The Definition of Micropenis Varies and Depends on Ethnicity

Micropenis definition varies and depends on ethnicity, age and other factors
In the what is a micropenis condition article, I briefly explain that there is no standard size for micropenis, mentioning that the definition depends on numerous factors like the patient's age and ethnicity. The latter may sound a bit racist, but it's actually true and based on real scientific data.

In this post I have selected to present you the results from two different studies, to back up these claims.

In the first study, named "Should the definition of micropenis vary according to ethnicity?", the authors measured the stretched penile length of 105 full term newborn male infants:
  • 40 babies belonged to the Caucasian race
  • 40 babies of Chinese origin
  • 25 babies East-Indian origin

The researchers concluded that both the average penile length and diameter are slightly but significantly smaller in newborns boys of Chinese origin compared to newborn boys of Caucasian and East-Indian origin. For this reason, they suggest that the border-line penile length that should be used for the definition of micropenis must be:
  • 2.6 cm for Caucasian newborns
  • 2.5 cm for newborns of East- Indian origin 
  • 2.3 cm for newborns from China 

This study was published at the "Hormone research" Journal and was conducted by Cheng PK and Chanoine JP. You can read the abstract by clicking here.

In the second study, named"Penile length of newborns in Singapore.", the researchers examined 228 male newborns of up to three days of age. The researchers again found that race had a significant impact on stretched penile length. Specifically, it was found that :
  • For Asian babies the average stretched penile length is 3.6 cm
  • For Chinese babies the average stretched penile length is 3.5 cm
  • For Malay babies the average stretched penile length is 3.6 cm 
  • For Indian babies the average stretched penile length is 3.8 cm

The study concluded that:
"Asian babies thus have similar norms to Caucasian babies. An Asian newborn whose penis measures less than 2.6 cm has micropenis and may need prompt investigation for underlying endocrine disorders."

The study was conducted by Ting TH & Wu LL and was published at the "Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism". You can access it here

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Do I Have a Micropenis ? How to Measure Your Penis Properly

I was having a look at my web-stats the other day and noticed that many people discover the site using search queries like "Do I have a small penis ?" or "Do I have a micropenis". So, I decided to make this guide to show you the proper way to measure your penis to find whether you have a micro, small, average or big penis.

First, I want to mention that micropenis is a term strictly referring to a penis with a very small erectile length. This means that you only have to measure your length to see if have a micropenis. Still, I have decided to include instructions on how to measure your girth as well. Let's begin:

How to measure penile length
The first thing you should have in mind is that all measurements must be taken while standing.

Begin by getting yourself a strong erection. Use porn, imagination, or whatever works best for you. Then hold your penis parallel to the floor. Take a ruler and press it gently against your abdomen as shown in the picture below. Press relatively hard, as some of the fat "hides" a part of your penis. This is especially true for larger people.

this photo shows the proper way to measure your penile length
How to measure your penile length properly

The size of the erection isn't always the same and depends on some factors, including:
  • Time of day
  • Room temperature
  • How aroused you are

For this reason, you should ideally measure yourself 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening) for three consecutive days. Then sum all the numbers up and divide them by nine, which in turn will give you, your average penile length.

Tip: Pressing hard into the pubic fat is justified by the fact that some men have more fat and pubic hair then other. Furthermore, during intercourse the "hidden" part of the penis can also go in depending on position and how deep you thrust. An easy way to make your penis appear larger is to simply lose weight or have liposuction in that area! Shaving also helps, especially if you have a really large bush!

Analyzing your findings
By now, you probably wonder whether you have a micropenis and where you stand compared to the rest of the male population. Please note that we can't give a definite answer to this, as we must first take certain factors under consideration.

For example, age is an important factor since teenagers have a smaller - on average - penis than adults. As covered in our "what is a micropenis" article, another factor is ethnicity, as black people tend to have a slightly larger penis than Caucasians do, while Caucasians have a larger penis compared to people of Asian origin. Additionally, different studies report different results in regards to average penile length.

Generally speaking, if you are an adult:
  • You probably have a micropenis if your penis is less than 9 cm (~3.5 inches)
  • You have a small penis, but within the normal range, if you are anywhere between 9 to 12 cm (3.5 to 4.7 inches)
  • Any penis between 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.2 inches) is considered to be a normally sized penis
  • Consider yourself to be lucky if your penis is 16-20 cm (6.2 to 7.8 inches). You are above average!
  • Even bigger ? Congratulations, you meet all the qualifications to become a successful male pornstar !

How to measure your penile girth
As promised, I will also cover the proper way to take girth measurements. For girth, things are a bit more complicated.

As before, you will need to be standing and to have a strong erection. Next, take a a measuring tape and take three measurements, one just below the glans, one in the shaft's middle and one at the base, as shown in the picture below:

the proper way to measure penile girth
How to measure your penile girth

For reliable results, you must again take three measurements (morning, noon, evening) for three consecutive days. Now, add your bottom, middle and top measurements individually and divide each of the three sums by 9. This way you will get your:
  • Average "bottom" girth
  • Average "middle" girth
  • Average "below the glans" girth
Finally, you can add these three numbers and divide them by three to get your overall mean penile girth.

Analyzing your girth
Currently, there is only one reliable clinical study (I think) on penile girth, putting it somewhere between 12 to 13 cm. If you know of any other reliable studies please let me know in the comments

My penis is small, I want a bigger one !
You are not alone. Most guys wish they had a bigger penis! At the moment, there are only two clinically approved methods (e.g. surgery) to enlarge your penis. Please visit the penis enlargement section of the site where I explore them in more detail! You may also want to have a look at another article of mine, does penis size really matter?

