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Best Chastity Cages For 2020 - An Extensive Buyer's Guide

First, a few words about male chastity..
A common kink among men with a small penis (or small penis syndrome) is using a chastity cage, also known as a male chastity belt. A chastity cage can be worn just for the whole duration of a sex session, for an extended period during the day or can even be part of a long-term, 24/7 arrangement.

Personally, I love using these toys with my partner for small sessions, for teasing and orgasm denial but to be honest I am not into the long term game. Below you will find what I think are the best chastity devices today. Some I either recommend from my personal experience (like the cb6000) and others due to being very popular and having plenty of positive reviews. Most of the links in this article point to amazon and other trusted e-shops, typically to the one with the best price for the listed model.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you find a place offering a certain model for a better price. After the end of the list I have also included some popular accessories, tips, how to use guidelines, dangers and other useful information for the chastity-illiterate people who wish to learn more about this kink

So, without further ado, I present you a list of the best male chastity devices you can buy today:

Best Devices For Long-Term Commitment - My top Picks

The devices below are in my opinion the best cages for long term chastity, meaning daily use with little or minimal removal for weeks or even months. Their main advantages are high quality materials and comfort. Cost is the main disadvantage, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

the cb6000 chastity belt, one of the most popular cock cages
1) CB6000 - King of Plastic
The CB6000 is by far the most popular male chastity device. This plastic device comes with a selection of base rings (both for your cock and testicles) and spacers to vary the gap between the base ring and the cage.

Some men complain about pain from the base ring. In most cases, this is because they are using a ring that is too small. Beware of the cheap Chinese knock-offs that are easy to break.  Click here for the best price on the standard model or check out the special Untamed version of the same model. One of the best one-size-fits-all devices both for short term and long term play.

the "open" extreme chastity cage allows lots of teasing
2) Extreme Chastity By Master Series - King of Metal
The Extreme Chastity Cage from Master Series is made from premium brushed stainless steel, and is designed for long term wear and security.

The open design of the device allows the skin to breathe, and permits urination. Included you will find a removable urethral insert (with thru-hole) for further restriction. I have one and I simply love it! Great quality and thanks to the open design it's perfect for denial, teasing and all sorts of games.  Definitely one of the best metal cages out there, although quite expensive. I got it as a gift, so I don't really care!

pa-5000 when used with a prince alberts piercing becomes inescapable3) PA-5000 - If Security Is Your No.1 Concern
From the makers of the best-seller CB-6000 range, PA-5000 is a great option for those who desire the ultimate male chastity experience. Designed to work with a Prince Albert piercing, the smooth, vented cage holds the penis with the curved locking pin, sliding through the piercing and securing your cock in place.

This cost effective cage comes with an extension piece that can be glued to the cage to make it slightly longer. Made from a black polycarbonate lightweight and easy to clean material, this chastity device is truly inescapable when combined with a prince alberts piercing! Click here for more info on this product.  Ideal option for people who want to remain permanently locked.

Some other good & interesting choices

The devices below won a spot in this list because they have something unique to offer. Some are extremely cheap but perfect for short sessions, others have a unique design, some include unique features like an urethral plug or whatever:

zeus cock cage combines TENS technology for a unique experience1) Zeus Electrosex Electro Cage - Feel The Power of Electricity
An affordable electrical stimulation chastity cage, lined with electro conductive silicone. TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) pads run along the sides, flaring out into a paddle shape at the head.

A must for people who want a truly unique and electrifying experience that combines bondage and electrical stimulation! This electric cage is lightweight and can be worn for extended periods.

Click here for more info on the product

The short version of attica hell is the perfect cage for guys with a small penis or micropenis
2) Attica Hell (Extra Short Version) - Best Extra Small Cage
Attica hell is probably the perfect cage for guys with a very small penis or for guys that look for an extra tight fit. Please be warned that it might cause tissue damage in men who are on the larger side...

The device is made by stainless steel, made in USA, is affordable and almost all reviews are 5-star. Worth a try if you look for a small and high quality cage.

nice & cheap extra small cage by happy go3) Happy Go Small Stainless Cage - Cheapest Small Cage
If you are not a fan of plastic, you can go for the stainless Steel version of  HappyGo. Much like its' plastic brother, this cage is extremely cheap, if not the cheapest, metal device you can get. Very short (only 4,5 cm), perfect for small cocks or for those who want a tight and firm fit. Most reviews are very positive, something rare for such a cheap device.

