 1 cm 2 cm ?

  14. I'm having trouble cause I read posts and certain articles on what is considered average I have a 5in and 7 cm

  15. 6.5in(length) 5in(Girth) Any opinions?

  16. Mine is 4.9 erect length and girth at about 4.9. I feel like a failure for not being 5, comments or opinions.

    1. You are not a failure some people are born with small dicks but if you are nice and kind to people that you like or have a crush on they might accept you as who you are

  17. ( sorry for bad english )
    Hi, im 13 years old and mine is 12,5 ~ 13 cm max when erect and 8,5 ~ 9cm when not erect. Is that normal?

  18. yes you are. You Will probably get bigger since you are still in pubert

  19. my penis when erected its all about 4.3 inches something its is normal size?

  20. No homo but that last penis literally looks exactly like mine. I mean literally same color, length/size mine even slants left the same like w-t-f

  21. No homo but that last penis literally looks exactly like mine. I mean literally same color, length/size mine even slants left the same like w-t-f

  22. I can be as small as .5 inch flaccid but up to 5.8 hard and 7 inches round

  23. I'm 14 and when erect about 14-15cm when flaccid about 5-6cm is that normal and could it get bigger?

  24. Im 15 and my flaccid measurement is 5in while my erect is 7in, is that normal to erect 2in?

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. I'm 22yrs now, my flaccid penis is about 2.5in and my erected is about 4.3inches,its enough for women or not? Plz help!

  27. Louis, 20yo, several pictures of my penis when both soft and when really hard (seconds before cumming).
    Soft, depends, small as inverted to 2.5cm(1in)
    When hard like cumming my penis is 8.4cm (3.3in)
    Soft when inverted is the worst when in a shower room or anyplace when people get naked in groups. I think everyone looks. Everyone looks when they first see me. I actually see thier eyes. I'm 20 yo now, so I have years of experiencing this.
    The worst are boys younger than me by several years and already bigger. Guys my age look but turn away fast, no comments. Oh, if any age girl or woman sees it, about 1/2 will actually screech or make some sound, if they are in a group as small as two and up, the noise gets much more. Girls will run as they laugh, women old enough to be my mom will be absolutely quiet, but as they walk away I hear the pity and the "thanks to heaven none of my sons...".
    I know my mind makes it all louder, but trust me...if you ever experienced this, you don't forget. This happend to me in a high school shower. I was on the basketball team at a different school. We were the visiting team. People all over the place after the game.
    This sucks, but there is nothing I can do.

  28. Mine is about 24cm erect and I'm 15 I think that's like 6 in

  29. My penis is 17cm in length and 10.5cm in girth is this normal or am i below average

  30. i have 13 cm dick to and i dont no if girls like thet

  31. I am just over sixty years old,
    My flaccid penis is one and a half inches long and er rectangular it is three and a quarter inches long and the erect girt is three and a quarter as well.
    Please comment.


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