Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Revolutionary Silicon Penis Enlargement Method Adds Two Inches Length & Girth

The pictured penile implant (a sheath made of soft silicone )
increases the length and girth of a man's penis
by approximately two inches
Urologist develops revolutionary penis enlargement method that enhances both the length and girth of a penis!

I have often discussed how men with a small penis suffer from all kinds of problems, like a crippling lack of self-confidence, depression and an inability to find an intimate partner...

Now, a new revolutionary penis enlargement method that is already in clinical application brings new how to all these men! The three things I like about this method are:

  • Simple to perform
  • Long term (apparently life time!) results
  • Immediate gains both in length and girth

The new method was developed by Dr James Elist, an urologist from Beverly Hills, who has more than 35 years in experience and is famous for being among the first doctors to link cigarette smoking with impotence and erectile dysfunction. 

The new method, which costs approximately 13.000 $, involves the insertion of a soft silicon implant that is placed under the skin of the penis The implant comes in three sizes, large, extra large - and double extra large. The operation takes approximately 45 minutes and the penis immediately gains 2 inches (5 cm) both in length and girth. 

I was not surprised to read that most patients don't have second thoughts when choosing implant size:

"Nobody wants to have a small or medium one." said Dr Elist to DailyMail

The penis comes in three sizes - large, extra large and double extra large

Dr Elist, is also one of the few doctors who perform an operation for men with erectile dysfunction, in which a prosthesis is inserted into the arteries of the penis. The procedure allows blood to properly flow through the arteries, thus making an erection possible. And this procedure is what led him to develop this new penis enlargement method.

"I noticed after insertion of the implant, between a year or two, most men were complaining that the size of their penis shrunk.They did have an erection, but the girth and length of the penis decreased.’ In 2002, the doctor discovered a solution for the ‘shrinking’ problem. At the time, there were many penile enhancement treatments available – but none were effective. " explained Dr Elist

Back then and in some occasions today, fat injections are used to increase the girth. However this is only a temporal fix as the fat is absorbed within a year.  But that is not the only problem:

"It gives the patients total deformity, because it was forming lumps and bumps under the penis.’ Furthermore, foreign tissue transplants and even gel fillers – which are commonly used on the face to decrease wrinkles – proved to be ineffective as well." 

And this how Dr Elist came up with the idea of implanting a soft silicone sheath under the skin penis. Unlike a breast implant, which is a bag filled with silicone gel or sometimes saline, this sheath is different. It's just that.. A "simple" sheath!

"My implant is different; it’s not filled with anything. The material is very soft silicone with the shape of the penis – which covers the penis for 270 degrees around and the whole length of the penis." 

The invention was patented in 2002 and has FDA approval. Dr Elist performed the first operations in 2004. Since then, he has made several improvements in the design, shape, and even the surgical procedure.

"Now at this point in time, we have the perfect product: Something that I’m really very happy and even proud to present to the community." 

As shown in the video down below, the implant is inserted and pushed through a small incision of about an inch in the groin until it gets under the skin of the penis. Immediately after the procedure, the penis expands 1.5 to 2.5 inches,. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient doesn't feel a thing during surgery.

Although most patients want the double extra large size, this is not always an immediate option:

"For most of the patients after surgery, the length of the penis and the girth of the penis are very similar. However, whether the doctor inserts a large, extra large or double extra large implant is partially up to the patient – but also dependent upon the man’s skin. Some patients, unfortunately, are born with tight skin – or when they had the circumcision, a lot of skin was removed, so they don’t have enough skin. So for them we start with large." Dr Elist said. 

Life Time Guarantee!
For patients with normal skin, the doctor generally begins with the double extra large implant. The implant is designed to last for a lifetime which doesn't sound like a bad deal! However, Dr Elist says that 10-15 % of patients opt to upgrade after the procedure and the doctor is happy to oblige.

According Dr. Elist, recovery is relatively fast and easy. Daily activities and routines are resumed the very next day although sexual activities have to wait some time as the penis needs some healing time! All sexy play (including masturbation and oral) must be halted for four to six weeks. 

"That is very important, unfortunately, some of our patients did not follow the instructions and we had some problems. The skin is thin at that point, so it can get infected and you’d have to remove it."

Excellent Results
Today, Dr Elist performs on average two surgeries per day, with clients coming from all over the world. He says the vast majority of patients experience a huge boost in confidence:  

"We did a study of 400 of our patients retrospectively, and we noticed that the self-confidence of patients has increased significantly,  Those whose confidence levels were previously at one or two out of 10, spiked up to nine or 10 out of 10 after the implant, the doctor added."

My Thoughts
All these sounds too good to be true. Sometimes too good is indeed true and sometimes not so true. Maybe it's all a marketing gimmick so I advise you to be a bit cautious if you are seriously considering to give this a try. I am not a medical specialist so like always I advise you to get a second and maybe a third option on this! 

Also please note that this procedure is probably not suited for people with a true micropenis since those implants seem to be too long to fit penises less than 3 inches. Or maybe I am wrong. Just contact Dr James, I will leave a link to his site down below.

More Information
- For more info on the procedure please visit Dr James Elist official website


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Interview with Chris from Netherlands

A few days ago I had an interesting talk with Chris, a 42 year old guy from Netherlands. Chris doesn't have a true micropenis, but he is relatively small, with a 10.5 cm (4 inches) penis when erect. He is between 0 and 4 cm (~0 - 1,6 inch) when flaccid. This is his story:

Monday, September 5, 2016

Interview with Nicolas from France

I recently had a very interesting and in-depth chit-chat with Nicolas, whose micropenis is less than an inch at rest and about 2.5 inches when erect. Despite his shortcomings he has had a pretty intense sex life, at least partner-wise! Enjoy: