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Hello and welcome to, a site dedicated to the micropenis condition. You are probably reading these lines because you or somebody that you know has a micropenis.

According to current estimations about 0,5 % (1 in every 200) of males has a micropenis. The term refers to any penis that when erect, measures 9 cm (3.5 inches) or less.

If you don't know where to start from I suggest you to begin with the what is a micropenis and maybe the small penis collection (NSWF!!) pages. The first contains all the basics you need to know including diagnosis, available treatment options whereas the second will give you some good visual examples of how a true micropenis looks like.

Still not sure? Then better check our extensive "how to measure your penis"guide.

Of course that's not all. covers virtually everything related to the condition. Simply use the menu on the top where you can find all kinds of  stuff, including interviews, clinical studies, penis enlargement methods etc. There is also the members corner where you can share your personally story on life with a micro penis and the penis enlargement section where I explore the currently clinically and not clinically proven methods like phalloplasty.

In general, the main goal of the site is to collect every bit of information available on the condition, in an effort to answer any question someone may have. Treatments, images, interviews, advise for concerned parents and everything else you might need is probably here.  We even have comics! Think something is missing? Then please leave a comment or send me an email!

I really hope you find the site useful. If you do please consider sharing it on facebook, twitter and other social media to spread the word!

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Reader's Column: "I am 32. Could Testosterone Therapy Help With My Penis Size?"

Here's an email I got a few days ago, followed with my response:

My name is Paul. Im a late thirties guy in the north of England. I wanted to thank you for creating the site. The mental health problems I have are huge from the constant sniping in the media and in culture about people with small penises that makes me feel like im a bad person because of it. This is the first time Ive ever found a site that that is compassionate and intelligent that must have made a difference to lots of men.

I wanted to ask your advice. I came across your site after seeing a case of a 32 year old man in India who was treated with testosterone I think and whose penis grew. I had always believed this was completely impossible and have been heartened by some of the reports on your site.

Things are

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Reader's Column: "My Husband has A Micropenis. Can I still get pregnant? "

Recently I got a really long email from a female reader of the website called Jane.

The short version of itis that her husband has a micropenis and although she has no problem with the size per se, she is worried that for whatever reason she might have problems getting pregnant now they are thinking of starting a family...

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Reader's Column: "Not sure if it's considered a micropenis"

Here's a mail I recently got from an anonymous reader:


I'm not 100% sure if it's considered a micropenis but it's usually 3 1/2 erect. 
The older I get the worse it seems to get. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd like to hear them. Thanks I get. 
I've been married for almost 30 years but the bedroom has always been a problem.

Any good advice?? Yes you're welcome to post them anonymously.

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Man With Kallmann Syndrome & Micropenis Responds to Testosterone

Therapy helps him gain more than half an inch in penile length!

In the past I have posted about several cases of men with the micropenis condition that have responded quite well to testosterone therapy. And by "responding well",  I mean the testostestore therapy helped them get a bigger penis. Sometimes the difference is small, sometimes it's quite big, resulting on an average sized penis.

Typically, the younger the patient is the better the results are, in regard to penile gains.

In today's post, we will see the case of 26-year old man from Orlando, presenting with Kallmann's syndrome and an abnormally small penis. If you are not much of a reader, then the quick break down is that the man gained a bit more than half an inch, after receiving testosterone therapy.

In a newly published study, researchers reported the case of a 26-year old man with Kallmann* syndrome and an abnormally small penis (micropenis) who gained more than half an inch after initiating a testosterone therapy protocol.

The therapy increased the patient's serum testosterone and "resulted in a satisfactory gain in penile length" of  approximately 1.5 cm, according to Oscar Ruiz, MD, at the University of Puerto Rico.

Ruiz presented the findings at a poster session in the annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

"Testosterone treatment seems to be effective in patients with Kallmann Syndrome and micropenis. Thus, it may be the primary form of treatment for micropenis in adults with prepubertal characteristics." wrote the authors. 