Please click here for more information

open & artistic cage
4) Utimi Open Design - For the Artistic Man
This is another device by Utimy, this time with an open and quite artsy design with plenty of free space for teasing and playing. The cage is very affordable and the quality of the materials really good considering the price. Comes with a bronze heart-shaped lock

Like all cheap cages, it's good type for casual play but not suitable for long term usage. Click here for more info on this item

High quality yet cheap chastity cage with transparent tube
5) Master Series Rikers Locking Cage - Relatively cheap yet comfortable
A devious cage that is, adjustable, secure, sturdy and flexible. The Rikers cage comes with an opening for urethral access allowing extended wear. The cage is specially designed to avoid any wiggling or movement of the rings, minimizing the chances of slipping loose.

Most of the reviewers have nothing but good words to say about the device. I plan to buy it soon cause I really like the design.

a simple, unique and effective restriction device for male chastity
6) The Twisted Penis Chastity - For Maximum Teasing
A simple but extremely effective restriction device. Thanks to it’s innovative open design, erection becomes impossible while allowing the key holder to do all kind of teasing.
Might not fit you if you are on the bigger or smaller side. Be careful when using for extended time, might cause problems due to blood flow restriction

Click here for more info

photo of the asylum ring chastity cage, known for its long urethral plug
7) Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage - For guys who love curves
A curved cage made from stainless steel, featuring a curved yet rigid urethral tube that is easy to insert. This cock cage is ideal for severe and short-term chastity, but once accustomed it might be worn for longer periods of time.

The Asylum uses a hinged ring, allowing a snugger fit and thus better security. The removable urethral insert has a threaded screw-in base and a cum-thru hole for long-term wear. Link to product page.

The once super popupal stallion guard. No.1 option for vintage guys
8) The Leather Stallion Guard - If you want to go old school
Something like a decade ago, the leather stallion used to be the most popular penis cage. And then came metal and silicone and it lost it’s fame.

Regardless, it is still a great, effective and cheap option. Certainly a must-have for people who appreciate the feeling of leather or those who'd like to have something more vintage.

Click here to purchase this item

the Curve Male Chastity Belt, a plastic cage for big boys
9) The Curve Male Chastity Belt - Plastic Device for big boys
This is a cock cage for the well endowed men. Made of medical grade polycarbonate material, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable  model.

The Curve consists of 2 main parts, the cage and the cuff ring. These two slide together through two guide pins and a locking pin. The guide pins extend from the cage portion. Some people complain that this device takes extra “effort” to keep clean.

Link to product

Metal chastity device for bigger and well endowed guys
10) Master Series The Bird Cage - Metal Device for big boys
Another great and affordable cage by master series. This one is open, allowing your keyholder to brutally tease you. Furthermore, the open design makes cleaning and urination very easy.  Please note that this device is quite large and is ideal for guys who are 4-6 inches flaccid. Get a smaller one if you want a nice, snug fit!

Link to Product

this cage comes with an urethral tube for extra protection and pleasure
11) Asylum Locking Chastity Brace -  Maximum Teasing & Urethral Penetration For The Poor
An open cage that leaves the penis vulnerable to tickling, touching, licking and all kinds of teasing, while making an erection impossible.

With the urethral tube, there's no way for the cock to grow past the length of the brace. I wouldn't recommend it for long term usage due to the urethral plug which is impossible to clean without first removing.

Link to product

Sexy black & red chastity cage by feigu12)  FeiGu Protective Briefs Çhástîty Device - The sexy cage!
Now, that's one really sexy chastity cage if you ask me! Now, I don't know much about the company and I have never tried this particular cage. And there aren't many reviews either But it's relatively cheap so I will definitely give it a try sometime soon.

Judging from its price though I wouldn't expect the quality to be anything mind-blowing so I would only suggest it for quick sessions and not long term commitment. Let me know in the comments below if you give it a try and tell me your opinion!

Link to product

13. FYJENNICC Transparent Plastic Cage - A great all around cheap solution for all sizes
Imo, this is a great option for newcomers in the world of chasity. The product is quite affordable and comes in 5 sizes you can try, "nub", "nano", "small", "standard" and "maxi"

Yes, it's a cheap chinese product, but as you can see here almost all reviews are highly positive. Since the device is made of plastic I wouldn't recommend wearing the device for long periods of time, at least not without giving it a good wash every now and then.

KHD expresso, the first (and only!) 3d printed cage
14) KHD Expresso - World's first 3D printed cage
The KHD Expresso is a new arrival in the plastic chastity market. The device is created on a 3D printer and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The design is quite unique, and very different from plastic competitors. The base ring is quite large, since the tube sits deep inside the ring, effectively trapping the balls without needing to be so tight. Many people say that the KHD has a strange texture and many find it too be rough and hard to get the penis all the way in. The designer is currently working on a shorter design. Gimmick or genius? You decide.

