Thursday, January 9, 2020

Reader's Column: "I am 32. Could Testosterone Therapy Help With My Penis Size?"

Here's an email I got a few days ago, followed with my response:

My name is Paul. Im a late thirties guy in the north of England. I wanted to thank you for creating the site. The mental health problems I have are huge from the constant sniping in the media and in culture about people with small penises that makes me feel like im a bad person because of it. This is the first time Ive ever found a site that that is compassionate and intelligent that must have made a difference to lots of men.

I wanted to ask your advice. I came across your site after seeing a case of a 32 year old man in India who was treated with testosterone I think and whose penis grew. I had always believed this was completely impossible and have been heartened by some of the reports on your site.

Things are
pretty bad for me. My penis size completely debiliates my sense of self esteem and is stopping me from having relationships. Ive not got the best body and it doesn't respond to training - so I feel physically I dont have much to offer a partner. Im now at the point where I cant go on like this and am starting to seriously consider taking my own life. It just seems a rational decision.

I would really like to try this testosterone therapy though. It feels like a last resort. I know you cant condone it but I was wondering if you have any knowledge of what people are trying and possibly where I might be abler to get it.

One thing that gives me hope is that I feel like I didnt have a proper puberty. I had a twisted testicle in my teens and had an operation on it and wonder if the stitching they do has damaged them. It is smaller than the other one and I dont have a full scrotum. I do have full beard and body hair but my penis is just under 5 inches erect but the glans is very small and not developed fully. The girth is small. So this gives me hope that perhaps my body never receieved the right growth hormones and maybe if I could supplement them something could happen. I'm willing to give it a try either way.

If there was any info you could give me Id be incredibly grateful and thank you for your excellent site.

Here's my response:

Hi Paul

The problem with all these therapies (testosterone, hgc etc) is that they are considered experimental, which means you have to enroll in a clinical trial. Furthermore, they often seem to be a hit and miss thing. For some men they work, for others they don't. 

Your background history definitely plays a role I think on the final result. Please note that I am not a doctor, that's just my understanding from reading the medical literature. I think your best bet is to contact a few specialists, perhaps doctors working for universities and see if they can offer any help or guidance. 

Or maybe try contacting the authors of such studies? Other than that, I don't have someone to recommend you, although  I will attach some links from suck studies. Other than that I cant be much of a help and I guess you have to do your own research :(

Feel free to contact me again if you have any more questions or updates on your story!

Best regards


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