The patient had no past medical history and apparently had never undergone puberty. According to Ruiz, his condition was first noticed at the age of 15, and he had otherwise reached normal developmental milestones.

When Ruiz and his team examined him, they diagnosed a "eunuchoid body proportion," a 1-centimeter penis, a normal scrotum, and small testicles. The patient had no facial hair, sparse pubic hair, decreased libido, anosmia, and a high-pitched voice. His karyotype appeared to be normal.

The authors reported that his hormone levels were consistent with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
  • Follicle stimulating hormones = 1.27 mIU/mL 
  • Luteinizing hormones = 0.5 mIU/mL 
  • Total testosterone = 0.27 ng/mL 
  • Free testosterone = 0.007 ng/mL 
  • Sex hormone binding globulin = 13.7 nmol/L 

"Other pituitary hormones were within normal levels." wrote the authors. 
"When we were first questioning him we found out that he couldn't smell anything." said Ruiz in an interview. 

MRI examination later revealed that he did not have olfactory bulbs in his brain. A human chorionic gonadotropin test was done and the patient's plasma testosterone rose from 26 ng/dL to 69 ng/dL.

The patient's penis wasn't the only thing that got bigger. Significant changes to the testicles, which gained in volume, came after about 4 months. Ruiz says that he doesn't know whether further treatment will result in additional penile growth, but said findings from other studies indicate that sometimes treatment can result in a 4-centimeter gain. 

"The most important concern in a patient with micropenis is whether he will have sufficient penile growth to allow sexual function," wrote the authors. 

The team plans to continue to work with the patient so that he can eventually become fertile.

"Testosterone treatment seems to be effective in patients with KS and micropenis. It successfully increased serum testosterone level and resulted in a satisfactory gain in penile length. Thus, it may be the primary form of treatment for micropenis in adults with prepubertal characteristics." concluded the authors.

* Kallman syndrome: Kallmann syndrome is a genetic condition where the primary symptom is a failure to start puberty or a failure to fully complete it. It occurs in both males and females and has the additional symptoms of hypogonadism and almost invariably infertility. Kallmann syndrome also features the additional symptom of an altered sense of smell; either completely absent (anosmia) or highly reduced (hyposmia).

pictured is a small penis from a kallmann's patient
Photo of a Micropenis from a patient with Kallmann Syndrome
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Best Sex Positions and Tips for Guys with a Small Penis

How many times have you wondered whether your penis is big enough to satisfy you partner? Since you are reading these lines my guess is a lot!. And chances are that the smaller your penis is the more obsessed you are with your sexual prowess. Unfortunately, this insecurity combined with other technical problems rising from having a small one can turn sex into a real nightmare.

This is why I decided to create this huge post which I believe is the most complete and comprehensive list of small penis sex positions and tips for the less gifted men. The positions down below guarantee to offer deeper penetration, allow for more friction and, when combined with the right foreplay, result to a really satisfying intercourse experience. So take a look at the list and don’t hesitate to try the suggested positions until you find the ones that work best for you and your partner. Feel free to share your experience with us and leave a comment or any tips that might be useful to other visitors of our page.

Positions with Man on Top

The Lady’s Squeeze: You sit back on your heels and have your woman lie on her back. Lift her hips and enter her. Then place both her legs together over one your shoulders. Stabilise her legs so that they don’t slide off you shoulder.

In this position you will get deep and firm penetration. The female can vary friction when needed by tightening or loosing her legs. TIP: Ask her to do kegels while you penetrate her for extra friction and pleasure!

Missionary Basic Version: The woman lies on her back with her leg straights and you top her, with her legs on the outside.

Missionary -The squeeze: Like above, but the woman places her legs on the inside. The closer the legs the tighter the fit. This is a bit tricky to perform. Penetrate her first with only one leg inside her legs and then after you enter her, take it out and ask her to close her legs shut.

Legs of victory: The woman puts her legs straight up, towards the ceiling. Great for deeper penetration, but it can be bit tiring for the woman.

The vice: Like normal missionary, but the woman wraps her legs around you and pulls you inside her while you thrust her.