The main advantages of the KHD expresso are the relatively low price, comfortable base ring and being light weight. This product is available exclusively from this site

Chastity Gear & Accessories

Do you want to spice up your chastity game? Check out these cool accessories:

1) Keyholder 10 Pack Numbered Lock
This one is for any keyholder that might be reading this article. What's the point of using numbered locks, you may wonder... Using numbered locks instead of regular ones means that you can easily find out if your prisoner has been tampering or trying to manipulate the cage he is in. Ideal for keeping tabs on naughty boys..

Each lock is designed to be tamper evident and any removal attempt will destroy it. Click here to order.

2) Eastern Delights Elite Stainless Steel Beads Urethral Plug
A useful accessory for people who want to give urethral stimulation a try but their cage doesn't come with an urethral plug. The knob on the top of the plug ensures that you will not lose the plug ;) Click here to view this item.

3) Zeus Electrosex Surge Bi-Polar Electro Prostate Stimulator
An affordable toy, designed specifically to target and electrically stimulate the prostate gland. Use this toy along with an urethral plug and fill up both your holes for a truly unique and electrifying experience.

Click here to view the device

4) Zeus Electrosex Vigor II Cock and Ball Ties and Frenum Electro Stimulator

Use this device to electrify your balls, glans and shaft, taking your chastity experience to a whole new level! Best combined with devices that have an open design.

Buyer's Guide

Regrettably, despite being very exciting, male chastity is a rarely-talked sexual activity. Below you will find some tips, frequently asked questions and other things that i) will help you understand better this kink ii) guide you into everything you need to know before making your final purchase:

What is the best chastity cage?
Giving a definite answer to this question is impossible. Human penises are extremely individual, coming in all sizes and shapes, especially when flaccid. Since chastity devices aim to keep and hold a penis in the flaccid state, the best cage is the one that fits your penis better and "feels" better to the wielder. Some other criteria that are very important are explained in the next question down below.

As a sidenote, I want to stress that the proper mindset is as  important as to having the best hardware. It’s pointless to have an expensive and comfy model when lacking the commitment to use. If you think that commitment might be an issue than you might want to first try experimenting with a cheap model like the morning go. If you see that you are into this for the long term, than you can invest on a more expensive device

What to look out for before buying a cage?
Here’s a quick guide with the most important factors to consider before buying a chastity belt:
  • Comfort: The device must be comfortable. Ideally, you should be able to wear for 24 hours straight, without any pain, discomfort or irritation and shouldn’t wake you up at night. In the next chapter, you will find a quick quide on how to order your penis so that the cage you buy is  comfortable cage.
  • Effectiveness: It’s a no brainer, but the device has to prevent you from getting erect or be able to masturbate. The shape of the cage is very crucial here. Generally, a tube that is aimed downwards does not favor stimulation and discourages erection. 
  • Security: Security is an important factor you need to consider. Ball-capturing devices are very effective in this department but not escape proof. The cage has to be secure enough that it will take serious work to pull your penis out. Don't forget, almost no ball-capture device is escape proof. Somehow you can get your penis out if you really want to. The only 100 % fool-proof method to prevent escape is with a penis piercing. Most guys who go this route, prefer a “Prince Albert”*, that is locked to the belt. It is understandable if you are not ready (yet?) to go to that extreme. Just commit to yourself and the keyholder that you will not masturbate or ejaculate without permission under no circumstances. Remember, the chastity belt doesn’t have to be escape proof, just good enough to make escape really, really difficult.
  • Ring Size: The size of the cock ring (also known as the back ring) of the belt is very important and requires you to measure your penis before you buy any model. If there are little or no details about the cock ring size, it's better to stop looking at that particular device. You really don’t want to spend money on a chastity cage that is too thin or thick for your penis. The cock ring is what keeps it on. A device that is too large will slip off continuously whereas a ring that’s too tight will restrict blood flow, which can prove detrimental to the health of your little friend!
  • Hygiene: The cleaning department is where many devices fail miserably. A shower should be enough to keep your device clean and odor free.
  • Stealthiness: You want your cage to be as stealthy as possible, especially if you are considering 24/7 chastity! Stealthiness depends on two factors, visibility and sound. Ideally, the chastity belt must be very discrete beneath your undergarments, even under close-fitting pants.
  • Cost: Cost should never be a defining factor, at least not if you plan to make serious use of your chastity belt. Remember, you only have one penis! Do you really want to risk it just to save a few bucks?

Plastic Vs Metal Vs Leather
In general, most people find plastic/silicon devices less comfortable to wear. Furthermore, plastic tends to adhere to the skin and doesn’t allow the skin under the base ring to move with your body, causing skin irritation. This is not a problem with models made of metal. If you have a plastic device, lube under the ring may help a lot. Be aware that the skin in this area is hypersensitive, so avoid using a cheap generic cream.

