Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jack shares his micropenis story (bonus Q&A)

A few days ago I received an email from Jack, a guy with a border-line micropenis. Jack shared his story, answered a few questions and even shared some photos of his penis. I really want to thank him for taking the time to write about himself in such a great detail. If you want to contact him please click here. Jack also has a personal blog, dedicated to his fetish. Click here to visit the homepage or here to view more pictures of his penis.


Jack's Story

Hello, first I'd like to say thank you for having so much useful information on your site. I really think that you are doing something of great importance for all of those with micropenises or others who at least have smaller than average penises. I like that it neither sugarcoats it with constant "size doesn't matter" rhetoric and reducing penis size to boat metaphors, nor does it give the impression that size is ALL that matters or that men with small penises can not sexually fulfill their partners. Here I'll provide some basic info, and if you have additional questions you can ask me before you post this.

Jack's penis (flaccid)
Jack's penis (flaccid)

I won't give my real name for obvious reasons, but a nickname I go by is Jack, and that's what I go by online oftentimes, so for convenience's sake I'll go by that here. So, yeah, I'm Jack. I am 26 years old, Caucasian/European-American, heterosexual and have been married for over two years. I have lived in the state of Texas for my whole life. Height wise I am 5'6 and kind of chubby. Fully erect my penis is, last I measured, under 3-1/4 inches (8 cm), though on a good day it's about 3-1/2; Girth wise I have a circumference of just under 4 inches. Soft it is ridiculously small, about an inch on a good day, and sometimes it actually pops into my body (an "innie"!) especially if very cold or after extended biking or a long bus rise or a day of sitting far too much. According to the information provided on this site that would make my penis a micropenis. Other sites I have checked seem to indicate it would have to be even smaller to qualify as a micropenis; Several sites say an adult erect micropenis must be 7 cm (2-3/4") or less; Either way if I do not have a micropenis, I'm damned close! I honestly hope my penis qualifies as a micro.

Jack's micropenis erect
Jack's penis erect

I have been into the "small penis humiliation" fetish since soon after puberty, though at that time I was also ashamed and depressed about my size and I think that fetish was psychologically a sort of defensive barrier to shield me from emotional trauma, depression and fear of ending up alone because of my perceived sexual inadequacy. From an early age, even before puberty, I heard my mother and half sisters (both over ten years older than me) makes disparaging remarks about small penises (including my father's supposedly tiny dick; They were divorced. I've only seen my father's penis flaccid, but it looked about the size I am when hard, so his is probably considerably bigger than me), and one of my sisters made several remarks about my small size. I also heard a lot of similar remarks on shows my mom and sisters watched like Ally McBeal and Sex in the City. When I saw a character on the movie Scary Movie teased about his "babydick" which is in a photograph passed around to the character's friends while they laughed at him, I noticed, his dick was about my size... Eventually I found the idea of being teased for one's small size exhilarating and extremely arousing, but even so I also found the thought depressing and humiliating.

Jack's penis (erect)

Ironically what turned into my biggest fantasy was also, in highschool, my biggest fear -- that my tiny cock would be discovered, that rumors would spread, and that I would be forever known to all of my friends and family as "Babydick" or some other equally insulting nickname. I could not explain then why I would be so attracted to something that most men would never eroticize. For a long time I had no idea that lots of other men, and even some women, were into being teased for their --OUR-- "shortcomings". And yet at night as a teen I would often lay awake and stroke my little erection and fantasize about being discovered, teased, humiliated, laughed at, exposed, by everyone from girls I went to school with, especially the kind of bitchy ones, to female teachers, to fictionalized and sexily, cartoonishly dressed nurses, bursting with cleavage, who I fantasized would comment on and tease me for my size when I dropped my undies for a physical. Ironically, though I fantasized about nurses seeing my penis, it also scared and humiliated me so much that I was in reality way too scared to seek help increasing my size at a time it may have worked. 

Luckily, now, my fetish has taken me to such an extreme that I no longer even would want my penis to get any bigger. If anything sometimes, as odd as it sounds, sometimes I wish it was even smaller, like some of the other members. I suppose though that it is quite selfish of me, and my wife would prefer it was bigger. She admitted to me that though I could give her an orgasm, the sex just was not as fulfilling since my little dick just doesn't fill her up or stretch her the way her much much larger exes did; She knows that I enjoy hearing her talk about that, and comparing my size to theirs. However she also said I give the best head out of any guy she's been with thus far, and she is generally quite fulfilled. I do sometimes fantasize about watching another larger guy (the longer and thicker the better!) fuck her like she deserves while I watch and masturbate; However, she is very monogamous and has no interest in getting fucked by another guy. One can definitely see her eyes light up watching the huge dicks in the porn we watch. When my wife first saw my cock she did not make any remarks but she later told me that she was quite surprised; She's never seen one as small as mine before. She thought I was having trouble getting hard but actually I was rock hard, which she realized after rubbing it for a while. We now own a toy which fits over my dick which works very well and extends my penis about four inches in length and quite a bit in girth.

My wife is the fourth woman I have had sex with. I lost my virginity at 19; Up till about that time I was still hoping it would grow but it does not seem like my dick ever grew much at all during puberty. My first time was embarrassingly bad and awkward, and the relationship soon ended... The second woman I had sex with was an interesting one, and she had both a dominant and submissive side. She has been the only sexual partner I've had who really and truly enjoyed teasing me about my penis size, a real dominatrix sometimes. She introduced me to, among other things, bondage as well, both the art of tying up and the pleasure of being tied up. This combined quite well with the small penis humiliation fetish. The third woman I had sex with was merely a pleasurable one night stand.

Q & A

Joey: Have you ever had any really embarrassing experiences?

Jack: Every time a female nurse or doctor has seen it has been embarrassing though to my dismay none have acted unprofessionally, laughed or even smirked. I avoided public showers in highschool for obvious reasons. I've been in public showers and saunas as an adult and have only gotten one comment (from a friend) along the lines that "Dude, I feel sorry for your girlfriend..."

Joey: Does anyone close to you (e.g. family or friends) know about your micropenis?

Jack: A few friends and family know I am smaller though no one knows I have a legit micropenis; Few people have heard that word outside the context of a joke sadly. I've told my friend Chris (when drunk) that I was under 4 inches (though I didn't tell him exactly HOW small). I've never actually told any of my family, but my sisters have seen me naked (flaccid) and one has commented on my size. I've tried to get my wife to tell other women but so far no luck.

Jack's penis vs a lighter

Joey: Any advice for other guys with a micropenis?

Jack: If you have any inclination toward humiliation fetish, dive in. Either way, learn to use your tongue and your hands well, and give a woman an orgasm before actually sticking it in. If you make her cum first it's easier to make her a second time even with a small dick, and even if she doesn't she'll still be grateful for the first orgasm, and probably overlook the fact that you're tiny; Women are very subjective, so even a non-penis related orgasm will make your penis "look" bigger to her, and if she's mad or disappointed it will make your penis "look" smaller to her, similar to how in eyewitness reports of crimes male criminals who are very loud or aggressive are often described especially by female witnesses as being taller than they really were. Don't let micropenis be a death sentence on your sex life, be it vanilla or kink. If you want to enlarge, great, obviously it has worked well for you, but for those who don't, that doesn't mean you have to lock your penis away (unless that's what you're into). Oh, also, if she asks you your size, don't lie, at least don't stretch the truth too much anyway, especially if you're hoping to actually have sex with her. Nothing will make your penis smaller looking than unrealistic expectations.