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I am just an everyday guy like you and the current owner of micropenis.info. You can call me Jack if you want. If you wish to contact me please send an email at micropeniss@gmail.com, with a double "s". If you want me to upload your photos please attach them in your email, along with some basic info (like age & erect size) and a nickname.

Purpose of this blog is to provide a place for men (and women I guess!) to openly discuss their micro or small-sized penis in a mature, responsible and thoughtful way.  Regrettably, as you might have noticed, there are very few places on the Internet where you can find any useful or helpful information about small cocks. To be clear, this blog is NOT a site dedicated to small penis humiliation (SPH). 

Site History
I used to visit this site quite often until it closed someday in early 2014. I contacted the old administrator (Joey) and he told me he didn't want to deal with it anymore and thus he closed it. After some talking he agreed to pass it on me.

About Me
I really don't want to share any personal info. I have an average job, an average girlfriend, an average life, nothing special or to brag about. The only thing I am really proud is that I am a marathoner..with an average record-time that is!

All I want to say is that I don't have a micropenis. I am not big either, an average 6.3 inches when erect and I certainly wish I had a bigger penis. That's pretty much about it.


  1. Hello Joey, I want to say thank you for creating this site.

  2. Thanks for the site. I think it will help a lot of men who think that they are the only ones with this condition, and suffer depression as a result of it. I will pass your details on to a young man i know who is struggling.

  3. I am a woman who is looking for a good man, and I have had experiences that actually leave me only wanting someone with a micro penis. How do I let men know this is ok wuth me?

  4. hi joey
    keep up the good work, this topic needs talking about.
    john fred

  5. So grateful to find your website, i am a mother of a toddler and I want him to be resilient and confident in himself but i do worry about the future.

  6. Where were you 40 years ago. LOL Life is to be lived. Best to you all.

  7. Looking for a slim Asian with a micropenis .
    That is my prince for a whole life time. ^^

  8. Great to see my article is still alive on this post... Mystery exhibitionist....

  9. Love to do more article for you.... please contact me on neilgordon10@yahoo.com.au I am known as Mystery exhibitionist on this site. An article of were having a tiny or micro penis to.. My sexuality is ever changing.

  10. Hey Jack, not sure is this site is still active or not, about me... Wish I has this info a long time ago to know I wasn't alone, I was born with penoscrotal hypospadias, after many surguries I still don't pee out of the head of my penis . my penis has and odd shape, at the base it is close to 9 inches in circumference, at the head it is close to 6 inches in circumference, when erect it is 3 1/2 inches long when measured from abdomen to tip, it is 2 1/2 inches long when measured from testicles to the tip. So, I am not sure if I have a micropenis or not, penetration is difficult to stay in , heterosexual , I guess I am a hypocrite I only date women with boobs at least a D cup or bigger😀

  11. My name is David, I'm 43 and my
    micro Penis is abnormally small even as micro penises go. I am less than 1" inch Flaccid witch
    is only loose foreskin. My actual
    penis is retracted deep in my abdomen and rarely ever seen. When I am simi erect the head will become visible. Most the time that's all I get to masturbate with, rubbing the head till I orgasm. When Fully erect and rock hard (rarely) it does fattin up and has grown to almost
    2" inches at times.

  12. My little penis get the shit beat out of daily. I shave it stretch it beat it with a stick. Youlll see

  13. Is it only the length and girth when erect that matters when diagnosing micro-penis?
    My penis is extremely small when flacid because it has shrunk as I am a sufferer of an extreme Post Finasteride Syndrome. I find it very embarassing and am afraid of what other people will think if they see me naked.

  14. hello I am Tom am 57 and have a normal 7 inch erect penis but really love the look of a micro penis and envy u real small guys so much so that I have found a surgeon in Mexico that can and is willing to give me surgery to reduce the size of my penis so I can have a micro one . Just sorting out money and time of work but in the next couple of months will be the proud owner of a micro penis
    u small guys rock


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