The only advantage of plastic devices is the cost, as they tend to be far cheaper than metal models.

If you go for metal, make sure to select a device made of stainless steel. Avoid chrome plated models, as the chrome often flakes off soon after you start wearing the cage. If an option, choose “316 Stainless Steel” which is the same grade as the one used in the medical profession, meaning it’s the most hygienic and body friendly metal material you can get.

Are one-size-fits-all devices  secure?
When deciding to buy a chastity cage, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is... "Will my penis fit securely into this chastity device?"... Remember, the main requirement for a cage is to be completely secure so that your penis doesn't escape until your keyholder decides to unlock you, whether this is for just a few minutes, days or weeks...

Regrettably, there is no 100 % secure cage, especially when we are talking about the mass produced “one-size-fits-all” models.  This should not surprise us. There is great variation in male genitalia, and I am not talking just about penis length. Circumference, ball size, how low or high your testicles hung, whether you are a shower or a grower, cut or uncut along with other factors determine how secure a cage will be for you. Furthermore, the penis, testicles and scrotum can be very versatile and can be squeezed, compressed and escape through out what you thought was a very tight and secure device!  With such huge variation from male to male, it is understandable why it's impossible for one-size-fits-all devices to provide a secure fit to every guy out there. And this is why you have to carefully measure your penis and buy a cage that is suitable for your dimensions. Still, you might discover that it doesn't feel right, fit properly or something is just of... Most guys try out a few different models before settling to their favourite one!

Measuring for a comfortable chastity device
There are three important measurements you have to take under consideration to ensure that the cage your getting is as comfortable as it can get:
  • Size of Main Ring
  • Cage Length
  • Cage Diameter
  • Spacers Size

What is the right ring size?
The size of the ring (also known as cock ring and back ring) of your cage is one of the most important factors you have to take into consideration before making your final purchase. Actually, it's the most important! Getting the proper measurement is crucial because you will either not fit in or the device will be loose or even fall of. If you find a must-have device but you don't see any mention of the ring size make sure to get in touch with the seller; you don’t want to purchase something that only comes with a 40 cm (1.25 inches) ring when you need a ring of 5 cm (2 inches).

In case you are a newcomer, the cock ring is what keeps the device on. If you measure incorrectly and purchase a ring that’s too large, the device will constantly slip off... And if it's too small, you might not be able to put your penis in or even put the health of your little guy in danger. Please be aware that a ring that is too tight will restrict blood flow and will cause discomfort and pain in the short term and will cut off blood supply, leading to dangerous & permanent tissue damage in the long term.. In simple words: You might lose your penis and testicles!!!!

Generally, the best fit is one that feels comfortable but snug enough to avoid slipping, but doesn't cause any kind of pain, itching or discomfort when worn for many hours. Getting the perfect ring size is mostly a trial and error process.

Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to get an accurate measurement for the main ring. You can use a tape measure but flaccid size varies during the day and you will keep getting different numbers. What I recommend is to buy a set of rings either online or from a sex shop. You can also hit a hardware store!  Start from 2 inches in diameter and reduce in size by ¼ of an inch until you find some rings that feel snug and comfortable without causing irritation or pain. Make sure to buy rings made from metal or hard plastic, soft rings will give you an inaccurate result. Once you have settled with a few rings that feel right it's time for more trial and error. Wear each one for a few days (including sleeping time), to get a good idea of how they feel in the long term. Choose the one that feels best after trying em all out.

If you are unsure of the right ring size and don't want to experiment just buy a cage that comes with rings of varying sizes.

Note 1# : If your balls are turning red, purple, blue or some other abnormal colour it means the ring you are wearing is too tight! Remove it immediately, wait for a few hours for new blood to come and try the next size.

Note 2#: Erections, especially nocturnal, will probably cause you some discomfort. This is because your genitals swell and the ring begins to constrict you.If you are experiencing lot's of pain, an intense burning and/or deep pain under your testicles then it is time to wear a larger ring.

What is the right cage length and how to measure it?
The length of the device is somewhat important but it's ok if the tube is slightly big or small. Ideally, you want a device in which the tip of your penis rests comfortably at the end of the tube. A cage that is too small will feel awkward and give you a constant feeling of being“pushed back”. Your head may bulge uncomfortably through the tip hole and your shaft may bunch up towards the base. If you are uncircumcised, your foreskin will probably get pinched from time to time. All these may be annoying but are not dangerous. If the cage becomes painful at any point it means that it is super tight and I suggest you to get one with a longer tube. Similarly, a cage that is too long will not cause any serious problems. One is that urine (especially if the tube is closed) will get splashed inside the cage everytime you take a pee, causing moisture, nasty odours and bacteria build up.

