Saturday, May 30, 2015

Interview with Exhibitionist Jo

Here's another interview I recently had. This time it's Jo.

Interestingly, his small penis hasn't stopped him from having a very active sex life having sex with more than 50 women! I am quite impressed to be honest, hopefully, in his age I will be able to say the same!

But what is even more interesting is the two stories he shared with me. They are really really unbelievable. If the first one is true...well let's just say that by the age of 11, he had already experienced something probably all men have fantasized sometime in their lives.. Lucky guy!

I consider this to be far the most interesting interview featured on the site!

How old are you and what is your erect size?
I'm 57 y/o. My erect length is 3 inches and erect girth is 4.25 inches. I took the time to take new measurements. Sadly, they are smaller than before.

When did you first notice you were smaller than other boys?
I was 9 y/o. This was the year of Expo 1967 in Montreal and my par ents were hosting visitors for the event. One couple had 2 kids, a little girl and a 7 y/o boy. Both were always running naked all over the place. And the boy was easily twice as big as me in the penis department.

Jos Flaccid Penis

How many relationships have you had?
About 20 that lasted some time. But I had many one night stand. Over all probably over 50 women I had sex with.

In the one night stands you had, do you give any early warnings about your manhood?
Sometimes, if the subject came up or I felt it needed.  But generally, no.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
Not that much. Mostly, I got teased. But there has been one tall built woman with which sex didn't work. Her vagina was a lot larger than usual and in her case, the saying 'Is it in? I can't feel it' took a real meaning.

You say you have had sex with more than 50 women.. Has ever any woman rejected you due to your small penis?
Not really.  The only one where there was a problem was the tall one I mentioned.  But in her case, I could insert 4 fingers and the hand up to my thumb inside her vagina when she was not even warmed up.  When she was aroused, I could fist her easily with no lubricant.  She really had a huge vagina, never met another one quite like that.  So for sure, my tiny dick was lost in there.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share? 
The worst moment was when I had a urethra blockage that needed surgery. But first they had to pierce through it to empty the bladder. When they explained, I was rather scared and mentioned the nurse that what I had was not exactly standard. Well, after the piercing, which almost had me faint, she said to me:

"You were right. That wasn't standard." 

 And I could see the smile in her squinting eyes. Then, the surgery, about an hour later. I was still under the chock of the piercing. Position: on your back, legs lifted up and spread apart. On top of the fact it hurt like hell because of insufficient local anaesthesia when they inserted the tool in my penis, I could see the ironic smiles of the doctor and the 2 nurses.

Jo's erect penis

Do you think your micropenis has affected other aspects of your life? 
Yes, it has. I definitely developped an exhibitionist side because of that.

Are you married or in a relationship now? Any children?
Been married once, now divorced. Sex had nothing to do with it. No children, altough I did get 2 women pregnant that later got an abortion.

Have you ever consulted a doctor about any penis enlargement options?
No. I did look online but quickly saw thru the scams. And let's be realistic, if this was feasible, all men would get a bigger one. :-p

Have you told anyone close to you like about your penis?
Most of my friends know, some have even seen it.

Any tips to share with other small-endowed guys?
Well, I say enjoy what you have. You can't change it so no point crying about it. Better have fun with it as much as you can. And to the shallow people you meet that put you off because of your small penis, just get rid of them. They are not worth your friendship.

You say you have developed an exhibitionist side... Can you elaborate a bit more? Maybe give some examples and the reactions you usually get?
This will be a bit lengthy...  But you asked, so here it is...

Well, to start with, I used to run around naked when I was a kid.  Remember the part where I talked about the young visiting boy?  Well, the result of that was that my parents did noticed the difference and had me see a doctor.  Diagnostic: testicles were still inside the body instead of having descended in the scrotum.  I was scheduled for surgery.  This happened about 2 years after so I was about 11.  The evening before the surgery, a nurse came into my room, pulled the curtains around the bed, and annouced she had to shave my pubic in prevision of the operation.  Not that I had much hair down there...  I was already nervous about the next day and that didn't help.  She started by washing the area and then proceeded with the shaving.  She had to move my penis around while doing this and I ended up having my very first erection.  I didn't know back then it was an erection. But my cock was stiff and hurting a bit against my belly, where she had to shave so she held it with one hand.  She also kinda massaged around it and the scrotum and rubbed my little shaft.  At 11 y/o, I didn't understand what was happening.  It's several years later that I realised she had given me a hand job.  Yet, at the time, as nervous as I was, I remember quite well enjoying being seen and touched.