One leg bent, one leg straight: The best of two worlds. This position allows both clitoral stimulation (which is minimal when both legs are bent) and deep penetration (which is difficult with both legs straight). No need to compromise!

Knees and ears: The woman places both legs over your shoulders and crosses her ankles around you, resulting in a deep, tight fit.

Knees Bend: The female tilts her pelvis down, aims the vaginal opening downwards, and holds her knees bend and up toward her chest. Use some pillows to keep her head elevated. This position shortens her vaginal canal and increases pressure, friction and of course pleasure for both partners.

Table Fun: Have your woman sit on the edge of a table with the legs stretched open. Enter her and have her bend backward, wrapping her legs around you for deeper penetration. Your woman can also lie flat on the table, and you can either put both your hands on her hips to accelerate intercourse, or use your hands to play with her breasts and/or clitoris.

Rabbit Ears: Your woman lies down on her back, spreads the thighs and draws her legs up, until the knees are close to the ears. Then place a pillow under her bottom. This places the vagina at an angle that is perfect for small penises. When you are inside her it will feel like you’re filling her completely. Don't try this position if you have a big penis or if she has a small vagina. Regrettably, this position can be tiring so use your arms to hold the knees in place. TIP: For additional stimulation, the woman can play with her clitoris.

The Hook-Up: Flexibility is a must for this position! With the woman on her back, enter as you would for the missionary position. The woman then raises her legs and places them against the chest. Tight and deep penetration! Have her cross the ankles for extra friction!

The Amazing Butterfly: This position is all about correct alignment First, find a place where the woman can lie down and you can stand in front of her. The catch for this position is to find someplace where the woman can put her pelvis about a  foot lower than you. Maybe a desk, a counter or a high bed. Then your woman lifts her legs and rests them on your shoulders, tilting her pelvis upward so that her back forms a straight line angling up toward you. Place your hands under her hips to hold her ass in the perfect angle while thrusting. When done slowly, this position will give her an orgasm that she will never forget!

Positions with Woman on Top

Vadavaka: The woman on top can be an excellent position for guys who don't pack much of a punch as it allows maximal penetration. However, the classic version won't work well, since there is going to be a lot of slipping out which becomes very frustrating and unsexy after a while. In the Vadavaka variation, the woman sits on the man and “gyrates” and grinds around your penis. As always, kegels can enhance the experience for both partners. TIP: Don't forget to use your hands to play with the woman's breasts, clit, neck and other erogenous zones while she tops you!

Cocoon: You kneel on the bed and sit back on the heels. The woman sits astride your lap with her feet on the bed behind you. Then lock your arms around her back. She lifts her feet off the bed and leans back into you arms, raising her legs as high as she can. Penetrate and thrust her gently back and forth.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl: Both positions are great for maximum penetration. There might be a lot of slippage, so it's better if the woman does more grinding instead of going up and down. Use your hands to stimulate her clitoris and other erogenous zones.

Reverse Missionary: Like normal missionary but this time its the woman that lies down on you. The reverse missionary gives her more control on speed, angle and how she rubs her clitoris on your body. Since she is lying forward, this can be a great position (when angled properly) for g-spot stimulation.

Rear Entry Positions

Leaping Lizard (Standard Grade): The woman kneels on the bed and leans forward until the forearms, chest and head rest comfortably on the bed. The butt should be high up in the air. She can turn her face sideways to breathe better. Yes, it looks a lot like a yoga position. And yes, it does mean your butt will be high up in the air. This position allows you to thrust deep and hard. Furthermore, she is supporting herself so your hands are free to do all kinds of things!

Leaping Lizard (Higher Grade): The woman lies flat on her stomach with the legs together and you lay full length on top of her. Make sure to distribute your weight equally along her body. If you are still too heavy,  use your forearms to support some of your weight. This position is very sexy and dominant! The woman must arch your back and tilt her pelvis for easier access. Since the woman's legs are shut tight, the vagina provides a snug fit that is perfect for small penises.