Measuring your penis length for a chastity device is quite simple. Just get a ruler, place it next to your penis and take the measurement from tip to base. Your penis should be flaccid, and when I say flaccid I mean average flaccid, not "semi erect flaccid" or "it's dead cold out here and my penis retracted inside my body" flaccid :D. For best results, take multiple measurements during the day to find what your average flaccid length is. When you have found your average flaccid length, deduct a ¼ to a ½ inch from that number. This tends to be the ideal length for most men and model designs.

What is the right cage diameter and how to measure it?
Cage diameter is the least important factor, but a correct fit does have some merits like increased comfort and less mess from peeing. Generally, you want the tube to gently "hug" your penis, making skin contact all the way around. It shouldn't feel too tight or too loose. If it's too tight, air will not circulate properly and bacteria, sweat and odours will build up. Please note that your penis naturally retracts back into your body during the day and in certain conditions like when it's cold or when you exercise. If your cage is too tight, your penis may not be able to move forward again and might stay bunched up. Expect a lot of pinching if that happens.

To measure diameter just use a measuring tape. Again, make sure to take multiple measurements during the day and calculate your average flaccid diameter before buying a device.

Spacers Size
Another measurement that I think is important is the gap between the main ring and the cage section. Most one size fits all devices (like the ones list here) come with a few spare spacers of varying size. These spacers are used to increase or decrease the gap between ring and brace. Generally, the smaller the gap the more tight and secure your cage will be. Of course, you should choose small spacers that will make your penis and testicles impossible to escape but you don't want any pain or serious discomfort. I don't have much of advise here about proper size. You have to figure it out yourself with some trial and error.

How can I make my brace inescapable? 
As I said before, no "one-size-fits-all" device is 100 % secure and inescapable. However, there are some things you can do, to reduce the chances of escaping! The best (and most expensive!) option is to purchase a custom built cage that has been made to fit your exact dimensions. Regrettably, not even this can be a guarantee as the penis can be quite flexible!

Alternatively, you can try to use some of the available "extras" made specifically for preventing slipping out of the cage. These include deep urethral plugs, urethral-anal plug combinations and even the extreme option of securing a Prince Albert piercing. Please consider carefully these options and understand the risks. You don't want to get any tearing, nasty irritations or infections just for some extra security.

Circumcised Vs Uncircumcised Cocks
Generally, most devices are suitable both for natural and circumcised penises. Still, some models are more practical for uncircumcised men.

Men with a natural penis and a large foreskin may discover that it protrudes through the urination slot of certain chastity devices. This can be uncomfortable, itchy and annoying. This is a common problem with designs in which the tube completely encases the penis and has a slot for urination. The “CB-6000″ is one such example. These cages prevent you from touching your penis and have relatively large vertical urination slots. Some (but not all) men find the constant rubbing of the protruding foreskin a nuisance, while in some it even causes the foreskin to become inflamed if worn long-term. Each penis is unique and whether this happens to you depends on the model, your dimensions, skin type and other factors. You can only know by trial and error!

If you are uncircumcised it's best if you carry a few Q Tips or Cotton Buds with you. You can use them to gently re-position your foreskin back into the tube. Another thing that can help is to use the “Stocking Method” (explained down below) which will prevent your foreskin from bunching up between the ring and the device.

The stocking method
The Stocking Method is a method to place your penis into your cage without using any lubricant, and it works great both for non- and circumcised guys. It is particularly helpful for uncircumcised guys who want to prevent their foreskin from getting bunched up at the top between the cage and the ring. Here are the steps you have to follow:
  • Get a knee length stocking (or just cut off one leg of a pair of tights) from your keyholder or just buy one
  • With your penis ring fitted, thread the stocking through the opening at the end of your cage 
  • Put your cock inside the stocking ensuring that the open end of the stocking is right against your body
  • Bring the chastity device up to the ring and place your penis in the entrance
  • As you gently pull on the stocking, your penis will be drawn fully into the device
  • Lock your brace together, and pull the remaining stocking from the device
  • If you did everything properly, bunching up for the foreskin at the entrance will be greatly reduced

Personal Hygiene & Type of Cage
Before making your final selection you need to understand if the type of the device you choose covers your hygiene standards. Generally, open tubes allow you to pee "uninterrupted" and have more contact with air, and as a result less build up of bacteria when compared to partially or completely closed models. However, many guys prefer to be locked in a more confined cage that makes their penis less -if any- touchable. Regrettably, in this models small drops of urine, smegma and sweat will unavoidably gather and so you have to pay extra attention to hygiene. My opinion is to avoid such devices and only use them for short sessions of sex play. Just use an open model in your daily life and have your mistress switch it with a close model during sexual play.