Of course, the inevitable outcome happened rapidly, I had my first orgasm and ejaculated in her hands.  I was both surprised and felt good and the nurse smiled and said not to worry, that everything was alright.  She cleaned me up of the sperm and finished the shaving.  I was still hard when she finished.  Hard and hairless.  I must have liked that sight because later in time, I kept my pube shaved even before it was fashionable.  But back to the nurse,  she still had my penis in her hand when she finished and she asked if I was alright.  I said yes.

full body shot of micropenis owner jo

Then she leaned over me and put my penis in her mouth and moved her hand over my scrotum, massaging it while she suck me.  I came almost immediately for a second time.  But this time, she didn't have to clean me afterward as she swallowed it.  She straightened up, still massaging my scrotum and I could  feel there was something different.

 She looked at me in the eyes and said something like

"You're a good boy and I have a good news for you.  I think you won't need the surgery tomorrow."  

Well that was a good news.  But I was worried about my still erect penis.  It felt stiff as wood and hurting a bit and I had never seen it big like that.  I asked her if my penis would stay big like that.

Smiling, her answer was

 "Well it's not that big to start with.  And don't worry, it will get back to normal soon."  

She bent over me again, took my penis back in her mouth for a few seconds, gave it a kiss then pulled the covers back over me and said good night while picking her stuff and left.  I looked down and could see the bump my penis was making in the covers. I then put my hand down and started to touch myself, feeling the stiffness and my new balls in the scrotum.  It all felt good and it took a while before it got limp and I felt asleep.

The next morning, another nurse came in to prep me for the surgery.  She asked me to remove my PJs and get ready.  I took it off and she started staring at my penis.   Right then and there, I felt the stiffness begin again.  The nurse came closer, lifted my hardening penis with one hand and felt my scrotum with the other then turned around and left quickly, leaving me there with my little hard on to be seen to anyone passing by.  She came back with the doctor in tow.  He bent down over me and looked closely then took my scrotum in his hand and started feeling it.  After a few seconds he turns back to the nurse and say

"You were right, his testicles have dropped  down.  You can cancel the surgery."  He turns over to me, looks me over, with my stiff penis up my belly and say "Looks like you're a proud boy.  Pack your stuff, your parents will pick you up soon."

That was a bit long story, and all true although translating what I remember was said in English does take some of the hornyness I experienced out.  Yet it is true.  I did told that story to a few people and some believe it and others don't.  Up to you to decide.

But the end result is I got back home with a new toy I quickly learned to enjoy.And what I learned from the hospital experience is that I liked having my penis being seen and touched.  If you combine that with the fact I loved running around naked, the inevitable conclusion is that I am an exhibitionist.  And my life has proven that time over time.  The next events to occur were me trying to relate my hospital story, relying on the fact I was small down there, and wanting others, girls or guys, it didn't matter,  to withness it and even comparing when the other was a guy.

I did this most of my teen years.  I was also trying to show it even when clothed, wearing tight clothes without underwear to outline it as much as possible.  Inevitably, I would get an erection when I was able to show it.  What a lot of pleasure it was.  Some would get in the play and we would masturbate sometimes mutually.  Or some fingering would happen.  It was discovery time for us back then.  And a lot of fun.  I did this so many times I just can't remember all of them and my little penis shot lots of sperm back then.

I even had a pedophile experience when I was about 13.  The uncle of a friend noticed me and offered to have a walk and some ice cream.  So we went about and ended up in a secluded area and sat down on some rocks.  Summer time, warm sunny wheather.  We were talking and at some point he asked if I had ever seen a penis.  I answered yes, many times, that we were often doing this between friends and that I liked a lot to show it.  He then asked if I would show it to him.  I wasn't too sure.  After all, I didn't really know him.  But he managed to convince me, saying he just wanted to admire the look of a young nude boy.  So I eventually got naked.

Not that he had to work very hard to get me naked.  I already loved to be that way and showing.  I was just not used to do it in front of adults.  So I sat back down on my rock, stark naked, already with a semi erection because just the idea to show myself back then was making me horny.  He then suggested he would get himself nude too and asked if I minded.  I thought for a couple of minutes and finally said ok.  He then removed his clothes while not facing me and while I watch.  When he turned around, my jaw dropped.