The Tortoise: The Tortoise position is a fun position that can be slow, hard, sensual and erotic. However, it's a bit tricky to get it right the first time and as a result you might end up laughing instead of getting powerful orgasms. Start by having your woman lay flat on the bed, facing down. and straddle her from behind. The woman's legs should be straight and closed, resulting in a really tight squeeze when you enter her from behind. The Tortoise is designed for deep and tight penetration. You can thrust slowly and gently or fast and hard. It's up to you.

If you want to increase intimacy just lay flat on top of her and hold her breasts. You can also whisper or lick her ears during sex. If your weight is too much, use your forearms for support. Regretably, this position won't work well if your girl is too busty!

Doggie: Almost every guy love this position because it's animalistic and the view is just perfect! It can also be a great small penis sex position as it allows deep and tight penetration. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work well, especially if your lady has a really big booty.

On the Edge of the Bed: You sit on the edge of the bed with your legs spread. Then, your woman with her legs closed rides onto your penis. A very intense, tight and satisfying position.

Bonus - Set of Nine

Not exactly a position, but your woman (and probably you!) will love it.

Go first for nine shallow strokes, inserting only the head of you penis. Most nerve endings are found in the first three centimeters of the vagina, and this is why your woman will really love it. Then, go for one deep thrust and push your whole penis deep and hard inside her. By now, she will probably already be craving for it! Furthermore, since you will be inserting only the head at first, by the time you insert all of it, it will feel big even you got a small dick! Then give her eight shallow strokes and then two deep thrusts. Then 7 swallow and 3 deep, 6 swallow and 4 deep and so on. By the time you reach nine deep thrusts, it’s called a Set of Nine. If you have a girl that cums from vaginal sex, I guarantee you it will drive her crazy!

Tips To Satisfy Your Woman

Using the right sex techniques is just one piece of the puzzle to enhance the sexual experience with your partner! Here are a few tips that any man, regardless of penis size, can follow that will really turn a woman on before and during the sex act.

Tip 1. Be more confident in bed: This is the first and probably most important tip. Yes some women have issues with a small penis. But most women don't have issues with small penises but with the lack of sexual confidence lesser endowed men tend to have. If your penis is small it doesn't mean you should let go of your sexual confidence. If you enter the battle with a losers' mentality you have already lost it! If you think that you are inadequate and can't sexually satisfy a woman, guess what.... You won't!

Tip 2. Oral Play, Manual Stimulation and Sex Toys: Many men, regardless of penis size, know the importance of creativity in bed. Pounding a pussy for hours and hours won't turn you into a sex god... and there are many women out there who get little satisfaction from penetrative sex alone. Become a master of oral sex and use creativity to compensate for your small penis and I assure you that you will find many ladies who will be returning for more! Extra Tip: If you and your partner are "open minded" you can always use a penis sleeve to enhance her experience. They add girth and length to your penis and it will also delay your orgasm. After she is done and can't have more it's time for you to explode. Just take the sleeve out and finish in your preferred way. Another thing you can try is getting a set of  Ben Wa balls. Just insert them to the vagina while having penetrative sex and feel their subtle vibrations all over your penis and her vaginal walls for extra pleasure.

Tip 3. Being Sexually Aggressive: Guys with big dicks are often very aggressive in bed and this what makes them irresistible to some women. The right mix of sexual confidence, attitude and aggressiveness can be a major psychological turn on for a woman. All women want to be desired, pursued and dominated, regardless of cock size.

Tip 4. Use the right condom: If you are a small guy chances are you have slippage problems when using condoms. The act of wearing a condom is a buzz kill by itself and when done multiple times during the same session it can really kill the mood. Here's a list of the best snug fit condoms I compiled some time ago if you want some recommendations. The okamotos are my personal favorite.

Tip 5. Get in Shape: Being fit and eating right, will definitely improve your sex life. First, opt for some aerobic exercise to shed of those few extra pounds you have. Your penis will be visually bigger, you will look hotter and you will be able to pound harder and faster for longer periods of time!