Keeping everything nice and clean
As I mentioned before, the cleaning department is where a lot of devices need a lot of improvement. Ideally, a quick hot shower should be enough to keep everything down there nice and clean without requiring removal of the cage. Having said that, your cage stills need to be removed on a regular basis (once a week) for cleaning. Under the supervision of your keyholder, inspect the device and give it a thorough cleaning. TIP: If the tube is open and metallic, thorough cleaning can be greatly postponed if you follow the steps in the next chapter (right below) every day.

From a hygienic aspect, the best material is medical grade 316 stainless steel. It's easy to clean and you can even boil it without fear to make sure all bacteria are dead! Regrettably, devices made of polycarbonate build up a nasty odour when worn long term, and need more "maintenance".Make sure to use some anti bacterial soap to keep pathogens to the minimum.

Quick Cleaning Tips That Don't Require Removal
Here is a quick list of some simple steps to follow, to keep odours and bacteria at bay without removing the device:
  1. Blast water when taking a shower around the device as thorough as possible. Use soap generously and repeat a few times. Make sure to clean each and every part of the device, from base to tip
  2. Use first a hair dryer and then some cotton buds to dry the cage and your penis
  3. Use a soft paintbrush and use it for the finishing touch

Now, if the tube is closed with not so many (or any) gaps you have to remove it once in a while if you want to keep things fresh down there..and remember! Always under the presence of your keyholder!

Some Other things to keep in mind
  • Cages are also meant to prevent erection and orgasm. Some guys think that they should get a chastity device that will accommodate an erection. Oh no my friend! Once locked your erection days are long gone.
  • I forgot to mention that your keyholder should also have a saying on your final choice. Does she like the model? The whole chastity experience is something shared by the couple so it’s better if all the participants discuss before deciding to purchase a chastity device,. 
  • Please note that this list of chastity devices was compiled sometime ago and may not include some of the latest models. However, I will try to update it every now and then, so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference. You are welcome to leave a comment if you have new additions for suggestions.

And here's a FAQ covering some other questions you might have:


What about urination? Should I sit or what?
Although some men with certain models can urinate while standing, most need or prefer to sit down. This is the only way to keep mess to the minimum. Other factors, like experience, design of the model, size and shape play a role in whether you will be able to pee standing. Like so many other things around this kink, it's something you have to find by yourself through trial & error! Note: The most important thing is that you are able to easily urinate when relaxed. If not, it’s possible that the cage is restricting blood flow which is unhealthy and dangerous.

Why Use a Chastity Belt? 
If the idea of locking your penis (or your partner’s penis) into a little cage seems weird to you, you aren’t alone. Although most fans of this sexual activity are also into bondage and BDSM, this doesn't mean that everyone is. Often, a man will randomly discover male chastity and for some reasons he finds it very attractive and exciting! It may seem odd that forcibly locking your penis, preventing erections and giving up all control is extremely arousing but this is how things are for men and women into this kink! Some other reasons and benefits you may want to give this kink a try include:
  • Tease and Denial: Chastity devices are a great tool if you are in the game of orgasm delay or denial and can be used to tease and excite the submissive until he can't take it any more! Although a full erection is usually not possible, the build up of sexual energy is massive. Quick Tip For New Keyholders: Tease and deny him for an hour or so and give him an orgasm he will never forget! For even better results, tease him for a few days straight, numerous times each day. Promise him that he will come very soon but don't say when.. Obviously, you should keep the keys for yourself and make sure he is securely locked. A week later or so allow him to cum. His orgasm will be mind- boggling and nothing like he had before!
  • Spicing things up in a boring relationship: Chastity play can help rekindle your sex life a bit by introducing something new and by reversing the roles. By switching roles and becoming the submissive party things become extremely intense for you. You no longer have control (if you are a guy) over your orgasm and with teasing and denial you will find that you crave sex way, way more. You will no longer take her pussy for granted. You will treasure even simple things, like getting a handjob. Please note that this doesn't work with all couples! However there is no harm in experimenting to see what happens!
  • Stimulation: For men and women alike, wearing a chastity belt and being controlled can be a very stimulating experience. Being teased while having a cage around your cock can be very frustrating but arousing at the same time!. 
  • Torture and Humiliation: The torture of not being allowed to cum or even play with your penis for days, weeks or even months can be quite "maddening." But still, it is highly enjoyable for many guys and their mistresses! 
  • Games: Many exciting games can be played when wearing a chastity cage. For me, simple tease and denial is my favorite. I will let her tease me as much as she wants while I am being tied to the bed. Sometimes my girlfriend is bored and will unlock me after 10 minutes but other times she will keep me locked for 1-2 hours. One time she teased me for 3 hours straight and I almost came in my cage before she unlocked me! Then she gave me a blowjob that was the best in my life! But there are so many other things you can try! I have included some games you can try, just scroll down to the end of the post ;) 
Overall, male chastity gives excitement and power to the key-holder, the man is locked up and can no longer get an erection or orgasm, unless the keeper of the key allows him. Many couples discover that this increases closeness and intimacy between partners while many guys report that the feeling of surrendering control is arousing and addicting.

