Friday, November 13, 2015

Science Says Your Penis Size Is (probably) Just Fine

Some scientists find cures for life threatening diseases, some make weather predicting devices and others come with some truly crazy inventions that change our lives for the better...or worse!

But not all scientists are like Alan Turing, and truth be told, some times the scientific research reminds us of conversations that take place in a changing room. For example, what is the average penis size?

There have been many, many attempts to answer this question, a question usually made by stressed and nervous men. The most ambitious response to this question, was recently released by the British Journal of Urology in a study named "Am I normal?"

Supposedly, the study gives once and for all an answer to the "what is the average penis size" question. And the study says that...your size is most probably fine.

The study
In this systematic review, the scientists examined 96 studies that had previously explored the same question and excluded 70 for a variety of reasons. Then they put the remaining data down for further examination.

According to the scientists, behind the obsession with penile girth and length, hides the concern that if someone finds or thinks you have a small penis then everyone will start talking about you. There is also concern that men who spend much of their time comparing themselves with others, are more likely to develop some dysmorphic disorder, like small penis syndrome. The goal of the scientists who carried out the study was to create a graphic that doctors will show at patients who express concerns about their size, mistakenly believing that they have a micropenis or that they are somehow lacking and inadequate.

The good news is that statistically speaking, your dick is just fine. According to the survey, only 2.28% of men have abnormally small penises. A normal penis size is 14.224 cm when erect, and 7.62 cm when flaccid. The most important finding of the survey, however, is that your penis size is not associated with height, weight, age, the length of your fingers or anything else. Yes,  real scientists with PhDs, spent time analyzing the shoe-size myth, just to tell you that it is not true.

Despite the fact that individuals who participated in the survey largely originated from countries of Europe, scientists were able to collect some data from other far-off countries like Nigeria, Jordan and Korea. Trying to create the profile of the truly average penis, the researchers found that the data doesn't show significant differences between the various races.

Although the study seem to promote a somewhat strange message of multicultural unity bringing hope to most men all around the globe, 2.28% of them will probably be too upset with the findings.

The study notes that to compare yourself with others is a two-edged sword ... and you might end up with exactly the opposite effect, enhancing the feelings of personal failure.

The study's authors argue that this study will also help to investigate the relationship between condom failure and penis size. In 2001, LifeStyles Condoms, had basically tried to do the same, although the attempt looked more like a plot for a porn movie, rather than a serious scientific effort. During the Cancun Spring Break in Mexico, condom manufacturers stood outside a club and invited 401 men to measure their penises with the goal to design better condoms. Interestingly, only 300 of them managed to get an erection. According to the research by LifeStyles Condoms, the normal penis size is 14.92758 cm. 

The study also shows that men tend to over exaggerate their penis size in self-reported poll and surveys. Who would have guessed, lol! The results show that the difference between small, medium and large penis is not as great as some think.

In some other news... Just before Valentine's Day this year (2015), the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand was forced to issue a warning to teenagers about the dangers of buying loose condoms.

Obviously, the children there were embarrassed to buy the condoms of the right size, which caused an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases. Apparently, reassuring men for their penises might bring a really positive effect on the wider society.