Thursday, August 3, 2017

Interview With Tom Brayon

Recently I exchanged some emails with Tom Brayon, a Londoner with a small penis that surprisingly works as a nude model! Here's his very interesting story:

How old are you and what is your erect size?
I’m 31 tears old and live in London in the UK, my erect penis is 6cm.

When did you first notice you were smaller than average?
Soft my penis is very small and often it retracts inside a bit so for me, growing up I was aware that I always had to sit to pee, this made me aware from a young age that I was smaller.

What was puberty like?
For me puberty was very much a time of self denial, that I thought I would develop a man size penis at some point and by 16 it hadn’t really shown much change in size, yet at this point I still told myself it would grow.

photo of tom brayon and his erect 6 cm long micropenis

When did your penis stop growing?
I actually think that by 14 my penis had reached its furthest point of development but at the time I didn’t know that.

When you were a teenager or an adolescent, did you avoid girls, or intimate situations, because you were worried about your penis?
Because I was ready to admit to myself that I had a tiny penis, I wouldn’t really show anyone or be seen naked by people. But whilst I was denying to myself that I was small I certainly was aware of keeping my size private and not let anyone find out.

What was your first sexual experience like?
I came in my pants, before she even had a chance to touch me down there. I just had to fess up and she left.

When did you last have sex?
About 2 weeks a go.

Do you masturbate and is it your primary form of sexual activity?
Yes I would say it’s my main form of sexual activity and that it’s easy because it removes having to show another person.

Do you warn women first, or do you do a "reveal"?
I have told partners before and others I haven’t. I think if you tell someone before they still will react to seeing it as if you hadn’t. At some point your going to have to show someone.

Did you feel more comfortable showing your penis to other men?
I planned to keep my size private as much as possible but after working as a model the demand for make and female models to reveal all has meant I’ve had to become very relaxed and comfortable being in front of the camera for photographers, most of whom are male.

It was tough at first having to exposé myself, then become well know as the model with the tiny penis. But now it’s part of my work and pay.

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety?
I sit to pee so I don’t really worry so much. I worry more about toilet seats being clean because I have no choice but to sit.

What’s it like when you visit the doctor? Are check-ups uncomfortable?
I haven’t really been in a situation for a while where the Dr examines my dick and balls, but when I have I don’t stress about it because you just want to check and be healthy.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
In away I don’t know, because I can’t test them against the same situation where my penis was average or large. But I long accepted being small and so I now have sex with men where I’m passive and take their dicks in my arse. So I think if I hadn’t been so small I would have less likely become a bottom for other guys.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?
Outside of modelling my most embarrassing moments comes from sharing a room with my younger brother who actually has a large penis. Being his older brother yet having him tease me over our teens about my size was intense. I remember being 18 and him 14, he would force me to say I had a baby dick and it got to the point where I actually just referred to it as that. Even now years later he still calls me names and like to remind me how small I am.

Do you think your micropenis has affected other aspects of your life?
Professionally yes. I never planned to model nude and I had no idea I’d have to pose erect. Anyone who does that kind of work has to accept that people will see it and people you work with may see it. For me that means co-workers, friends and family etc. have all seen modelling work of me naked, often getting to see my cock boned. So its certainly changed things for me.

Have you told anyone close to you like about your penis?
Most people know through my modelling work, its very well known,

Any tips to share with other small-endowed guys?
I get a clothes maker to alter swimming trunks and my underwear to fit better. Especially when swimming, its nice not to have an empty lose crotch.

For bussiness proposals or whatever you can contact Tom at Skype: cycleladlonond or by email at tombrayon @

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