How do orgasms feel once unlocked? 
If we are talking for short term locking (a few hours or a few days) I can say from personal experience that orgasms feel super great and explosive, especially if you are a really horny guy like me that is used to get off on a daily basis. If you are after great sex and great orgasms trust me, you should definitely try short-term chastity! You will get the best orgasms of your life.

Regarding long term, I can talk only anecdotally from what I have read online. Most guys say that when they are locked for 3-4 weeks straight their orgasm get less and less powerful and the semen tends to “flow” instead of squirting. It appears that the human body adjusts or something. The same guys however claim that orgasms gradually go back to normal after a few days.

Does wearing a tight cage for an extended period of time cause penis shrinkage?
Opinions differ on the matter and all the evidence is purely anecdotal. Some men say their size has stayed the same while others -who have been in chastity for months or years- say that the longer you wear a device the smaller your penis will get. There are even some stories of men who supposedly went from 5-6 inches erect to just 2-3 inches, after 1-2 years of chastity. These testimonials are scarce and probably factious.

Most guys agree that there is some shrinkage (and erections get less hard) over time, however, this shrinkage is not permanent and the penis comes back to normal size after a week of freedom or some. If you are really afraid of this happening to you then make sure to get a few releases, erections and ejaculations out of the cage every once in a while.

Is the chastity cage visible under normal clothing?
It all depends on how tight your clothes are and how big your device is. Depending on the model, the bulge may be small or big. Most guys wear normal clothes like jeans and shorts with the device on. If your regular clothing doesn't fit particularly well I suggest you to do this. Go shopping while wearing your chastity cage and purchase pants, shorts and underwear that fit and look better than your current wardrobe.

What about airports? Will I set off metal detectors?
Yes! Make sure to wear a 100 % plastic device (that doesn’t set on metal detectors ) when travelling by plane or get prepared for a really awkward discussion with security stuff. Still, this might not be enough to “save” you from random body checks. I think it's best to take out the cage completely and put in your luggage before the gate control. Just wear it on back in a toilet after you pass it.

Will I be able to exercise?
If your cage fits you properly, yes you will. There are even joggers & bikers in the chastity community who report no issues.

Any tips for clicking locks?
Most locks usually "click" against the cage when worn. A simple solution is to use a rubber band around the lock or you can put some rubber band around the lock & the chastity cage. Another option is to use Velcro (waterproof kind is the best choice due to sweating) to stick the lock to the belt. I am sure you can come up with many other solutions if you use your head.

How to avoid blue balls?
For most men, blue balls is a  dull cramp like pain, caused by prolonged arousal without release. How to deal with that is up to you. If you are in a long term agreement, being patient usually helps. In most men, the body adjusts and blue balls resolve after a few weeks. Prostate milking is also something you can try (see question down below) if you like or consider anal play. I have also heard that massaging the perineum can help relieve most of the discomfort in some men. 

Note: Don't confuse blue balls with blue/purple testicles caused by loss of blood flow by a base ring that is too tight. Although some temporary discoloration is not an issue - (especially when you are very aroused) - extended loss of blood flow can be extremely unhealthy.

What is prostate milking?
Prostate milking is actually just prostate massage. It forces some or all of the seminal fluid to leave the body without the good feelings of an orgasm. It's most often done for prostate health, to deal with blue balls or to release a guy's sexual energy without giving him the pleasure of an orgasm.

Prostate milking typically involves no penis touching. The keyholder  uses her fingers, a dildo or something similar to massage the prostate. During milking, the seminal fluid dribbles out randomly. If it dribbles or squirts out in rhythmical pulses, then there was an orgasm. It can take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes before seminal fluid starts to drip out. This time tends to get shorter as you get accustomed to the sensations of prostate milking.

Note: If orgasms are regularly denied for more than 10 days, then prostate milking is something you should consider incorporating in your new lifestyle.

I am a woman. How can I convince my boyfriend/husband/whatever to embrace the male chastity lifestyle?
You should start with baby-steps. I think a direct approach won't work well as your man might feel threatened or emasculated.  I suggest you to get a cheap cage and tell him you want to try something new during foreplay. Be sexy and say you want to tease him a lot before and give him a mind-boggling orgasm in the end! The whole act should be for him and his pleasure. Maybe he says no at first but good chances is that after some thinking he will ask for it later. Now it's up to him if he wants to continue this kink and to what extent.

