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Hello and welcome to, a site dedicated to the micropenis condition. You are probably reading these lines because you think that you or somebody that you know may have a micropenis.

According to current estimations about 0,5 % (1 in every 200) of males has a micropenis. The term refers to any penis that ,when erect, measures 9 cm (3.5 inches) or less.

If you don't know where to start from I suggest you to begin with the what is a micropenis and maybe the small penis collection (NSWF!!) pages. The first contains all the basics including diagnosis, treatment options etc and the second will give you a good visual example of how a truly small penis looks like.

If you are unsure whether you have a micropenis or not you may want to check the "how to measure your penis"guide.

After that simply use the menu on the top where you can find some quite interesting sections, including interviews, clinical studies, penis enlargement methods etc. There is also the member's corner and a forum where you can share your micro penis story and the penis enlargement section where I explore the currently clinically proven enlargement methods like phalloplasty.

The main goal of the site is to collect every bit of information available on the condition, in an effort to answer any question someone may have. Treatments, images, interviews, advise for concerned parents and everything else you might need is here.  We even have comics!

I really hope you find the site useful. If you do please consider sharing it on facebook, twitter and other social media. It really helps!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Jack Is Back!

After almost 2 years of silence I am back! Why had I dissapeared? Why did I go silent? Why were there no updates on the site?

Well, the answer is simple! The addition of a new family member does complicate life a bit, overall to the better. The first year was quite tough but things have been steadily getting better and I finally have time to other stuff in life, including updating this site..

I have some immediate and not so immediate plans for the site which I will start working on starting from tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Interview with Alex from Germany

Recently I had an interesting chat with Alex from Germany who has decided to share his story on the site. Enjoy:

Hi Alex. How old are you and what is your erect size?
I am 21 years old, and my erect size is 6x2cm (2.4x0.8 inch).

When did you first notice you were smaller than other boys?
When I was 12 years old. We (a few friends of mine and me) used to play in the woods near our town by a little lake. One afternoon, it was a pretty hot day in mid august, the boys decided to skinny dip. When they took of their shorts I realized that my dick was half the size.

When you were a teenager or an adolescent, did you avoid girls, or intimate situations, because you were worried about your penis?
Yes, absolutely. I tried to hide my dick and put socks in my underpants to have a bulge to show.

What was your first sexual experience like?
My first sexual encounter happened between me and a girl I had been seeing for a few months. (I was 17 years old) Well. I came in my pants. We were kissing when I came. The rubbing of my jeans did the job. When I told her she just laughed, but after I told her, that I couldn’t raise him a second time, she left.

When did you last have sex?
Two days ago.

Do you masturbate and is it your primary form of sexual activity?
Yes I do masturbate but that is not the primary form of sexual activity. I have a girlfriend, so I get fucked by my girlfriend with a strap-on-dildo, and she gets to get fucked by other guys or me with a strap-on.

Do you warn women first, or do you do a "reveal"?
In the past I revealed and it was always a very humiliating and embarrassing moment of my life. That’s why I started looking for women who like small dicks or like to be the dominant one in the bedroom. It worked.

Did you feel more comfortable showing your penis to other men?
To be frank, I love to show my small cock at the nude beach to anybody there. Of course it is still somehow humiliating, but it makes me horny too, that’s why I go to the nude beach in the first place.

Do public restrooms cause you anxiety?
No, not really. Since I gained a few pounds my dick is hidden, when soft. That’s why I have to sit down anyway.

What’s it like when you visit the doctor? Are checkups uncomfortable?
No, because only the urologist who performed the circumcision saw my dick.

How many relationships have you had?
I had four relationships before I met my girlfriend. Everyone ended cause of my micro penis, which was at first very upsetting.

Are you married or in a relationship now? Any children?
I am in a relationship with a woman. No children.

How has your small penis affected your relationships?
Well, I couldn’t fuck my girlfriends most of the times, because of the small size. They didn’t want to suckle it eater. One asked me, if I would suck on a maggot. That remark leaded in a fight that ended the relationship.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share? 
I once met a college from work in the sauna. He tried to look straight at my face, but when we sat down to chat, he glanced between my legs, restraining to laugh. A few days later, at work, when we were in the break room, chatting, he was restraining to laugh again. Ever since that day, when we see each other at work, he tries to keep a straight face, even thou you can see how amused the is.

Do you think your micropenis has affected other aspects of your life? 
No, not really. It used to bother me, yes. But today I am of the opinion, that I have a great sex life without a normal cock and I can go swimming with the excitement of showing off.
With my pants on, I am just a regular guy.

Have you ever consulted a doctor about any penis enlargement options like phalloplasty? What did he say?
No, I didn’t. But since I am starting to get impotent I did. He told me, that I had a micro penis, which I already knew. But he prescribed “the blue pill” to get hard. (Cause of my erection problems could be stress related to my job. I work in an hospital as an administrative official.)

Have you told anyone close to you like about your penis?
No, I did not. But to be frank, my girlfriend is working me up to tell my younger Brother.