NSWF Images
And here are a few nswf images of men measuring their penises for guys who hate reading instructions and manuals :)

a guy taking penile length measurement - around 15 cm long

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you got any questions!

Effects of Testosterone on Boys with Micropenis

In this article we'll examine a study published in the late 90s named "Congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and micropenis: effect of testosterone treatment on adult penile size why sex reversal is not indicated."

Purpose of the study was to assess the safety and efficacy of testosterone treatment in young patients presenting with the micropenis condition.

Patient Background
A total of 8 patients - all with micropenis secondary to congenital pituitary gonadotropin deficiency - participated in the study. The patients were followed from their infancy or early childhood to adulthood (from 18 to 27 years of age) and were divided into two groups:
  • Four boys that received testosterone treatment before reaching the age of 2. Their mean stretched penile length, prior to treatment, was 1.1 cm (min: 0.5, max: 1.5 cm ).
  • Four boys that received testosterone treatment between the ages of 6 to 13. Their mean stretched penile length, prior to treatment,  was 2.7 cm (min:1.5 cm, max: 3.5 cm)
Image showing a newborn boy with the micropenis condition
Infant with micropenis
More micropenis photos

Treatment method
Both groups received one or more courses of 3 intramuscular injections containing testosterone enanthate (25 or 50 mg) at 1-month intervals. After the onset of puberty, the dosage was gradually increased to 200 mg on a monthly basis and then to an adult replacement regimen.

The authors reported similar penile gains for all boys, with both groups attaining - in adulthood - a penis with an average stretched length of 10.3 cm (min: 8 cm, max: 14 cm). Taking into consideration that the mean adult stretched penile length for Caucasians is 12.4, the results were described as quite satisfactory.

The researchers also reported that six of the patients "were sexually active, and all reported normal male gender identity and psychosocial behavior."

The study's main conclusions are as following:
  • One or two short courses of testosterone therapy are effective in enlarging a micropenis resulting from testosterone deficiency
  • There is no reason - clinical, psychological or physiological - to have a boy with micropenis sexually reassigned to a girl
  • The study contradicts previous clinical data on testosterone therapy - derived from mouse models - which indicated that early testosterone treatment may impair penile growth in adolescence and compromise adult penile length.
testosterone therapy is a viable option for children with micropenis

What if it doesn't work?
If testosterone therapy fails there is still hope. Transdermal Dihydrotestosterone application has shown very promising results in such patients.

Bin-Abbas B, Conte FA, Grumbach MM, & Kaplan SL. (1999) Congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and micropenis: effect of testosterone treatment on adult penile size why sex reversal is not indicated. The Journal of pediatrics, 134(5), 579-83. PMID: 10228293

Interview with micropenis member: Little Wee

Little Wee is a regular visitor of the site and agreed to answer a few questions about himself, as an interview-kind of thing. Little Wee has both a micro-penis and Kallmann's Syndrome.

You can drop him an email at if you want to talk with him in private!

Joey: Hi Little Wee. Could you first tell us a few things about yourself ?

Little Weewee: I'm 39 years old. I'm from NY. I'm straight, currently single. I've had a few girlfriends before (not many) but not currently. I suffer from Kallmann's Syndrome. That means my body does not produce testosterone. When I was born my testicles weren't descended. For a variety of reasons I didn't receive treatment until I was 15 years old. I then had surgery to bring my testicles down to my scrotum but they basically don't work anyway. I have to take daily doses of testosterone gel.

Joey: When did you first notice that you were "smaller" then the average ?

Little Weewee: I always knew I was small and that was something wrong with me. I knew my testicles weren't where they should be but didn't know the other stuff and didn't realize how small I actually was compared to others until my teens. That's when I saw kids my own age naked that had gone through puberty and were "normal" sized and realized that I was A LOT smaller than I should be.

Joey: How having a micropenis has impacted your life and your relationships with women ?

Little Weewee: Having a micropenis makes me extremely self conscious and makes it hard for me to try to find a woman. I'm always afraid they will reject me and am terrified of dating. I've never technically dated. I started relationships with my last girlfreinds after I already knew them as friends and acquaintances. Many people my age are already married and have children and I feel totally lost and left behind.

Joey: Have you had any really bad/embarassing experiences because of your micropenis ?

Little Weewee: Mostly the bad & embarrassing experiences were having sex. Because of my size sex is difficult (not impossible though). Many times it would fall out or I would cum too quickly. I often felt so bad I apologized to my girlfriend. She was understanding and we did what we had to to make it work.

Joey: Do you have any advice for guys outhere with a micropenis ?

Little Weewee: My advise is don't let having a micropenis hold you back. There are women out there who will accept you (I've found them, I just need to find more again). If a woman really loves you and cares about you she will work with you. It's not the end of the world. Lesbians have satisfying fulfilling sexual relationships so that proves having a large penis isn't necessary for happiness.

Guy with Micropenis Gets Tased (Video)

In this video - which I guess is from a festival or something - a naked guy with a micropenis gets tased and beaten by three police officers, after refusing to wear his Wizard costume.

Please leave a comment if you happen to know more details about this story like where it took place, why the guy got naked in the first place etc. I think he is high or something..

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality 

Please leave a comment if the video is broken! I will fix it right away

a guy with a small penis gets tazed in a festival

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