Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Update To "Aussie Mortgages House to Lengthen His Micropenis" Story

You may remember the story I posted a year ago about an Australian guy with a micropenis who mortraged his house to get money for his penis enlargement surgery. He contacted me a few days ago. Here's an update, with more info about his surgeries, and how he is currently doing in his life:

Hi Jack,

I have had 2 surgeries to date, with another op planned for late this year, or in the first quarter of next year.

Can you tell us a bit more about your surgeries?
I initially had a dermal fat graft taken from my stomach and the ligament cut. The first procedure wasn't a full success due to the graft reattaching to the graft and as a result I went through with the second surgery.

The second surgery was a revision and lig cut with the scar tissue cut away. The first surgery cost approx $45,000 which was paid for using redraw from my mortgage, as was the second surgery which cost approx $18,000.

I think I had too much done in the first surgery...Also my foreskin died and grew back thicker and uneven...which I hope to have corrected 3rd time around.

I have never had an implant- I think the Elist implants are the stupidest thing I've ever seen!! I've just seen horror stories and pictures of them when they go wrong.... Not to mention it would feel foreign and fake and just not right!

photo of a micropenis before penis enlargement surgery
Mikes micropenis before penis enlargement surgery

photo of a micropenis after penis enlargement surgery
Mikes micropenis after penis enlargement surgery

How's your sex life now after & before surgery?
Has it affected my sex life? Hard to say because I haven't had a proper girlfriend, both before the surgery and since having the op's. The bulk of my relationship have been with prostitutes which has left me feeling disappointed due to there being too much "loosness" in the sex. Very upsetting, leaving me feeling that I can't satisfy a lady- Maybe I just need to find a more petite lady- hopefully they are "tighter".

I am finally ready for a relationship . I am 35, almost 36 and feel ready. I don't have much of a fear of not being able to satisfy women, as most ladies say I am so different to most blokes. So I look forward to being in a loving relationship, finally when it happens.

The results are permanent where I have gained an inch in flaccid length and over a inch in least....I didn't measure my girth prior to my first surgery, but right now it tops out at 4" girth so I am happy with that.

I am planning for my 3rd surgery, which will be a ligament division along the scar .... the 4th and hopefully last surgery will be injecting Aquamid into the head and the shaft, which could coast in excess of $50,000 or more.

Do you know much about Aquamid? I would be keen on your thoughts. Hydralonic acid isn't permanent, so that is why I never got it!! I only want permanent results.

How are you doing financially?
I'm doing ok financially, atm - just want steady work... So I am going to save up currently for the 3rd op, which will cost roughly $18,000. I work in construction and is the reason I can afford such operations.

Have you told anybody about your surgery?
Only a handful of people know of the surgeries I've had- somewhat stupidly- confided in the wrong people, but that's life, unfortunately you can't put the genie back in the bottle once you let open a secret like that.

You said in the past that ""Going in for a shower in groups of men doesn't happen.".. How about today?
Yes, group showers don't happen, even to this day, I don't go to gyms and I stopped school swimming lessons in year 8 when I said "no more humiliation" I got horribly bullied as a kid from earliest grade to the end of school.

Any embarassing moments you'd like to share?
I was singled out in grade 5 at the pool- where I actually was directly bullied by 2 students, who I want to have bashed.... maybe one day!!

Do you think your life is better now?
Sex is still a minefield... but as I say, I hope to find a lucky lady who I can spoil and treasure, and make love to for hours on day.

It is great to actually pull my dick out of my pants, and have something to reach into my pants and pull out- I can't wait to have the 3rd surgery and make big gains on the length I have currently. My current erect length is roughly 3.5", which didn't change much at all prior to my first surgery, hopefully 3rd time around I could get to 4" or more.

I guess you could say I am more confident in life in general, but I could do with losing a little weight and working out more, but I work a 60-70 hour week in construction, so I am looking forward to leaving construction and doing an apprenticeship and going back to a 38 hour week, hopefully in a years time.

Any tips for other guys with a small penis?
As for other guy's, I really would stress think about who you get to do the operation, as there are a lot of shonks out there... I have seen what Dan Salis does, and I think Dr Comacho-Melo's work looks ok, But It's so difficult to recommend one surgeon...I really don't know who would go to if I had my time again? But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat... right now I am happy with the results... but look forward to going under again!

But that said, I would recommend the surgery for other guy out there - but only those who really need it! I can't believe the number of guys who are over 7" who want the surgery- like really, why bother?? lucky guys if you already have 6-7" more than enough to satisfy women!!

I hope this has given you an insight into my life...

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