Any tips to share with other small-endowed guys?
Yes. Don’t be afraid of the world. Just realize that you are different but special in that area and that you need someone who is special too. The boys and girls who love to play with small ones are out there. You just have to find them.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Update To "Aussie Mortgages House to Lengthen His Micropenis" Story

You may remember the story I posted a year ago about an Australian guy with a micropenis who mortraged his house to get money for his penis enlargement surgery. He contacted me a few days ago. Here's an update, with more info about his surgeries, and how he is currently doing in his life:

Hi Jack,

I have had 2 surgeries to date, with another op planned for late this year, or in the first quarter of next year.

Can you tell us a bit more about your surgeries?
I initially had a dermal fat graft taken from my stomach and the ligament cut. The first procedure wasn't a full success due to the graft reattaching to the graft and as a result I went through with the second surgery.

The second surgery was a revision and lig cut with the scar tissue cut away. The first surgery cost approx $45,000 which was paid for using redraw from my mortgage, as was the second surgery which cost approx $18,000.

I think I had too much done in the first surgery...Also my foreskin died and grew back thicker and uneven...which I hope to have corrected 3rd time around.

I have never had an implant- I think the Elist implants are the stupidest thing I've ever seen!! I've just seen horror stories and pictures of them when they go wrong.... Not to mention it would feel foreign and fake and just not right!

photo of a micropenis before penis enlargement surgery
Mikes micropenis before penis enlargement surgery

photo of a micropenis after penis enlargement surgery
Mikes micropenis after penis enlargement surgery

How's your sex life now after & before surgery?
Has it affected my sex life? Hard to say because I haven't had a proper girlfriend, both before the surgery and since having the op's. The bulk of my relationship have been with prostitutes which has left me feeling disappointed due to there being too much "loosness" in the sex. Very upsetting, leaving me feeling that I can't satisfy a lady- Maybe I just need to find a more petite lady- hopefully they are "tighter".

I am finally ready for a relationship . I am 35, almost 36 and feel ready. I don't have much of a fear of not being able to satisfy women, as most ladies say I am so different to most blokes. So I look forward to being in a loving relationship, finally when it happens.

The results are permanent where I have gained an inch in flaccid length and over a inch in least....I didn't measure my girth prior to my first surgery, but right now it tops out at 4" girth so I am happy with that.

I am planning for my 3rd surgery, which will be a ligament division along the scar .... the 4th and hopefully last surgery will be injecting Aquamid into the head and the shaft, which could coast in excess of $50,000 or more.

Do you know much about Aquamid? I would be keen on your thoughts. Hydralonic acid isn't permanent, so that is why I never got it!! I only want permanent results.

How are you doing financially?
I'm doing ok financially, atm - just want steady work... So I am going to save up currently for the 3rd op, which will cost roughly $18,000. I work in construction and is the reason I can afford such operations.

Have you told anybody about your surgery?
Only a handful of people know of the surgeries I've had- somewhat stupidly- confided in the wrong people, but that's life, unfortunately you can't put the genie back in the bottle once you let open a secret like that.

You said in the past that ""Going in for a shower in groups of men doesn't happen.".. How about today?
Yes, group showers don't happen, even to this day, I don't go to gyms and I stopped school swimming lessons in year 8 when I said "no more humiliation" I got horribly bullied as a kid from earliest grade to the end of school.

Any embarassing moments you'd like to share?
I was singled out in grade 5 at the pool- where I actually was directly bullied by 2 students, who I want to have bashed.... maybe one day!!

Do you think your life is better now?
Sex is still a minefield... but as I say, I hope to find a lucky lady who I can spoil and treasure, and make love to for hours on day.

It is great to actually pull my dick out of my pants, and have something to reach into my pants and pull out- I can't wait to have the 3rd surgery and make big gains on the length I have currently. My current erect length is roughly 3.5", which didn't change much at all prior to my first surgery, hopefully 3rd time around I could get to 4" or more.

I guess you could say I am more confident in life in general, but I could do with losing a little weight and working out more, but I work a 60-70 hour week in construction, so I am looking forward to leaving construction and doing an apprenticeship and going back to a 38 hour week, hopefully in a years time.

Any tips for other guys with a small penis?
As for other guy's, I really would stress think about who you get to do the operation, as there are a lot of shonks out there... I have seen what Dan Salis does, and I think Dr Comacho-Melo's work looks ok, But It's so difficult to recommend one surgeon...I really don't know who would go to if I had my time again? But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat... right now I am happy with the results... but look forward to going under again!

But that said, I would recommend the surgery for other guy out there - but only those who really need it! I can't believe the number of guys who are over 7" who want the surgery- like really, why bother?? lucky guys if you already have 6-7" more than enough to satisfy women!!

I hope this has given you an insight into my life...

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Best Sex Positions and Tips for Guys with a Small Penis

How many times have you wondered whether your penis is big enough to satisfy you partner? Since you are reading these lines my guess is a lot!. And chances are that the smaller your penis is the more obsessed you are with your sexual prowess. Unfortunately, this insecurity combined with other technical problems rising from having a small one can turn sex into a real nightmare.

