Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Penis and I: A Small Penis Documentary

Just finished watching an interesting documentary called "My Penis and I". Made by Lawrence Barraclough in 2005 for the BBC, the film is all about his small dick and how it has affected his life.

During the 1-hour film, Lawrence starts a journey to discover why he is so insecure with his 3 inch penis and talks to all shorts of people in an effort to overcome his problem. He talks with his parents, his girlfriend, a group of female club-goers, a penis enlargement surgeon and two pornstars.

He also joins a small penis support group, visits a woman that makes plastic casts of rockstar's penises and experiments with some penis enlargement methods.

The documentary is now out of BBC licensing and you can watch it for free online. Please be aware that it contains some male nudity:

If you are wondering how life with a small penis is, then this film is for you. You will learn all about the teasing and bullying Lawrence received in his early years, how he abstained from sex to avoid getting ridiculed by other women and how it never stopped being a problem in his current 8 year long relationship. In the end, it seems that Lawrence comes in terms with his size and appears to leave all his insecurities behind..

My respect to Lawrence for his courage to share his story and show his small penis to the entire world.

If you enjoyed the film then make sure to watch the sequel, My Penis and Everyone Else's!

Lawrence Barraclough, producer of the "my penis and I" documentary
Lawrence Barraclough


  1. im 16 years old nearly 17 I have a micropenis and I know my life will be lonely bad and not happy probadly die as a virgin but when I saw Lawrence Barraclough Documentary I felt good and he made my day a little bit that im not the only one with very small penis and low self estemm he has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him as he is and I very happy for him that he share his story and have a woman that like him I hope I will get a chance like it although my micropenis thanks Lawrence Barraclough that you a brave guy that gave me reason to try live with my condition called micropenis

  2. i want to suck his penis


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