He had a huge snake between his legs.  I still remember seeing it wobling while he sat back.  The thing was easily reaching half way to his knees.  I had never seen one so big and it wasn't even hard.  I had only seen teen guys so far and while I was used to them being way bigger than me, I had never imagined a penis could get that big and couldn't get my eyes off it.  And while I was looking at it, my tiny one couldn't help itself but get as hard as it could.

Something the man quickly noticed.  He then asked me to get up and turn around and show myself to him. A bit shy suddenly, after all he was a grown up and I wasn't used to be hard in front of adults, I covered my stiffy with my hands and did as he asked.

When I faced him again he said

"Don't be shy, show it to me."  

At the same time I was looking down to his penis who seemed even bigger.  He was rubbing it slowly. And it was getting bigger and stiffer.  I complied and removed my hands from my own.  There I was, naked in nature, with as full a hard on I could get, looking at this man's big penis getting stiff.  He complimented me on my look but I was not quite listening, still focused on his huge penis.  Nowadays I kind of rationalise this.  It was a big one, but not as impressive as I thought back then.  Yet, he must have been at least 8 inches soft and probably 9 to 9 and a half inches hard.  I have yet to see that big a penis since then.  One sure thing, seeing him rubbing that big piece of man meat, made me quite horny and I started masturbating myself to.  The big difference between us is that I was using only 2 fingers to masturbate while he was using his whole hand.  I didn't last long (I unfortunately always been a fast cummer or having premature ejaculation if you prefer, and that from the beginning up to today) and soon shot my little load of sperm on the ground in front of him.  He smiled and said it was nice while he continued masturbating.

I could not help myself getting closer to him to watch that amazingly big cock.  And back then, I would stay hard after cuming, ready for another shot or 2.  So I sat close to him,  my face right in front of his big penis, while stroking my little hard on.  He stopped masturbating and asked if I'd like to touch it, offering it to me.  It had kind of a life to it's own, spasming.  The head would spring up and down, almost touching his belly button.  I lifted one hand and tried to hold his penis but it was way too big.  I lifted my rigth hand and both of them could barely circle his penis.  What a feeling it was!  He must have been pretty aroused I guess because almost as soon as both my hands were around his penis, he started ejaculating and I could feel the strenght of it in my hands.  He shot several big loads before I even had a chance to work my hands up and down his penis.  And when I finally did rubbed his penis up and down, it continued oozing lots of sperm.  I ended up ejaculating a second time, hands free, while I was stroking him.  This man had a powerful penis.  We ended up gathering our clothes and left.  He was holding my hand while we walked back, and I still had a stiffy in my shorts.

Nowadays, something like that would appear very wrong to most people.  But to be honest, he never forced me to anything and I never felt threatened.  It was a rather nice encounter to me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Video: Professor Colin Moore on Treating Micropenis in Young Patients

Here's an interesting video featuring Prof. Colin Moore from the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, on treating young boys with a micropenis with testosterone therapy. A must see for concerned parents.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jesse's Micropenis Story

Here's a quick interview I had with Jesse, after he asked me to upload some of his photos. 

Hey Jesse! How old are you and how big is your micropenis?
Well I'm 21 and 2 1/2 inchs erect.

When did you first notice you had a small penis?
I noticed I was much smaller when I was very young while hanging out with other friends

How many relationships have you had in total? Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?
I have only had four sexual relationships, three of them didn't last any longer than 3 months and I have never been told anything about my size but only had sex with those three woman less than 5 times a piece. Shortly after though they always left me so it has affected my relationships.

Not to many embarrassing moments and I'd say it use to affect my self esteem as of now I'm with my very loving wife who happens to love micro penises. We have no children as of yet.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interview with Micropenis Owner KG

This is an interview I recently had with KG, a reader of the site and owner of a border-line micropenis.

I was surprised to learn that despite his small penis, he has had sex with about 20 women, a number that would surely make many normal-sized men jealous! He also has a wife and two children.

Hey KG. What is your size when erect and when did you first notice you were smaller than other people?
-If I am standing up normally, measuring along the top side, body to tip I am 3.5 inches long and I am 4.5 inches around when I am soft it is not possible to measure as it almost moves inside me. In high school I was the smallest in the locker room both my penis and balls were considerably smaller then everyone else.