This is why I decided to create this huge post which I believe is the most complete and comprehensive list of small penis sex positions and tips for the less gifted men. The positions down below guarantee to offer deeper penetration, allow for more friction and, when combined with the right foreplay, result to a really satisfying intercourse experience. So take a look at the list and don’t hesitate to try the suggested positions until you find the ones that work best for you and your partner. Feel free to share your experience with us and leave a comment or any tips that might be useful to other visitors of our page.

Positions with Man on Top

The Lady’s Squeeze: You sit back on your heels and have your woman lie on her back. Lift her hips and enter her. Then place both her legs together over one your shoulders. Stabilise her legs so that they don’t slide off you shoulder.

In this position you will get deep and firm penetration. The female can vary friction when needed by tightening or loosing her legs. TIP: Ask her to do kegels while you penetrate her for extra friction and pleasure!

Missionary Basic Version: The woman lies on her back with her leg straights and you top her, with her legs on the outside.

Missionary -The squeeze: Like above, but the woman places her legs on the inside. The closer the legs the tighter the fit. This is a bit tricky to perform. Penetrate her first with only one leg inside her legs and then after you enter her, take it out and ask her to close her legs shut.

Legs of victory: The woman puts her legs straight up, towards the ceiling. Great for deeper penetration, but it can be bit tiring for the woman.

The vice: Like normal missionary, but the woman wraps her legs around you and pulls you inside her while you thrust her.

One leg bent, one leg straight: The best of two worlds. This position allows both clitoral stimulation (which is minimal when both legs are bent) and deep penetration (which is difficult with both legs straight). No need to compromise!

Knees and ears: The woman places both legs over your shoulders and crosses her ankles around you, resulting in a deep, tight fit.

Knees Bend: The female tilts her pelvis down, aims the vaginal opening downwards, and holds her knees bend and up toward her chest. Use some pillows to keep her head elevated. This position shortens her vaginal canal and increases pressure, friction and of course pleasure for both partners.

Table Fun: Have your woman sit on the edge of a table with the legs stretched open. Enter her and have her bend backward, wrapping her legs around you for deeper penetration. Your woman can also lie flat on the table, and you can either put both your hands on her hips to accelerate intercourse, or use your hands to play with her breasts and/or clitoris.

Rabbit Ears: Your woman lies down on her back, spreads the thighs and draws her legs up, until the knees are close to the ears. Then place a pillow under her bottom. This places the vagina at an angle that is perfect for small penises. When you are inside her it will feel like you’re filling her completely. Don't try this position if you have a big penis or if she has a small vagina. Regrettably, this position can be tiring so use your arms to hold the knees in place. TIP: For additional stimulation, the woman can play with her clitoris.

The Hook-Up: Flexibility is a must for this position! With the woman on her back, enter as you would for the missionary position. The woman then raises her legs and places them against the chest. Tight and deep penetration! Have her cross the ankles for extra friction!

The Amazing Butterfly: This position is all about correct alignment First, find a place where the woman can lie down and you can stand in front of her. The catch for this position is to find someplace where the woman can put her pelvis about a  foot lower than you. Maybe a desk, a counter or a high bed. Then your woman lifts her legs and rests them on your shoulders, tilting her pelvis upward so that her back forms a straight line angling up toward you. Place your hands under her hips to hold her ass in the perfect angle while thrusting. When done slowly, this position will give her an orgasm that she will never forget!

Positions with Woman on Top

Vadavaka: The woman on top can be an excellent position for guys who don't pack much of a punch as it allows maximal penetration. However, the classic version won't work well, since there is going to be a lot of slipping out which becomes very frustrating and unsexy after a while. In the Vadavaka variation, the woman sits on the man and “gyrates” and grinds around your penis. As always, kegels can enhance the experience for both partners. TIP: Don't forget to use your hands to play with the woman's breasts, clit, neck and other erogenous zones while she tops you!

Cocoon: You kneel on the bed and sit back on the heels. The woman sits astride your lap with her feet on the bed behind you. Then lock your arms around her back. She lifts her feet off the bed and leans back into you arms, raising her legs as high as she can. Penetrate and thrust her gently back and forth.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl: Both positions are great for maximum penetration. There might be a lot of slippage, so it's better if the woman does more grinding instead of going up and down. Use your hands to stimulate her clitoris and other erogenous zones.

Reverse Missionary: Like normal missionary but this time its the woman that lies down on you. The reverse missionary gives her more control on speed, angle and how she rubs her clitoris on your body. Since she is lying forward, this can be a great position (when angled properly) for g-spot stimulation.

Rear Entry Positions

Leaping Lizard (Standard Grade): The woman kneels on the bed and leans forward until the forearms, chest and head rest comfortably on the bed. The butt should be high up in the air. She can turn her face sideways to breathe better. Yes, it looks a lot like a yoga position. And yes, it does mean your butt will be high up in the air. This position allows you to thrust deep and hard. Furthermore, she is supporting herself so your hands are free to do all kinds of things!