Tip 6. Communication: Don’t be shy to ask what your partner likes or not. For example, there is a lot of variation on what women like during oral. Some like their clit to be sucked hard, some don't. Some love direct clitoral stimulation and others don't. Don't be afraid. Ask directly, even if you think you got everything figured out! Don't forget, what worked great for a previous partner might not do the trick for your current one!

Tip 7. Lifelong Sexual Education: Never make the mistake to settle with your current skills and sex-moves. Be always on the look out for new things, expand your horizons, mix things up and bring new things to the table!

Tip 8. Foreplay: Most small guys do give plenty of oral in an effort to overcompensate for their small dick. If you don't, it's never too late to start! But even if you are in the first category don’t just assume you are a master at it. You can always talk with your wife/girlfriend/whatever to find out if she likes it, where she wants it, how much, etc. Become an expert with your tongue and fingers and many women won't give a dime about your small penis!

Tip 9. Understanding Sexual Differences: The Kama Sutra got it right hundreds of years ago.. Penises and vaginas come in all sizes, small, average and big. The ideal coupling is something like: small & small, average & average, and big & big. If your coupling is not ideal you should put some thoughts on how to improve things.. The sex positions featured here are a very good start! There are always “toys” which can also add to your pleasure. But even if you have the “ideal coupling”, like both being small down there, things might not be perfect! For example, some traditional sex positions (like certain angles when spooning) might not work because the man's penis is not long enough and it slips out. Well.. just go for sexual positions that can maximize sexual pleasure without causing slippage problems! There's no shame in not doing each and every single position mentioned in the Kama Sutra! Regrettably, many couples have no clue about sexual differences and most importantly, what to do if there is a mismatch in sizes. Remember, experimenting can be a lot of fun.

Tip 10. Spontaneous Desire: Most women love the desire and lust their partner shows. It affirms their desirability and yes... they just love the attention. Touch, feeling, "grop” and give passionate kisses unexpectedly to demonstrate your desire. Try to be "animalistic" and purely sexual when doing so. Go for a passionate kiss and grab her ass when she least expects it.. If she is too busy just let her be for now...she will repay you later!

Tip 11. Spontaneous Sex: Spontaneous sex is the ultimate turn on for many women. It’s the "spontanteous desire" described before, taken on a level of its own. Sex should never be scripted or planned! Take her on the couch, the bathroom, the dinner table, the stairs, the office, the car, the beach the elevator, the whatever.. Believe me.. When a girl likes you she will want to be fucked hard, with passion and intensity..

Tip 12. Fine Her Erogenous Zones: One of the most erotic and sexiest things for a woman is a man who just knows how to handle her "spots". Typical female erogenous zones include the nipples, thighs, ears and back of neck. Each woman is different and may have one more personal favourites! Next time you are with her make sure to explore and play with her whole body thoroughly before moving to the main dish. When you hit a spot... you will know it! Extra Tip: If you are having a hard time figuring your woman just ask her out! Yes it might be an awkward conversation at first but she will thank you for that later!

Tip 14. Take her on Dates: Ask yourself...When was the last time you took your wife (or girlfriend) out on a date or a fancy dinner? Take her out for an evening and make sure to tell her ahead of time you want the two of you to go on a “date.” Have a nice romantic dinner, sip some wine and make that day just for the two of you. Don't play with your phone or something! Extra TIP: Instead of a typical "date" you might want to try something unique and exciting! Preferably, something you excel in to impress her! But try to be modest and not show of! Some ideas? Bowling, billiard, go-karts...even bungee jumping! Yeah, girls love those things. You will have fun, she will love it, and you will give her an experience she will remember for years to come!

What are you waiting for? Surprise her, try some of the ideas above and give her the orgasms you thought you never could!

