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Here you will find medical studies and other articles, related to the micropenis condition that have been featured on the site. I have tried to include everything I could find in the medical literature and I think this list is already big enough.

However there is a good chance I have missed something important. Don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment if you think I have neglected something important.

There are three subcategories here. The first is for methods used to induce penile growth in patients with a micropenis, the second for other more generic studies but still related to the condition and the last part is for even more generic studies that are only remotely connected.

Medical Studies on penis enlargement

Effect of hCG on micropenis: This study suggests that adults with the condition can achieve significant enlargement (more than 55 %) with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections.

Penis enlargement with a penis extender: Study reveals penis enlargement is possible using a penis extender (like sizegenetics)

Effects of a Penis Extender in Increasing Penile Length: This is another study on penis extenders. In this one, the Golden Erect extender was tested for 3 months and was found to be effective.

Hormonal Treatment of Micropenis in Childhood with Testosterone or HCG: Study shows that testosterone and HCG are very effective in treating the condition when administered during childhood.

Effect of testosterone on boys with micropenis: Study reveals that testosterone replacement is an effective treatment for boys born with a small penis.

Effects of Transdermal Dihydrotestosterone: Topical application of Dihydrotestosterone in the form of cream can induce significant penile gains, even in cases that previously failed to respond to testosterone therapy.

Micropenis succesfully enlarged with phalloplasty in Russia: The case-study of a man named Sergei. Sergei had a penis that was less than 2 inches erect, until Russian surgeons managed to successfully enlarge it using a refined phalloplasty technique The technique that was used greatly resembed the one applied to female to male transgenders.

Phalloplasty helps 9 micropenis men from UK: The case of 9 men from UK that presented with a micropenis. Doctors successfully used a technique (similar to the one used in Sergei) to achieve significant penis enlargement in all men. All men reported

Doctor's announce world's first successful penis transplantation: The year is 2015 and doctor's announce a huge medical breakthrough that has the potential to help thousands of men who have a very small penis or lost their penis due to an accident/disease. The very first successful penis transplantation!

Small and Micro Sized Penises Need Condom Love Too: A 2009 survey on over 1,200 men concludes that the majority of the male population in India has a penis that is too short for the standard sized International condoms.

Man With Kallmann Syndrome and a micro responds to testosterone therapy: Interesting case study

New Revolutionary Silicon Penis Enlargement Method Adds Two Inches Length & Girth Read: New penis enlargement method developed br Dr. James Elist adds up to 2.5 in length and girth. This method is very simple and only requires the insertion of a sheat. Appears to have excellent, life-lasting results.

Other studies and papers on the micropenis condition

Domestic pesticide misuse and micropenis: An interesting 2012 study showcases how excessive and uncontrolled pesticide use may increase the likelihood of boys being born with a very small penis and/or other congenital problems.

The definition of micropenis varies and depends on ethnicity: An overview of two studies shows that the definition of micropenis depends on the patient's ethnicity.

Study reveals sex-change is a bad micropenis "treatment": A 2001 study showcases that the old practice of sexually reassigning boys to girls was wrong, as "untreated" boys proved to be happier later in adult life, compared to the sexually reassigned girls.

Testosterone treatment for micropenis, should it be delayed? : A 1995 study suggests that early testosterone treatment may actually be a bad practice. The study was carried in rats and was later proven to be wrong. (from the paper right above)

Study on the causes of isolated micropenis: A 2011 study discovers new underlying causes behind certain incidences of isolated micro-penis.

Micropenis is associated with decreased nocturnal erectile activity: According to a 2005 study, the condition is associated with decreased nocturnal erectile activity.

Early detection of micropenis during pregnancy: Overview of a study showing how ultrasound can be used to diagnose mikopenis or other genital malformations during the early stages of pregnancy. The authors successfully diagnosed the condition at the 15th week of pregnancy!

Micropenis and sexual quality of life following hormonal and surgical treatment: A review study on the condition and how hormonal and surgical treatments affect the sexual quality of life of patients.

IQ and Micropenis: An old study examines whether there is a connection between having a small penis and lower than average intelligence.

Sex Education, is it the best treatment for small penis?: Study reveals that sex education is a very effective treatment for...small penis!

Researchers Identify Genes Connecting Endocrine Disruption to Micropenis and Other Genital Malformations: Researchers at the University of Florida Health recently announced that they have identified genes that are disrupted by abnormal hormone signalling at crucial points during development.

Other Penis Related Studies

What is the average human penis size? In this article I explore the available medical literature in an effort to give an answer to this question, from the scientific point of view.

Does Penis Size Matter? Again, I explore medical studies and try to give both a personal and a scientific answer to a question that has haunted many men for hundreds of years!

What is a Good Looking Penis? In this study researchers surveyed more than 100 women to explore what makes a penis truly attractive. The findings were quite surprising, with length not making it in the top-3. Find out what you can do to make your penis appear more attractive!

Science Says Your Penis Size Is Just Fine: New research says your penis size is probably just fine

collection of medical studies on the micropenis condition

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