Leaping Lizard (Higher Grade): The woman lies flat on her stomach with the legs together and you lay full length on top of her. Make sure to distribute your weight equally along her body. If you are still too heavy,  use your forearms to support some of your weight. This position is very sexy and dominant! The woman must arch your back and tilt her pelvis for easier access. Since the woman's legs are shut tight, the vagina provides a snug fit that is perfect for small penises.

The Tortoise: The Tortoise position is a fun position that can be slow, hard, sensual and erotic. However, it's a bit tricky to get it right the first time and as a result you might end up laughing instead of getting powerful orgasms. Start by having your woman lay flat on the bed, facing down. and straddle her from behind. The woman's legs should be straight and closed, resulting in a really tight squeeze when you enter her from behind. The Tortoise is designed for deep and tight penetration. You can thrust slowly and gently or fast and hard. It's up to you.

If you want to increase intimacy just lay flat on top of her and hold her breasts. You can also whisper or lick her ears during sex. If your weight is too much, use your forearms for support. Regretably, this position won't work well if your girl is too busty!

Doggie: Almost every guy love this position because it's animalistic and the view is just perfect! It can also be a great small penis sex position as it allows deep and tight penetration. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work well, especially if your lady has a really big booty.

On the Edge of the Bed: You sit on the edge of the bed with your legs spread. Then, your woman with her legs closed rides onto your penis. A very intense, tight and satisfying position.

Bonus - Set of Nine

Not exactly a position, but your woman (and probably you!) will love it.

Go first for nine shallow strokes, inserting only the head of you penis. Most nerve endings are found in the first three centimeters of the vagina, and this is why your woman will really love it. Then, go for one deep thrust and push your whole penis deep and hard inside her. By now, she will probably already be craving for it! Furthermore, since you will be inserting only the head at first, by the time you insert all of it, it will feel big even you got a small dick! Then give her eight shallow strokes and then two deep thrusts. Then 7 swallow and 3 deep, 6 swallow and 4 deep and so on. By the time you reach nine deep thrusts, it’s called a Set of Nine. If you have a girl that cums from vaginal sex, I guarantee you it will drive her crazy!

Tips To Satisfy Your Woman

Using the right sex techniques is just one piece of the puzzle to enhance the sexual experience with your partner! Here are a few tips that any man, regardless of penis size, can follow that will really turn a woman on before and during the sex act.

Tip 1. Be more confident in bed: This is the first and probably most important tip. Yes some women have issues with a small penis. But most women don't have issues with small penises but with the lack of sexual confidence lesser endowed men tend to have. If your penis is small it doesn't mean you should let go of your sexual confidence. If you enter the battle with a losers' mentality you have already lost it! If you think that you are inadequate and can't sexually satisfy a woman, guess what.... You won't!

Tip 2. Oral Play, Manual Stimulation and Sex Toys: Many men, regardless of penis size, know the importance of creativity in bed. Pounding a pussy for hours and hours won't turn you into a sex god... and there are many women out there who get little satisfaction from penetrative sex alone. Become a master of oral sex and use creativity to compensate for your small penis and I assure you that you will find many ladies who will be returning for more! Extra Tip: If you and your partner are "open minded" you can always use a penis sleeve to enhance her experience. They add girth and length to your penis and it will also delay your orgasm. After she is done and can't have more it's time for you to explode. Just take the sleeve out and finish in your preferred way. Another thing you can try is getting a set of  Ben Wa balls. Just insert them to the vagina while having penetrative sex and feel their subtle vibrations all over your penis and her vaginal walls for extra pleasure.

Tip 3. Being Sexually Aggressive: Guys with big dicks are often very aggressive in bed and this what makes them irresistible to some women. The right mix of sexual confidence, attitude and aggressiveness can be a major psychological turn on for a woman. All women want to be desired, pursued and dominated, regardless of cock size.

Tip 4. Use the right condom: If you are a small guy chances are you have slippage problems when using condoms. The act of wearing a condom is a buzz kill by itself and when done multiple times during the same session it can really kill the mood. Here's a list of the best snug fit condoms I compiled some time ago if you want some recommendations. The okamotos are my personal favorite.

Tip 5. Get in Shape: Being fit and eating right, will definitely improve your sex life. First, opt for some aerobic exercise to shed of those few extra pounds you have. Your penis will be visually bigger, you will look hotter and you will be able to pound harder and faster for longer periods of time!

Tip 6. Communication: Don’t be shy to ask what your partner likes or not. For example, there is a lot of variation on what women like during oral. Some like their clit to be sucked hard, some don't. Some love direct clitoral stimulation and others don't. Don't be afraid. Ask directly, even if you think you got everything figured out! Don't forget, what worked great for a previous partner might not do the trick for your current one!

Tip 7. Lifelong Sexual Education: Never make the mistake to settle with your current skills and sex-moves. Be always on the look out for new things, expand your horizons, mix things up and bring new things to the table!