10 Best Snug Fit Condoms For 2020 & Extensive Buyer's Guide

Let's face it:

You are reading these lines probably because your penis is too small and you can't find a condom that properly fits you. Maybe they are too baggy, slip all the time, or just don't feel "right" when you use them. Still, having a smaller sized penis doesn't mean you can't practise safe sex! Or maybe you are looking for something "tighter", hoping to enjoy intercourse more? Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place! Down below you will find some of the most popular snug fit brands, a link to buy them online for the cheapest price and my personal opinion:

greater starter condom kit for guys with  a small or short penis 1# Snug Fit Small Assorted Sampler Pack
My first recommendation is to try this very affordable snug fit sample package offer by amazon. It comes with 3 different brands (and a total of 12 pieces). All 3 brands (Iron Grip, Atlas and Lifestyles) are known for being Snug Fit and provide a very secure and tight fit. The iron grip is the smallest of the 3, followed by the atlas and then lifestyles.

Many guys claim to have finally found the perfect fit for their little guy thanks to this offer. The price is also very good and very hard to beat considering the amount of pieces you get.

Click here for more information or to purchase

the 3sum lifestyle is one of the tightest snug fit condoms you can get
2# LifeStyles 3Sum
My next recommendation is The 3Sum by Lifestyles, which is probably the most popular snug fit brand in the market . Measuring 7.87″ (199.9 mm) x 1.8″ (47.73 mm), it's one of the most snugger-fit condom you can get. Interestingly, the package nowhere mentions the words "snug fit". Extra bonus: this condoms features ribs and studs which create a more stimulating experience for your partner.  

Again most reviews are highly positive, making it one of the most popular tight options for your little guy.

avanti bare latex are the shortest condoms made by a reputable company
3# DUREX Avanti BARE Latex Condoms
This is the thinnest condom manufactured by Durex. Make sure not to confuse it with Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex when buying.

Slightly larger in girth but shorter when compared to 3Sum, at 6.62″ (193.54 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm). Again, most reviews are very positive. To my knowledge, this is the shortest condom you can get!

4# Kimono Microthin Ultra
One of the thinnest and shortest condoms available in the market today. What makes the Kimonos so special is the special, water-based lubricant they use called Aqua Lube. This lube is pH balanced, long lasting and provides a silky and sensual feeling both for you and your partner.

The dimensions of this brand are 7.5″ (190 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm).

Click here to view prices and availability

5# Okamoto Beyond Seven
The Okamoto is a great small condom imported from Japan. Unlike most brands, this one doesn't use latex but a material called Sheerlon which is very strong and durable - but thinner than latex - providing greater comfort and feel during sex without sacrificing durability!

Definitely, this brand is worth a try whether you have a small penis or not.. Personally I have tried it and I loved it and I consider it to be the best snug fit condom you can get, if reduced sensation during sex is an issue for you. It feels almost like going raw, and this comes from a guy who really hates wearing a condom! I think it's the thinnest brand too, or at least it feels like it is.

6# GLYDE Slimfit Premium Small Size
I have not personally the Glyde Snug Fit condoms, but all the reviews and testimonials out there are positive so I think they are definitely worth a try. According to the manufacturer, the GLYDE SLIMFIT is the smallest FDA approved condom, certified ethical and vegan by the Vegan Society and free of animal testing and animal by-products. Interestingly, these small condoms also come in extra small packages:)

fc2, the most popular female condom
7# FC2 (or any other female condom) - The micropenis solution
Unfortunately, the brands above will fit guys with a small, but still within the normal range penis. Something like 4 inches or more. Now, if you have a micropenis (a really small penis, 3.5 inches or less) they will probably not fit you, especially if your width size is small as well.

I think the use of a female condom is the only viable option for a truly thin or micro-sized guy who wants to play it safe. Regrettably, the industry doesn't offer something for guys who are 4 inches or shorter or are just too thin even for snug condoms...  I believe that the FC2 is the most popular option but there are certainly others to look out for. Click here for more info and prices

 The Fuji snug fit condom is perfect for guys with a small penis circumference8# Fuji Latex Just Fit Slim Tight 
This is a brand I encountered only very recently. I haven't tried the Fuji had but I plan to in the near future. I love the design of the package, all reviews are highly positive and the product is reasonably priced.