Any cheap recommendations for quick sessions?
From personal experience, I can suggest you to try any model available from Utimi. Most of them come for a dirt cheap price (around the 20-25 $ range), are comfortable enough  for quick sessions (e.g. 20-30 minutes of teasing) and are readily available from Amazon and other online vendors.

However, these models don't offer the comfort and quality required for long term chastity and are only good for those who are not yet ready for full commitment!

Any recommendations long term, 24/7 or even permanent chastiy?
Well, as I mentioned in the introduction I only indulge into this kink for short term sessions. From my little experience and from what I have read online I think you should get a device that feels comfortable and it's easy to keep clean without requiring removal. I guess the "Master Series Extreme Brushed Stainless Steel Male Chastity Penis Cage" pictured below full-fills both these requirements,

I want to go nofap. Can I use a cage to get a good start?Yeah, I guess you can use a chastity device to cut down excessive masturbation and porn. Just make sure to get a comfortable device, suitable for long term wearing, something like the CB 6000 or the extreme chastity By Master Series. You will also need a trusted person who will keep your key. I guess after a few weeks (when your need to masturbate has subsided) you can ditch the cage. Note: I have no experience with going nofap so this is all speculation.

Any ideas for chastity games I can play with my keyholder?
Here are some quick ideas to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your keyholder. Try some googling if you need more:
  • Use a dice to determine how many orgasms you get per week/month/year. Or how many extra weeks you will stay locked if you did something bad!
  • Draw a marble from a bag. Let's say you start with nine blue marbles and a white one. If you get the white you get to ejaculate and the game starts all over. If you get a blue you just set it aside. You can put other marbles to spice things up. For example a black marble means that all blue ones have to go back to the bag and you start over from scratch. The length between each drawing is up to your Keyholder of course!
  • Be instructed to orgasm only onto something you can't control. For example:“You can orgasm when it next snows” or “ You can cum if X wins the match” or “You can orgasm if the phone rings 3 times within one hour”
  • Any gambling game (or even board games) can be adapted to chastity play. For example, you can play a variation of poker. You can bet extra days you will stay locked, foot rubs, oral, a nice dinner out . . . And she can bet things like days off,  permission for anal etc
  • Get a bowl with keys in small envelopes. Any key will do as long as you can't see it. Did you get the right key? If yes, you got lucky. If not, you have to wait until the next time and even maybe do something for her like oral or a good massage. 
  • Hide-and-Seek: The keyholder hides your key somewhere, and you have only so long to find it and be allowed to orgasm.
  • Get a customizable "Wheel of Fortune" app (or make a simple one yourself) and put various rewards and punishments on the wheel. Give it a spin it every time she asks you too.  "add 1 day", "add 1 month" "ruined orgasm" are some things you can put on the wheel.

I have a question you have not answered!
Well, just use the comment box down below! What are you waiting for? Ask!

Master Series Extreme Brushed Stainless Steel Male Chastity Penis Cage
Master Series Extreme Brushed Stainless Device

* The Prince Albert (PA) is one of the more common male genital piercings.[1] The PA is "a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis." The related "reverse Prince Albert piercing" enters through the urethra and exits through a hole pierced in the top of the glans.

the key is mine and is that cock

This buyer's guide was last updated on 01/03/2020


  1. Hi! I want to go nofap. Do yu think a cage could help me get a good start?

  2. In reply to previous commenter, going nofap with a cage works fine for me

  3. On the attachment ring to male chastity cage: I have tried rings up to 2" 1/16" inch and they are all too small. I have never thought of myself as large but I cannot even get in. Are there any chastity cages that attach with an adjustable strap or how large a ring can I get? I can't be the only one with this problem.

  4. I am a cuckold I had a cb 6000 s an it kept falling off then another small one it kept coming off my dicklett is 2 inches hard it's of no use to my wife so she wants me in a cage now she has had one made for me the hardest part of that was letting the guy measure me for it and he couldn stop laughing he said the little fella was cute but no good said I better no how to suck dick good which I do very well my wife is with OUR BULL rite now I'm next lol

  5. My wife is looking for a cost-friendly MCD to accommodate my apadravya. What options are available outside of Ms. Lori's? Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi all,

    My penis is "short and thick" so the CB3000/CB6000 are too tight for me, and the curve is too long.

    Anybody can advise me a good chastity device for me ? (I don't want prince albert or urethral insertions, I want a normal chastity cage. I just need the inside diameter of the tube to be at least 40mm. Most of the tubes are 35mm diameter.

    Thanks !


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