Tip 8. Foreplay: Most small guys do give plenty of oral in an effort to overcompensate for their small dick. If you don't, it's never too late to start! But even if you are in the first category don’t just assume you are a master at it. You can always talk with your wife/girlfriend/whatever to find out if she likes it, where she wants it, how much, etc. Become an expert with your tongue and fingers and many women won't give a dime about your small penis!

Tip 9. Understanding Sexual Differences: The Kama Sutra got it right hundreds of years ago.. Penises and vaginas come in all sizes, small, average and big. The ideal coupling is something like: small & small, average & average, and big & big. If your coupling is not ideal you should put some thoughts on how to improve things.. The sex positions featured here are a very good start! There are always “toys” which can also add to your pleasure. But even if you have the “ideal coupling”, like both being small down there, things might not be perfect! For example, some traditional sex positions (like certain angles when spooning) might not work because the man's penis is not long enough and it slips out. Well.. just go for sexual positions that can maximize sexual pleasure without causing slippage problems! There's no shame in not doing each and every single position mentioned in the Kama Sutra! Regrettably, many couples have no clue about sexual differences and most importantly, what to do if there is a mismatch in sizes. Remember, experimenting can be a lot of fun.

Tip 10. Spontaneous Desire: Most women love the desire and lust their partner shows. It affirms their desirability and yes... they just love the attention. Touch, feeling, "grop” and give passionate kisses unexpectedly to demonstrate your desire. Try to be "animalistic" and purely sexual when doing so. Go for a passionate kiss and grab her ass when she least expects it.. If she is too busy just let her be for now...she will repay you later!

Tip 11. Spontaneous Sex: Spontaneous sex is the ultimate turn on for many women. It’s the "spontanteous desire" described before, taken on a level of its own. Sex should never be scripted or planned! Take her on the couch, the bathroom, the dinner table, the stairs, the office, the car, the beach the elevator, the whatever.. Believe me.. When a girl likes you she will want to be fucked hard, with passion and intensity..

Tip 12. Fine Her Erogenous Zones: One of the most erotic and sexiest things for a woman is a man who just knows how to handle her "spots". Typical female erogenous zones include the nipples, thighs, ears and back of neck. Each woman is different and may have one more personal favourites! Next time you are with her make sure to explore and play with her whole body thoroughly before moving to the main dish. When you hit a spot... you will know it! Extra Tip: If you are having a hard time figuring your woman just ask her out! Yes it might be an awkward conversation at first but she will thank you for that later!

Tip 14. Take her on Dates: Ask yourself...When was the last time you took your wife (or girlfriend) out on a date or a fancy dinner? Take her out for an evening and make sure to tell her ahead of time you want the two of you to go on a “date.” Have a nice romantic dinner, sip some wine and make that day just for the two of you. Don't play with your phone or something! Extra TIP: Instead of a typical "date" you might want to try something unique and exciting! Preferably, something you excel in to impress her! But try to be modest and not show of! Some ideas? Bowling, billiard, go-karts...even bungee jumping! Yeah, girls love those things. You will have fun, she will love it, and you will give her an experience she will remember for years to come!

What are you waiting for? Surprise her, try some of the ideas above and give her the orgasms you thought you never could!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

7 Best Penis Sleeves For 2017 & Buyer's Guide

Let's face it:

You are reading these lines because you want to offer your partner an experience your penis alone simply can't! Maybe you want to try something new or maybe you feel insecure about your length (or girth), maybe you want to hit deep vaginal spots your penis can't reach or you look for something that can help with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Whatever the case is, the toys below will boost your length, girth and even stamina, enhancing the whole experience for you and your partner. I have personally tried them all and each review down below is 100 % honest. So, let's see what I think are the best cock sleeves you can get today:

1) California Exotics Adonis Extension
The california exotics adonis is one of the first penis sleeves I tried, and the one I am mainly using. It adds enough length (~2 inches) to my average sized penis, helping me reach a total length of about 8 inches.

My girlfriend loves it and I can give her that "fulled & stretched" sensation she craves regardless of the sex position I use. She also loves the studs and ticklers, which "drive her crazy"!

If you have an average sized penis and want to hit spots that have not been touched before (at least not by you!) this is the ultimate toy. Not to mention that this item is dirt-cheap!

2) James Crystal Soft Silicone Penis Extender
I got the James Crystal Extender about a month ago and still experimenting with it. I think it slowly becomes my new favorite extension but I am still too attached to my adonis! It is a total of 7.2 inches long, expect to add approximately 2.5 inches (5 cm) when you wear it.

It has a nice snug feeling and comes with textured dots and veins. To be honest, sex feels better (although nothing beats going raw) with this one and my girl says she likes it more than the adonis. By the way, there is another sleeve called "Oomph!" that looks exactly the same as the James Crystal. Even the product images are the same. My assumption is that it's the same product under a different brand name. But this is just an assumption as I have not tried the Oomph!