According to the description and online reviews, this brand is perfect for guys who have a circumference of less than 4.4 inches. Specifically, it has a width of 47 mm, way less than the standard 52-53mm that you usually find with a regular condom.

Click here for best price and more information

9# My Size Condoms My Size 47Mm Condoms
Now this is a brand I have never tried or even heard of. It was a reader of the site that actually informed me about the existence of the My.size brand. They like to tout themselves as "German Engineering at its best".

It seems all internet reviews are good or excellent and they are relatively cheap so you may as well give them a try. Again, I want to emphasize I have no prior experience with this particular brand.

Click here to buy and learn more about them

10# Little Willy Condoms
Ok, I just had to include this one for the laughs. It's more of a joke gift/novelty condom that comes in 'extra small' size!

Obviously, not suitable for use as a contraceptive device or for STD protection. According to the product description, they are 2 cm in diameter. No info is available  about length!

Click here for more info on this item

BUYER'S GUIDE (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here's a quick buyer's guide (in the form of a faq) that I will solve any problem or question you might have.

I am overwhelmed, please suggest me one!
Ok, ok I will spoon-feed you! I suggest you to get the sample package (first in the list) and the okamoto beyond seven (number 5# in the list). If you do so, you will have spend approximately 10 $ and you will have 4 different snugfit condoms to try. My personal favorite is the Okamoto, so if you are on a really tight budget just buy this one. As I mentioned before, it's made from a different type of latex that makes a huge difference during intercourse. I have personally tried it and it feels as close to raw sex as it can get!

If you just want the tightest fit, I think Iron Grip is what you are looking for. But beware, they are really, really tight! Caution, if you have a normal sized penis with an average diameter (like me) they will be very difficult to unroll! Personally, I kept losing my erection because i) it took me a lot of time to unroll and I would lose my erection, ii) even when I managed to put them and still had a full hard-on I would still lose erection because they felt so damn tight!

Why aren't some of these brands labelled as "small" or "snug-fit"?
My suspect is the only reason certain small condoms are not labeled as being “small" is because of how most men would react to them. Understandably, some men  don't want others to think they have a smaller than average penis!

Some quick tips before choosing a brand....
Here are some quick highlights you may want to keep in mind when choosing a condom brand:
  • When checking for dimensions, always go for girth over length. Remember, the average penis size is somewhere around 6 inches  whereas the shortest available condom (Durex avanti latex) is 6.62″.  I believe this is because due to FDA regulations regarding the size of condom testing equipment.
  • Don't look only for Snug-fit labelled condoms! Some brands (like LifeStyles 3Sum) make no mention in the label about being snug fit, but still are smaller or the same size as other snug fit brands
  •  Apart from size, the material used is also very important. Some guys (or their partner) are allergic to latex which is the most commonly used material. If you are one of them, look out for other options like polyurethane, polyisoprene or Sheerlon. Always make sure to check the label before making your final purchase! 
  • Be on the lookout for alternative codes, like "modest", "close-fit", "slim fit", "tapered" and "ultra fit"
  • Comfort comes first! If you find a brand that makes a perfect fit, but just doesn't feel right then look for something else! Don't hesitate to experiment with smaller or bigger brands! This is why my first recommendation is a sample package! 

How To Take Condom Measurements?
When choosing the right condom size, you might come across a lot of different numbers, including length, thickness, circumference and width. The width is the most critical aspect to consider as it determines how well it will fit on your penis. Regrettably, most guys don't know about width, have no idea what it is or confuse it with other things like the diameter. Hopefully, the quick guide below will clear any misconceptions you might have!

How To Measure Condom Width (And Circumference)?
To measure width accurately, lay the condom flat on a ruler and measure it from side to side. The width of the condom is equal to half of the circumference. This is because the width is measured with the condom unrolled and lying flat. Here's a picture showing the proper method for width:

pic shows the proper way to measure condom width

How to Measure Condom Length?
To measure length, just roll out the condom from base to tip and place it on a ruler as shown in the pic below:

pic shows the proper method to measure condom length

Regardless of the measurements, I recommend you to try out a few brands and sizes to test the waters out before settling with the one that feels better for your and your partner. This is because some manufacturers don’t display the exact width & length measurements and also because the material used also plays a role in how you fit inside. Like clothes, you can't really know until you try it on. Remember, each penis is different. Ideally, you want your condom to fit like a glove. It must be tight enough to prevent slippage, but sufficiently comfortable to make intercourse pleasurable!