3) Fantasy X-tensions Mega 3" Extension
If you want to turn your penis into a pleasure monster than this extension is for you. It adds a whooping 3", so it will help you reach the magic 8"" even if you are just 5 inches long. You can also easily customise it to fit better. The only thing I don't like is the realistic look but this is just a matter of taste. Also, don't expect to feel much during sex with this one. Unlike the adonis, it doesn't have any inner ribbed texturing. Highly recommended if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

4) Size Matters Clear Sensations Vibrating Textured Erection Sleeve
This is a nice open sleeve I use from time to time, when her pleasure is not my first priority. But believe me.. with the included vibrator and the added girth (with ribbed texture) she won't be doing any complaining ;) 

A great toy if your want to enhance your partner's experience without sacrificing yours!

5) Sexbaby Vibrating Penis Sleeve
I bought the SexBaby (click here for price and availability) very recently and I was really excited it to use it. I like the open holes which in my fantasies would be used by my gf for teasing and stuff.. Furthermore, it fitted my penis almost perfectly. The included vibrator is a nice extra! 

Sounds like a winner right? Regrettably no.. I have no problems with the device myself. Unfortunately, my girlfriend found it totally unsexy and she didn't want to try it :( I will update if she ever changes her mind! Still, I think it's a great option to try!

image shows the package and content of the tommy gun penis sleeve
6) Tommy Gunn  Cyberskin Penis Extension
Named (and shaped!) after the famous porn star, the Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Extension is the No.1 selling cock extension in most online sex shops. It's big, it's cheap and it gets the job done. I have no personal opinion about it as I have yet to try it. And probably I never will because as I said before I am not a huge fan of realistic looking sleeves.

Most reviews out there are very positive so expect to have some fun if you decide to give it a try.

7) Traz By Rhino
Initially, I wasn't sure if I should include the Traz By Rhino in my list or not. First, because I have never tried it and secondly because I think it's just too overpriced! However, I think it's worth a mention since it's one of the most popular sleeve in regards to sales. The main advantage of the Rhino is that the inner surface of the tube is specially designed, featuring "pleasure rings that provide intense sexual stimulation" to the wearer. I don't know how well this works since I don't have any personal experience. However, the reviews are very positive and many guys say they really enjoy the sensations created by the pleasure rings. Still, I don't think that this feature justifies the hefty price. Maybe I"ll give it a try one day if the price gets a serious cut.

I can't make up my mind, can you just suggest me one? 
Sure, but I think it's a better idea if you also check the extensive buyers I have included down below before making your final purchase. I think it clear things in your head!

But if you are too lazy to read it, here are my recommendations:
  • Size Matters (no. 4#) if you want to enjoy sex to the maximum.. Your head will be fully exposed and thanks to the added vibrations sex will feel so much better for you and your partne
  • Fantasy X-tensions or Adonis,  Go for the Fantasy-X one (number 3 in the list) if her pleasure is your no.1 priority. You will stretch and penetrate her deeply, hitting spots she didn't even know she had!  Please note that this is a really big sleeve and can be quite painful at first. Maybe it will be a good idea to first warm her up using your naked penis. There is also a chance that it will be too big for her regardless, so if that's the case go for something smaller like the James Crystal (2# in the list)

Buyer's Guide

Here are a few things, tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help you make your final selection:

What is a Penis Sleeve?
Cock Sleeves are tube-penis-shaped sex toys that slip right over the penis to add inches and thickness enhancing sexual pleasure for the person being penetrated and allowing you to hit deep your penis normally can't reach. Furthermore, a cock sleeve will help you give her that "stretched" feeling that many women desire during intercourse and to "stretcher" her. Cock sheath and penis extender (or extension) are two other names these toys come boy.

These toys can be also helpful to men who have erectile dysfunction problems as they are designed to trap blood in the penis, like cock rings do. Please remember that these toys are not designed to make you feel ashamed of your natural size. Instead, they should be used to enhance the sexual experience you have with your spouse. This is why many of them come with knobs, rubber spikes and other crazy textures that are clearly designed to create new kinds of sensations and experiences.

Design and Materials
Cock sleeves are usually made of silicone and come in different textures, colors, shapes and sizes. Some even have the option to include a small vibrator for additional stimulation and pleasure.

Types of cock sleeves
As you may have noticed from the items listed above, there are two basic types of cock sleeps; open or close ended. Depending on the type, they can increase only width, or width and length. Some even have additional "features", designed to further stimulate vaginal walls, the clit or the anus of the receiver. Below there is some more information about the various available types and advantages - disadvantages they come with.

Open ended VS Close sleeves
The main difference between these two types is that in the first, the head remains fully exposed. For this reason, open sleeves can only add girth and not length but the glans (head) is fully stimulated during sex. On the other hand, closed ended sleeves cover the penis in full, much like a condom does. As a result, they can increase both girth and length, often adding 2 to 3 inches of extra length.

Obviously, the sensation for the penetrator is greatly decreased, delaying ejaculation effectively and increasing intercourse time. Since closed ended sheath add both girth and length, they usually provide enhanced sexual pleasure to the woman (or a gay male). The majority of cock sheaths you can currently find in the market are closed ended.  