Who are these condoms for? 
The brands above are recommended to guys who either have a small penis or those who want a really tight and natural feeling during sex. They can generally fit penises ranging from 4 to 4.6 inches in circumference and have a maximum length of 7.0 to 7.8 inches, depending on the brand. If you are bigger than that, then they will probably not fit you.

Please note that the smaller snug-fit condoms on the market aren't actually shorter, but tighter! Most of them have a length somewhere from 7 to 7.8 inches. The key difference lies in girth,with most of them having a flat width of less than two inches. This means that even if you have a short penis, you still might not fit in if your girth is above average. If you are unsure about your size, I suggest you to visit my guide that explains how to measure your penis length and girth properly.

Condom Size Chart
Below I have included a size chart with some of the snug-fit brands featured on this post. Hopefully, it will help you decide which brand(s) to try. The chart is broken down by first introducing the name of the condom, a brief description about it and finally the width and length size of that condom:

Chart showing the size of some popular snug fit condoms

Where to buy snug fit condoms?
You probably don't want other people to think that you have a small penis, so buying small condoms online is probably the best thing to do if you want to protect your privacy. As you can see, my links point to amazon. Usually the prices there are the cheapest or amongst the cheapest. Some other great & cheap places include Ebay, Adam and Eve and other online vendors. With a bit of googling I am sure you will find many other. In case you wonder, yes I make a very small commision (about 6 %) if you buy a brand using my links. This comes with no extra cost to you and it helps support the site. To give you an idea, if you buy the sampler pack (#1 in the list), the commission I get is approximately 0.30 $.

Now, if you prefer to visit a physical store I can't help you much. I once saw Lifestyles at Walmart but other than that I don't have any personal experience. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can leave a comment.

Are these condoms available in USA, India, or. whatever country you are from? 
Sometimes people ask me if the condoms featured here are available for purschase in their country. I know for a fact that all brands listed above are available in the U.S. or at least they had been at some point.

As you might have noticed, I have included links from Amazon which often ships (for a small fee)  to other countries too. Now, if a particular brand is unavailable in your country and you really want to give it a try, or perhaps looking for a cheaper shop to buy, I suggest you to look in other places like ebay, alliexpress or just use google and search for "condom brand + area". I am sure you will come up with something!

As a final note, I will leave below an interesting related scientific study. This study reveals that the market needs more small condoms!

Scientific Study Confirms: Small Penises Need Love Too According To Medical Research!

micropenis condom (not real)
A 2009 survey on over 1,200 men concludes that the majority of the male population in India has a penis that is just too short for the standard sized International condoms, prompting calls to produce smaller condoms.

The study, carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research, has led to a call for smaller-sized condoms to be made more widely available in India. Over 1,200 volunteers had their penises measured down to the last millimetre, both in length and girth of the country.  The researchers made sure the sample was representative of India as a whole in terms of class, religion and other factors.

The conclusion was that about 60% of Indian males have a penis that is between three to five centimetres (1-2 in.) shorter than the international standards used by condom manufacturers.

The issue is very serious since about one in every five times a condom that is used in India either falls off or tears, an extremely high failure rate. Not to mention that the country already has one the highest HIV infection percentage worldwide.

This research highlights a problem many men with a small or micro-sized penis have. And that is that - at to least to my knowledge - there are no commercially available condoms for men who are smaller than 4 inches!

Yes, small penises need love too!


Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other condom suggestions for guys with a small or thin penis or if you know of a shop that offers them for a better price. I would be happy to include any suggestions, personal experiences, reviews or whatever!

(This buyer's guide was last updated on 01/13/2020)