In open sleeves, the head remains fully exposed and is fully stimulated during intercourse. As a result, they usually don't do a good job in delaying ejaculation.

Sleeves can be further categorized as:
  1. Girth enhancing
  2. Length enhancing
  3. Realistic feel/look
  4. Vibrating 
  5. Extra stimulation (e.g. clitoral) 
  6. A combination of the above 

As the name suggests, realistic penis sheaths aim to look and feel like a real penis. Vibrating cock sleeves incorporate a small vibrator similar to those used in cock rings. Extra stimulation sleeves come with additional textures, contours and extensions on the outside, designed to stimulate the passage (vaginal or anal walls) of the receiver or other erogenous areas like the clitoris and the prostate.

Latex Roll On Sleeves
Another type of sleeve that you can try is the latex roll on. These are made of latex (pictured down below) and are rolled down like a condom. Their main disadvantage is that they add less girth and length then tube-shaped extensions do. Benefits? Easier to apply, more discrete and more cheap. Unfortunately, they don't last very long... I have never used one (yet) so I don't have an opinion to share!

Latex condom sleeve

How do I wear them?
Depending on the design, there are a few different ways a sleeve fits on your penis. Some either use suction with a small air pocket at the tip and others attach to your balls with a strap like a cockring. I like models with the suction in the tip, but choose whatever works best for you. I have never had much success with the ones that attach to the balls. I always found them uncomfortable! Furthermore, from personal experience I can say that in some cheap models the suction tip might rub up against the end of the tip causing discomfort and pain.

Why should I use one?
Well that's totally up to you and your partner! Maybe you want to pleasure her with a bigger cock or indulge in kinky fantasy play. Maybe you just want to spice things up in the bedroom or hit deep vaginal areas like the cul de sac* that your penis can't reach. Or maybe you want to provide sensations that a normal penis can't but a sheath with a vibrator and some crazy textures can! The most important thing is that you and your partner feel comfortable and not embarrassed using a toy like this! Sex must be enjoyable from both sides!

Another reason I think you should definitely use a sleeve is their price! Most of them are super cheap, with their price ranging in the 10 $ area. There is literally, nothing to lose and there is no harm in using one! Who knows, maybe they will open a totally new chapter in your sex-life as they have done for me..

To be honest, with such a low entry price point, I can't really think of any reason why not to try a cock sheath. I guess the only disadvantage is that it's not the "real thing". I am sure some women would be turned off by a piece of plastic around your dick!

Can they help with premature ejaculation?
Yes, the closed ended sheathes can help with premature ejaculation because the sensation is greatly decreased during intercourse. They can even help if you don't premature ejaculation but just want to last longer. The open ended variation usually don't help much with stamina as the head is fully exposed and stimulated during intercourse. Obviously, sleeves don't treat premature ejaculation they just work around the problem...

I am not a premature ejaculator, my stamina is more or less average. But the few times I use my sleeve I can go for hours and hours!

Can they help with erectile dysfunction (ED) problems?
Some sleeves can help with ED as they are designed to trap blood in the penis, which can help with some light cases of ED, as long as you can get a strong erection in the first place! If you have serious ED problems, a sleeve might enable you to penetrate your partner even with a flaccid penis.

I don't feel much when using a sleeve but my lover loves it! What should I do?
The answer is simple. After she is satisfied, proceed to "regular" sex and finish as you like!

Are these sleeves stiff enough for a flaccid penis?
No, the ones I recommend at the beginning of the article aren't stiff enough to use with a flaccid penis. There are some stiff ones out there but I haven't tried any so I don't know how well they work and thus can't recommend one from personal experience. I guess what would work  best would be a hollow strap on like the one pictured below:

Fetish Fantasy 8 Hollow Strap On
Click here for more info & price

Best Materials
Quality of materials is the most important thing to have in mind, as the extender will be in direct contact with both your partner and your penis! Surprisingly, there are many sheaths out there that use hazardous materials. There are 2 materials you want to go for. Silicone which is non porous and stable and TPR/TPE which is porous, softish and easy to clean. Never buy sleeves made of unknown or other materials, as they often have phthalates (esters of phthalic acid) which have been shown to be toxic to the human body, causing endocrine and other nasty problems...and they smell bad too! TIP: If you get one that smells, or for whatever reason doesn't seem right toss it right away and get another one from a different manufacturer.

Choosing the proper length/girth/shape size
Better talk to your partner about this one.. You don't want to get something that is ridiculously big or strange looking or something that will make your partner uncomfortable. If you want to keep it as a surprise, get first a small extension that only adds 1-2 cm in length and girth. If she (or he!) enjoys it then you can later replace it for a bigger toy! 

Related Articles
  • Best Small Penis Sex Positions: Since you are reading about cock sleeves, I am pretty sure you will also be interested in sex positions that will make it seem like you're working with more than what you really pack. Be warned: Combining these positions with a sleeve would probably be a bad and... painful for her idea! 

* The Cul de sac (Recto-uterine pouch) is the extension of the peritoneal cavity between the rectum and the posterior wall of the uterus in the female human body. Many women find this spot to be much more stimulating than other erogenous zones like the clitoris or the g-spot. A few actually can't even orgasm when this area is not sufficiently stimulated while others claim to have intense and explosive orgasms when the Cul de sac, the clit and other areas are simultaneously stimulated.

This buyer's guide was last updated on 19/01/2017

Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Revolutionary Silicon Penis Enlargement Method Adds Two Inches Length & Girth

The pictured penile implant (a sheath made of soft silicone )
increases the length and girth of a man's penis
by approximately two inches
Urologist develops revolutionary penis enlargement method that enhances both the length and girth of a penis!

I have often discussed how men with a small penis suffer from all kinds of problems, like a crippling lack of self-confidence, depression and an inability to find an intimate partner...

Now, a new revolutionary penis enlargement method that is already in clinical application brings new how to all these men! The three things I like about this method are:

  • Simple to perform
  • Long term (life time) results
  • Immediate gains both in length and girth

The new method was developed by Dr James Elist, an urologist from Beverly Hills, who has more than 35 years in experience and is famous for being among the first doctors to link cigarette smoking with impotence and erectile dysfunction. 

The new method, which costs approximately 13.000 $, involves the insertion of a soft silicon implant that is placed under the skin of the penis The implant comes in three sizes, large, extra large - and double extra large. The operation takes approximately 45 minutes and the penis immediately gains 2 inches (5 cm) both in length and girth. 

I was not surprised to read that most patients don't have any problem when choosing implant size:

"Nobody wants to have a small or medium one." said Dr Elist to DailyMail

The penis comes in three sizes - large, extra large and double extra large

Dr Elist, has also been one of the few doctors who performed an operation for men with erectile dysfunction, in which a prosthesis is inserted into the arteries of the penis. The procedure allows blood to properly flow through the arteries, thus making an erection possible. And this procedure is what led him to develop this new penis enlargement method.

"I noticed after insertion of the implant, between a year or two, most men were complaining that the size of their penis shrunk.They did have an erection, but the girth and length of the penis decreased.’ In 2002, the doctor discovered a solution for the ‘shrinking’ problem. At the time, there were many penile enhancement treatments available – but none were effective. " explained Dr Elist

Back then and in some occasions today, fat injections are used to increase the girth. However this is only a temporal fix as the fat is absorbed within a year.  But that is not the only problem:

"It gives the patients total deformity, because it was forming lumps and bumps under the penis.’ Furthermore, foreign tissue transplants and even gel fillers – which are commonly used on the face to decrease wrinkles – proved to be ineffective as well." 

And this how Dr Elist came up with the idea of implanting a soft silicone sheath under the skin penis. Unlike a breast implant, which is a bag filled with silicone gel or sometimes saline, this sheath is different. It's just that.. A "simple" sheath!

"My implant is different; it’s not filled with anything. The material is very soft silicone with the shape of the penis – which covers the penis for 270 degrees around and the whole length of the penis." 

The invention was patented in 2002 and has FDA approval. Dr Elist performed the first operations in 2004. Since then, he has made several improvements in the design, shape, and even the surgical procedure.

"Now at this point in time, we have the perfect product: Something that I’m really very happy and even proud to present to the community." 

As shown in the video down below, the implant is inserted and pushed through a small incision of about an inche in the groin until it gets under the skin of the penis. Immediately after the procedure, the penis expands 1.5 to 2.5 inches,. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient has no feeling of what's happening down there!

Although most patients want the double extra large size, this is not always an immediate option:

"For most of the patients after surgery, the length of the penis and the girth of the penis are very similar. However, whether the doctor inserts a large, extra large or double extra large implant is partially up to the patient – but also dependent upon the man’s skin. Some patients, unfortunately, are born with tight skin – or when they had the circumcision, a lot of skin was removed, so they don’t have enough skin. So for them we start with large." Dr Elist said. 

Life Time Guarantee!
For patients with normal skin, the doctor generally begins with the double extra large implant. The implant is designed to last for a lifetime which of course is great! However, Dr Elist says that 10-15 % of patients opt to upgrade after the procedure and the doctor is happy to oblige.

According Dr. Elist, recovery is relatively fast and easy. Daily activities and routines are resumed the very next day although sexual activities have to wait. The penis needs some healing time! All sexy play (including masturbation and oral) must be halted for four to six weeks. 

"That is very important, unfortunately, some of our patients did not follow the instructions and we had some problems. The skin is thin at that point, so it can get infected and you’d have to remove it."

Excellent Results
Today, Dr Elist performs on average two surgeries each day, with clients coming from all over the world. He says the vast majority of patients experience a huge boost in confidence:  

"We did a study of 400 of our patients retrospectively, and we noticed that the self-confidence of patients has increased significantly,  Those whose confidence levels were previously at one or two out of 10, spiked up to nine or 10 out of 10 after the implant, the doctor added."

More Info
- For more info on the procedure please visit Dr James Elist official website